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Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw Review in 2021

milwaukee m18 chainsaw review

Battery-power chainsaws are mostly used and become popular nowadays due to its many in-built features. As the chainsaws run with battery, there is no fear of emission of hydrocarbon which destroys the planet gradually.

M18 FUEL™ 16″ chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws in its category. Though runs with the rechargeable battery, the chainsaw is not less powerful than a gas engine chainsaw. The 16 inches chain of the saw delivers strong power to cut firewood. The tool is designed with all the required technology, and the combination of them makes Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw long durable, strong and user-friendly.

In our Milwaukee M18 chainsaw review, we will present to you all the ins and outs of the chainsaw that will help you to make the decision to have it.

Why you should choose Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw?

There are many reasons you should choose Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw. Here are the causes at a glance:

» It is battery powered.

» It runs with a powerful brushless motor.

» It performs almost equal to 40 cc gas engine.

» It can perform 150 cuts with a single fully charged battery.

» Its has automatic overload protection technology.

» It has a variable speed control.

» It doesn’t create noise.

» It doesn’t emit hydrocarbon to the air.

» It has an auto chain lubricator.

» It doesn’t vibrate likely any other.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16 Inch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

Key features of Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw

The battery-driven chainsaw is not less than a gas-driven chainsaw in performance. Additionally, being battery-powered, the chainsaw is soundless and do not emit harmful elements to the planet. The lightweight saw is perfect for tough wood cutting.

Most user-friendly feature it adds to its performance is digital intelligence technology that gives extra protection during overload cutting. The part-time users and landowners surely like the saw to do regular to harder cutting by themselves. Among its many noticeable features, let us introduce few of them for your better understanding of the chainsaw.

POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor

Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw runs with world’s most demanding tradesmen POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor. The motor is smaller in size, but it delivers more application speed and torque. For being brushless, the motor lasts longer life, and the maintenance cost is almost none. The brushless motor runs without producing any sound. The operator doesn’t exhaust during its long time use due to husky sound like gas-driven saws.


milwaukee m18 chainsaw review

The chainsaw is driven with the strong power of REDLITHIUM-ION™ Battery. This Lithium-Ion battery delivers enough power to the tools even for the hard cutting all the course long. The battery provides 40% more runtime, 20% more power and 50% more recharges than the conventional lithium-ion batteries available in the market. Its fade-free 12V power delivery keeps the tool running with strength for a longer duration.

REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence

The special attraction of Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw is its digital intelligence technology. This advanced technology combines the hardware of the tool and software to the battery and keeps it perform steady during the operation. Its controls the motor chain rotation automatically and protects overload to keep it safe. The technology also keeps the internal tools of the saw from over hitting and damaging its parts.


M12 FUEL™ technology provides extreme performance to deliver the unmatched productivity of the cordless tools. Addition of three ground-breaking integrated technologies in the chainsaw takes it the first raw of the market leaders. The technologies are POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, REDLITHIUM™ battery technology, and REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence. The combined activities of them give long strength and durability of the saw and make it a market-leading battery-driven chainsaw.

Variable Speed Trigger

The rotation of the chain of Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw can be controlled by the variable trigger switch. It gives the accurate power to its motor for required rotation, thus reduces unnecessary power and saves energy.

Automatic Chain Lubricator

milwaukee m18 chainsaw review

The feature oils the chain and bar of the saw properly for smooth running during the operation. The oiler lubricates oil all over the chain during its rotation. Its results power use of energy delivers to the chain for rotation by reducing the friction of chain and bar.

Tool-less Chain tension

Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw has built-in tool-less chain tension system. The easy tightening feature reduces the time to do a hard job in a few seconds. The feature thus reduces the time waste during the cutting operation.

Easy Stop/Start

The chainsaw is very easy to operate and the same easy to start and stop. There is also a lock-off switch that stops accidental start.

Product Specification of Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw

Motor Type Brushless POWERSTATE™
Motor Speed Rotation 6600 RPM
Tool Length 33 inches
Bar Length 16 inches
Chain Gauge 0.043 inch
Chain Pitch 3/8″ Low Profile™
Battery System M18
Tool Weight 13.9 lbs

Inside the Package

M18 REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0 Battery Pack (48-11-1812), M18™ & M12™ Rapid Charger (48-59-1808), 16″ Oregon Bar and Chain, Scrench

  • » Lightweight
  • » No emission
  • » Very low noise
  • » Auto chain oiling
  • » Overload protection
  • » Very powerful rotation
  • » Tool-less chain tension
  • » Long-time battery power
  • » Quick reaching top speed
  • » Oil leaks very often
  • » 16 inches bar limits large size wood cutting

Make your Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw Ready to Cut

» Simply follow the steps to make your Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw ready for its action:

» Read through the operation manual and clearly understand the operational and safety instructions.

» Charge the battery and make sure it is fully charged. Charge the battery with only the recommended charger.

» Make sure that the chain brake is done properly. Do the brake by the front handguard.

» Insert the battery pack in the chainsaw by a firm push the pack in the battery space. Always ensure that the brake is done properly during removing and inserting the battery.

» Remove bar cover and wrap the bar with the chain.

» Check the sharpness of the chain and sharp it if required.

» Adjust the chain around the entire bar slot properly and check the adjustment twice.

» Do proper chain tension by the side tension screw. Check the tension by pulling the chain from the bar. To check proper chain adjustment, pull the chain from the bar. If it comes to 3 mm away from by the pulling, then tension adjustment is done properly.

» Tight the bar nuts properly.

» Fill the oil tank with the recommended oil fully. The chainsaw is now ready to use.

Caution for Tool Assembly

» Never charge the battery without the recommended charger.

» Remove the battery from the chainsaw, and brake the chain during chain installation and chain tension.

» Use only the recommended tools in the chainsaw.

» Never force to insert and to pull out the battery. Do the job firmly and follow proper manner.

» Do proper chain tension. Never over-tension the chain in the bar.

» Tight the bar screw surely.

» Always be sure the proper sharpness of the chain.

» Never use used or spoiled oil in the oil tank.

Never Doings During Operation

There is no reason to think that battery-powered chainsaw is danger-free to operate. The caution for electrical tools is the same applicable in the high power battery-operated devices. On the other hand, a chainsaw is always a risky operation whatever it is driven by. Following are the dangers that may happen during operation for ignorance or negligence of the operator.

» Never do the cutting operation near power poles, power sources or electric cords. Be very careful and maintain proper safety for the elements if the cutting needs highly. Shut off the power source from the line for required cutting operation.

» Never start the operation without properly cleaning the operation place, clean as much as you can.

» Never start the operation without proper safety attire. Use electric proof hand gloves especially, during running battery-driven chainsaw.

» Never touch the running chain on the bar.

» Never operate without understanding kickback and taking proper protection for it. Whatever the manufacturer ensure kickback feature in the saw, self-protection is a must.

» Never cut over shoulder height. Keep firm footing and keep the feet apart to strong balance.

» Never be overconfident during operation. Avoid risky cutting as much as possible.

» Never hold the chainsaw with front hand or chain brake. Use both the hands to perform the operation. Operating chainsaw with one hand may cause maximum injury in accidental cases.

» Never use a cross handle grip. Hold the front handle with the left hand and use the right hand to hold the rare handle.

» Never be careless during operation. Any fault of a single moment may cause serious injury.

» Never cut trees or limbs that oversized to the bar and chain.

» Never allow coming any part of your body in the line of the running chain.

» Never use the tools in the saw that are not recommended.

» Never expose electric tools to rain or wet condition.

You Must Follow

» Always use the power tool plug that matches outlet.

» Always keep your body away from earthed surface like pipe, radiators, refrigerators etc.

» Always use a suitable for an outdoor extension cord to run the chainsaw.

» Always use a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) in the case of the using the chainsaw in damp location.

» Always keep keen concentration to the chainsaw, cutting objects and surrounding to stay safe. Use your common sense to avoid the sudden risk.

» Always start the chainsaw with following the proper start-up. An unintentional start may cause harm to the chainsaw, the user and the bystanders.

» Always be sure that there is no cover on the bar before starting the chainsaw. Remove the tensioning wrench before the start.

» Always avoid any contact of liquid with the chainsaw in any circumstances.

» Always charge the battery at normal temperature.

» Always use recommended batteries in the tool. Strongly avoid using modified or repaired battery.

» Always repair the tools with expert persons.


What are the safety features of Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw?

Ans: The powerful chainsaw has few safety features. Here are they:
Front Hand Guard: The safeguard keeps the user’s front hand from accidental touch with the chain due to sudden slip from the handle.
Low Kickback Chain: Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw uses low kickback chain to help to protect accidental kickback of the saw during operation.
Front Hand Chain Brake: The chainsaw has the chain brake to stop the chain rotation instantly.
Chain Catcher: There is a chain catcher right behind the bar to keep the users safe from the accidental touch of broken or derailed chain from the bar.

Is Milwaukee M18 good for tree cutting?

Ans: Yes. The saw can be used in tree cutting with its powerful and strong chain rotation. The trees within a diameter of 16 inches can be cut very easily with its 16 inches bar.

How long a single battery performs?

Ans: This depends on the type of wood. With a fully charged single battery, Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw can perform 150 cuts continuously.

Should I prefer Milwaukee M18 instead of a gas chainsaw?

Ans: Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw is almost equivalent to 40CC gas chainsaw. The battery strength is longer for long time use. And because it is battery driven, it has less risk. Now you can take a better decision which is to prefer.

How to maintain the electric power tool?

Ans: Proper maintenance of the electric tools ensures long durability, safety and smooth use. Following are the general rules should maintain:
» Remove the battery from the tool before store it.
» Store the tool and battery pack in a dry and cold place.
» Keep the battery pack away from any metal touch like pins, screws, metal rods etc.
» Remove the battery from the charger once the charge fully completed.
» Clean the tool and the battery before use.
» Weep any liquid object on the tool and battery immediately.

Final Verdict

The world is now passing a danger period due to pollution by hydrocarbon emission. For green earth, the battery and electric power tools are using widely instead of gas-driven tools. Strength is the only cause of using gas tools. Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw surprises you with its power not less than a gas chainsaw in its small body. This tool may become the future leader by the rapid development of its new innovative integrated technology.

We hope, our Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw Review helps you to determine on the battery tool. We ensure the part-timer users that a single use of the saw will convert your intention to have it with you. The small the tool, the powerful it performs.

Our recommendation on safety during operation, again and again, should be followed strictly to avoid any accidental injury.

Finally, none of our comments, intention to encourage deforestation. We always recommend to cut unused, unplanned, fallen, burden and much-needed trees to cut. Never play or practice cutting trees for enjoyment. Let the planet be greener and keep it green. Stay safe; enjoy your cutting. 

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