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5 Best Chainsaw For Cutting Trees Reviews & Advice In 2021

best chainsaw for cutting trees

Tree cutting is one of the oldest human profession. Civilization has been developed fully with the proper usage of trees and the need for trees will never stop. From domestic to a big industry, trees and woods are the main construction element.

In the same line, tree cutting becomes an art to mankind and a strong profession too. Cutting small trees do not need extra effort but it becomes too tough a job in case of cutting a large or long tree.

Huge manpower, proper planning needed to do the job safely. A chainsaw is one of the much-needed tools to make this hard job an easier one. Engine-driven chainsaws make the job of cutting large and small trees faster and easier.

It reduces the effort of manpower for the operation. There are many kinds and types of chainsaws in the market now. Different types of chainsaws perform different kinds of woodworks.

Though the same look, every chainsaw can not be used for cutting a large tree. There are some chainsaws specially featured for cutting large trees. The operation of these chainsaws is different than general chainsaws used for other wood works.

In our following reviews, we will try to help you to choose the best chainsaw for cutting trees purposes accordingly to your demand, environment, price range and capability to handle option tree with few tips and tricks related to tree cutting features.

Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Rancher

Why is it better?
» Quick start
» Auto chain oiling
» Strong chain rotation
» Consumes very low fuel
» Easy and quick air filter release and cleaning facility

top 5 best chainsaw for cutting trees (Table Comparison)

Product Name Details   Price
Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw Husqvarna 460 – 24 Inch » Instant start
» Less vibration
» Auto chain oiling
Check Price
20" Chainsaw 62CC Powerful Gas Chainsaw 2 Stroke Handed Petrol Chain Saw Woodcutting Saw with Tool Kit and Store Bag Coocheer 6200 – 20 Inch » Gas Powered
» Light weight
» Kickback protection
Check Price
WORX WG384 40V Power Share 14" Cordless Chainsaw w/ Auto-Tension (2x20V Batteries)   WORX WG384 – 14 Inch » Battery-powered
» Fast battery charging
» Auto chain lubrication system
Check Price
CHAKOR 58CC Chainsaw, 20" Gas Chainsaw, 2 Strokes 3.5HP Gas Powered Chainsaw, Petrol Chain Saw for Cutting Wood with Tool Kit   CHAKOR 58CC – 20 Inch » Easy start
» Gas Powered
» Low price range
Check Price
Ridgeyard Petrol Chain Saw Cutting Wood Gas-Powered Chainsaw 25CC 2-Stroke Single Cylinder Light Weight Chain Saw  Ridgeyard 25CC Petrol Chainsaw – 10 Inch » Gas Powered
» Easy start
» Long durability
Check Price

5 Best Chainsaws for cutting trees reviews

Without further ado, here is our hand-picked review of some of the best chainsaw for cutting trees available on the market right now.

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Comparing with all brands of chainsaw industries, Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher will lead the choice option for many of its interactive features. Driven with a 60.3 cc X-Torq 2- cycles fuel engine, it delivers strong chain rotation that helps to perform higher.

The world-famous X-Torq engine consumes very low fuel and reduces emissions also. Using this saw will turn your tree cutting purpose into a pleasureful game. It is surprising that the 3.62 horsepower machine weights only 22.6 pounds!

Only can be pronounced the chainsaw a ‘beast’. Though run with a strong engine, the chainsaw is featured with a very easy start using Smart Start Technology by which the chainsaw can be started very short and easy.

The engine uses fuel-air injection and the adjustable air pump that helps for its long durability and hassle-free uses. Quick-release air filter facilitates to clean the air filter easily as well as replace it in a shorter period.

Not only for cutting trees, prune and limb or cut firewood is very easy to do by this chainsaw. With the 24 inches bar and 0.050 inches gauge chain, a large tree can be cut easily and a large wood piece of almost 30 inches diameter can be sliced at a glance.

Along with many facilities for tree cutting purposes, Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher has an auto chain lubrication system that keeps the chain oily for smooth operation. The easy chain tensioning facility reduces the time to adjust the chain in a shorter time.

The inertia chain braking system of the chainsaw is a smart safety feature for the operators to stop its rotation in a quick time. Likely to other competitors in the market, the chainsaw is almost human errors free and friendly operated. Maintenance of this chainsaw is very easy to do.

 All of its features make this saw one of the best chainsaw for cutting tree’s purposes. Both professionals and home owners will like to have it for their tree cutting and woodwork job.

Inside the Package

Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw, Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 20″.050 Gauge 3/8 Pitch Low Kickback Low-Vibration (additional charge applicable)

Key Features

  1. Driven with 60.3 cc and 3.62 horsepower X-Torq engine.
  2. Fuel-powered engine and Oil tank volume – 0.7 US pint.
  3. It consumes very low fuel.
  4. Reduces less emission.
  5. It generates very low vibration.
  6. Built-in Smart Start Technology for a quick start.
  7. Inertia chain brake facility.
  8. Easy and quick air filter release and cleaning facility.
  • » Quick start
  • » Less weight
  • » Easy handling
  • » Auto chain oiling
  • » Strong chain rotation
  • » Runs very fast
  • » Very powerful comparing to size

2. Coocheer 6200 Chainsaw

Coocheer 6200

Coocheer 6200 20″ Chainsaw 62CC Powerful Gas Chainsaw is a little monster with strong power in its small body. Your tree cutting purpose will be an easy task with the power of this chainsaw.

Weighted only 16.5 pounds this chainsaw runs with a 62 cc 2 cycle gas engine and generates 3.5 horsepower output! The beast produces 8500 rpm rotation which is enough for heavy-duty activities.

Very reduced fuel consumption up o 20% gives the chainsaw an added value to choose as the best one. All most all the user-friendly features attached in this chainsaw.

Excellent air-filtering feature and auto chain oiler facility give the chainsaw long life for smooth operation. Its high-quality chain lasts 5 times longer than ordinary chains.

Coocheer 6200 built with high-quality chassis used ABS plastic material that can bear temperature and anti-aging.

The chainsaw featured with a high efficient bar that can bear temperature and performs reliably. The bar cover keeps it safe for longer use.

Though very powerful, the chainsaw starts very easily. The handle of the chainsaw designed with very well shape helps the operator to handle, carry and balance it very comfortably.

With its 20 inches bar large 27-33 inches diameter three can be cut easily. All kinds of wood works, tree cutting, branch cutting will be very easy for a job with the help of this chainsaw. This beast is a strong competitor of your the best chainsaw for cutting trees choosing an option.

Inside the Package

Chainsaw 1 pic, Chain 2 pic, Spark Plug(one included in the machine) 2 pic, Saw Guide Bar 1 pic, Guide Bar Cover 1 pic, Fuel Mixing Bottle 1 pic, Tool Kit With Storage Bag 1 pic, Chainsaw Bag 1 pic, User Manual

Key Features

  1. Driven with 62 cc petrol engine
  2. 8500 rpm output of engine rotation
  3. Weighs only 16.5 lbs
  4. 3.5 HP engine power
  5. 20% reduced fuel consumption
  6. Well balanced slip-free handle and easy to carry
  7. Super air filter and very easy cleaning
  8.  Safety valve throttle switch.
  • » Light weight
  • » Easy handling
  • » Easy maintenance
  • » Kickback protection
  • » Heavy output power
  • » Generates little high noise
  • » Not for perfect for novice user

3. WORX WG384 Chainsaw


With its smart slim design, WORX WG384 40V Power Share 14″ Cordless Chainsaw captures total attention of the chainsaw seekers along with many of its user-friendly features.

People that are looking for the best chainsaw for cutting trees will choose this version without thinking twice. The first attraction of the chainsaw is its slim look. Weighted only 11 lbs this chainsaw generates very strong rotation by its strong brushless motor.

Its less weight helps the operator even to use with the single hand through the easy and comfortable handle (please do not use only one hand to operate the chainsaw while cutting the tree. You have to be skilled and professional to do this).

Runs with two 20V Lithium-Ion batteries, the chainsaw generates strong chain rotation that can perform the heavy-duty task. The combination of both the batteries generates double the power of the chainsaw to makes the toughest jobs easily cut.

Built-in auto bar and chain tension features keep the chainsaw steady and always ready for the operation till ends. Noticeable quick stop chain brake adds very fruitful safety features to the chainsaw. Auto chain lubrication gives the chain long and always usable life.

Batteries of the chainsaw can be charged within one hour by the attached dual-port charger. Once charged fully the chainsaw can lasts four hours continuous cutting performance.

Inside the Package

WORX WG384 40V Power Share 14″ Cordless Chainsaw, 2 batteries, 1 dual-port charger, 1 blade protection cover

Key Features

  1. Runs with twin 20V batteries
  2. Driven by a strong brushless motor
  3. Light weight only 11 lbs
  4. Comfortable easy handle
  5. Auto chain tensioning system to keep the chain always tight during operation
  6. Auto chain lubrication system for smooth operation
  7. Built-in quick-stop technology for accidental protection
  8. Dual-port quick charger charges batteries within 1 hour
  • » Easy handling
  • » Quick stop feature
  • » Quick battery charging
  • » Comfortable light weight
  • » Auto chain tension and lubrication
  • » Not ideal for heavy duty

4. CHAKOR 58CC Chainsaw


Runs with 58CC 2-cycle 3.5HP engine this chainsaw delivers steady power to its 20-inch bar generates high-efficiency performance. Weighted only 17 lbs the chainsaw has an ergonomic design with strong griped handle and balanced to carry and to operate.

CHAKOR 58CC engine generates a maximum 8500 rmp rotation and 3000 rpm idling rotation which is very powerful for heavy-duty purposes. The strong and smart design of the chassis gives the chainsaw an added feature to last long durability.

The chain of the bar is made of high-quality metals and the bar can absorb high temperatures due to chain rotation. Three tire-gasoline filters of the engine help to keep the engine running even the temperature becomes high.

You can use this chainsaw running the whole day by the feature. Specially designed depth gauges and guard reduces kickback significantly.

Though run with 20 inches chain bar the saw is also compatible for 18 inches and 22 inches chain. Quick start as well instant stop make the chainsaw an easy handling tool.

Inside the Package

1 Gasoline Chain Saw, 1 Saw Blade,1 Chain, 1 Blade Guard, 1 Tool Kit,1 Oil Tank, User Manual

Key Features

  1. 58 cc gasoline engine generates 3.5 horsepower output
  2. High-quality chain with good wear resistance
  3. Well balanced handle for comfortable handling
  4. High-quality chassis and surface made of ABS plastic materials.
  5. Easy starting facility and instant stop
  6. Safety valve Throttle switch
  7. High-efficiency bar that can absorb high temperature
  8. Easy to maintain
  • » Easy starting
  • » Easy handling
  • » Long durability
  • » Low price range
  • » Long running time
  • » Kickback protection
  • » Strong engine power
  • » Very powerful in small body

5. Ridgeyard 25CC 2-Stroke gas Chain Saw

Ridgeyard  25CC 2-Stroke gas Chain Saw

This small shape 10 inches bar Ridgeyard Petrol Chain Saw is the vital opponent of all the chainsaws used for tree cutting. 25cc 2 stroke gasoline engine delivers maximum 9800rmp 900W power to the chain which is enough to cut a tree instantly by a few of its cuts.

Only 9.3 lbs weight of the chainsaw can be easy and handled and carried to anywhere comfortably. Though small, the chainsaw chassis made of heavy ABS plastic materials and U shape handle.

The handle is slip-free and gives the chainsaw and extra smart look. The engine built with a C.D.I ignition system to start easily.

All the materials used in the chainsaw are featured for temperature resistance, durable and reliable. Smooth exhaust, fast heat dissipation give the chainsaw a stable performance.  

All the features of this small powerhouse generate the best performance in the very low price range. Both the professionals and new users can choose this chain saw for their tree cutting purpose without thinking twice.

Inside the Package

1 Gasoline chainsaw, 1 Guide Bar, 1 Guide Bar Cover, 1 Chain, 1 Oil Box, 1 File Bar, 1 Sleeve Screwdriver, 1 Screwdriver, 2 Spanner, User Manual

Key Features

  1. 25cc 900W powerful engine
  2. Weighs only 9.3 lbs
  3. U shape slip-free handle for easy handling
  4. C.D.I ignition system and easy start
  5. Side-mounted chain tensioner
  6. Stop control
  7. Built with Temperature proof materials
  8. Smooth exhaust and fast heat dissipation
  • » Easy handling
  • » Easy maintenance
  • » Easy start and stop
  • » Balanced lightweight
  • » Long and stable durability
  • » Use suitable for heavy duty operation

Standard Procedure for Cutting Trees

Cutting a tree is not an easy task. To do this you have to be skilled or experienced. A little mistake during the operation can make the serious injury even can take your life. To make this hard job easy and an art every operator should follow few steps sequentially. Following they are:

Preparation of required tools

For tree cutting operation all the required tools should be arranged and keep them prepared. Do repairing tools if needed. Choose the saw bar length according to the tree’s diameter. Generally, tree cutting saw starts from 10 inches bar length to 18 inches.

For skilled and professional user 18 to 24 inches are the best. Take the long thick rope, proper attires, hook boot, claws, belt, knife, and first aid medical box along with in the other tools. Prepare the chainsaw with the following steps:

» Check all the nuts and bolts of the chainsaw well.

» Sharp the chain properly.

» Check the chain oily enough.

» Fill the fuel tank with more than the required fuel. In the case of a battery-powered check, the battery charged fully.

» Check the chain tension adjustment and stop button working properly.

Tree cutting operation steps

The three-cut method is a very ideal procedure for cutting a tree. Before cutting the tree operator should follow some steps:

Selected tree observation

Before the cutting operation, the tree should be observed from all its sides to make the operation successful. Branches of the tree, leaning of the tree to specific direction have to noticed for safe fall of the tree.

The direction of the falling tree has to be measured accurately to keep house/pole/power cables safe. It is safe to inform the people of the nearby houses about the operation and associate them to stay safe.

Use a rope to make the safe falling direction properly if possible. In the case of a big tree using rope is not safe because of its vast mass power of the falling tree.

Tree surrounding site observation

It is very mandatory an issue to make the site safe for the operation. To do this make the site people free especially keep the children, pets, vehicles away far from the site.

Clean the tree bottom clean and make an easy escape path for the operator for a quick escape and also clear the tree falling path clear. Make sure that the tree is not falling on other trees.

Inform the local authority of the site accordingly if needed. Keep all the required tools near to the operator.

Tree Cutting Procedure

Few steps should be followed sequentially for smooth tree cutting operation.

  1. Try to climb the pick of the tree as much as you can.
  2. Climb to the tree as much as you can.
  3. Cut all the small and large branches of the tree to make the desire tree falling direction proper and safe.
  4. If the tree is long enough, divide it into some longer pieces. Cut the top piece first and make a safe fall. Cut the rest pieces as much as possible and keep the bottom piece for the final fall.
  5. The three-cut method is the popular and most applicable method for tree cutting operation. Select the cutting spot of the tree according to its falling direction and place the saw, make a cut horizontally, make an uppercut to 45-degree down to make a triangular piece. When the piece cut, remove it from the spot and make another cut just at the opposite of the falling direction and make it horizontally. Reach near to the first bottom cut and remove the chainsaw.
  6. It is always safe to use a thick rope and pull the tree to the falling direction if possible. If you don’t have enough tools or manpower for pulling the rope make the cut deeper repeatedly until the tree falls.
  7. Escape quickly when the falling begins.

Safety Guideline for tree Cutting

Cutting a small tree or slicing fallen woods is not similar to cut a big tree. The huge mass power of the falling tree can cause great harm to the operator and the site. Without proper training and experience, no one should do this operation.

A little mistake during the operation can make serious injury even can be a cause of death also. Every operator should follow the below guidelines for safe operation:

  1. Never go to the operation alone in any circumstances in forest, hill or even in the locality.
  2. Never use malfunctioning chainsaw or other tools in the operation.
  3. Never start the operation without proper attire ie; hand gloves, eye-protecting glass, hard cap, etc.
  4. Clean the operation spot and remove hedges or any other obstacle on the escape path.
  5. Never start tree cutting operation if you get or feel sick or injured.
  6. Do not carry the chainsaw during climbing the tree. Use a rope to pull the chainsaw when you get the comfort spot to begin cutting.
  7. Never carry a running chainsaw. Start the chainsaw just before the operation.
  8. Belt yourself safely and loosely with the tree or branch before starting a chainsaw and operation on the tree.
  9. During the cutting of branches be careful about the falling branches. Stop the chainsaw instantly when the branch starts falling. Hold the tree or supporting branch strongly to protect from the shocking movement of the falling branch.
  10. Use hooks in the waist to hang the chainsaw and other required tools.
  11. During the cutting of the bottom of the tree stop the chainsaw before falling starts. Pressure the chainsaw very slowly at the end of the final cut.
  12. Keep your supporting partner near far from you and escape to gather before falling starts.
  13. Handle the chainsaw very carefully to avoid kickback.
  14. Use thick rope properly to make the tree fall safe if possible.


What type of chainsaw should be used for cutting trees?

What is the main safety feature should be followed?

What is the best method of tree cutting?

Final Verdict

Selecting the best chainsaw for cutting trees among the vast collection is not too easy. The best choice depends on the environment and situation of the tree and its size. It becomes harder if the tree becomes large or extra-large.

Our reviews on the best chainsaw for cutting trees compared many features accordingly to brand, strength and durability but all the chainsaws for cutting tree purposes have a common quick start, more chain speed rotation, and easy handling facilities because these are the basic requirement of the chainsaw for cutting trees.

In addition, we recommend all-around safety during the operation of the tree cutting. A single mistake may cause huge damage. Stay safe and enjoy cutting tree. Not any of our word thought or reviews encourage deforestation.

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