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5 Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Reviews

best small gas powered chainsaw

Do you want to know which one is the best small gas powered chainsaw now a day? So, let’s explain in details-

Is there anyone who does not want to use an automatic chainsaw to process their regular usage woods? The answer most probably will; no’.

Everyone nowadays wants a chainsaw to bring the whole forest into their thumbs, or maybe want to pass the weekend with a pleasant wood cutting journey.

So now the question may come, if you want to use a chainsaw, all-time you probably will don’t need using a heavy in weight and first in line chain saw for your limited use.

A small gas-powered chainsaw is capable of meeting your specifications if you are not a professional wood cutter.

Among the hundreds of brands available in the market, which brands of a small gas-powered chainsaw, you should pick up?

Here we go for you. We have researched a lot for your convenience and list up the top five best small gas powered chainsaws in this article.

Hitachi 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chainsaw

Why is it better?
» Low emission features.
» Low fuel consumption.
» Anti-vibration feature.
» CARB compliant engine.
» 14-Inch sprocket-nosed bar.

5 Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw (Table Comparison)

Product Name Details   Price
Hitachi 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chain Saw Hitachi CS33EDTP – 14 inch » Gas-powered
» Consume less fuel
» Emits less smoke
Check Price
Chain Saw, Gas, 12 in. Bar, 26.9CC Echo CS-271T Gas Chainsaw – 12 Inch » Gas-powered
» Light weight
» High performance
Check Price
Remington 42cc 2-Cycle 14-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw Remington RM4214 -14 Inch » Gas-powered
» Quick start
» Automatic oiler system
Check Price
Poulan 33cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw Poulan PL3314, 14 in » Gas-Powered
» Automatic chain brake
» Automatic Oiling system

Check Price
Husqvarna Top Handle Saw, Orange Husqvarna 966997203 T435 » Gas-Powered
» Adjustable oil pumper
» Anti-vibration system
Check Price

The 5 Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Reviews

In this section, we reviewed 5 of the best small gas-powered chainsaws for you. What are those? Let’s see:

1. Hitachi CS33EDTP Gas Powered Chainsaw

Hitachi CS33EDTP

First up, we have the Hitachi CS33EDTP 14 inch 2-Stroke gas-powered which we specially picked for readers who are looking for a small gas chainsaw for pruning, shaping and hobby work.

It has a top handle that can effectively help you to move the chainsaw at your desired position and angle.

You can use this chainsaw for Pruning, Shaping and for your weekend hobby sewing too.

This chainsaw is ideal for the homeowner or even for the mid-level professionals also. This machine is powered by a 32.2 CC engine, which provides 1.6 hp. This machine is CARB compliant and runs using a low fuel. Besides this, it releases a low emission.

This chainsaw has a Chrome-plated Cylinder, heavy-duty automatic oiler, which can lubricant the chain and bar at the exact time.

The inbuilt anti-vibration system present into the machines allows a comfort use by your hand also reduces the machine fatigues.

This saw has a 14-inch Sprocket-nosed guide bar. Also, it has a chain with a side adjusting tensioning system. The Oregon chain helps to cut the wood with high efficiency and affectivity.

It has a half throttle choke and purges primer bulb along with a lanyard ring, which helps the users to start a careful wood cutting and a gentle climbing.

Inside the Package

A 32.2 cc engine, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Top Features

  1. It has a two-stroke engine with a capacity of 32.2 CC, which is CARB compliant.
  2. It is features to contain an advanced anti-vibration facility.
  3. It is features to consume less fuel and low emission.
  4. This machine has a 14-inch Sprocket-nosed bar.
  5. It has an Oregon chain, which increases the blade efficiency to avoid the kickback.
  6. This chainsaw has a7 years of warranty.

Ideal for

» Pruning, Shaping and Hobby work.

  • » It emits less smoke.
  • » It consumes less fuel.
  • » It contains an Oregon chain.
  • » It contains an anti-vibration system.
  • » It has a 14-inch Sprocket-nosed bar.
  • » Relatively more massive than other small chainsaws.

2. Echo Gas Chainsaw 12 in. Bar, 26.9CC

Echo Gas Chainsaw 12 in. Bar, 26.9CC

The Echo Gas chainsaw has a 12-inch bar. You can use a 14-inch bar if you wish too. The chain includes in this small gas-powered chainsaws futures to basic or moderate sewing.

It has a G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner, which can enhance the durability of its air filter.

A side tensioning system present into the machine, make capable all its users to set the chain tension very effectively and smoothly.

This chainsaw has a divine light in weight properties; besides this, it has a top handle. So, anybody can handle this saw machine using one hand only.

Like other Echo gas-powered chainsaw, it is featuring i-30 startup. This i-30 startup, along with a 26.9 cc 2-stroke engine, gives a super-fast starting of this saw. The automatic oiler, regulated by a clutch, can turn off in need to avoid any particular risk of oil burning.

Inside the Package

A 26.9 cc engine, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Top Features

  1. It features a side-access chain tensioning system for an easy adjustment of the chain tension.
  2. It has an Inertia-type chain break and throttle lock, which ensures the extreme safety of the machine.
  3. The purge bulb, including into the saw, provides a fresh fuel to the engine.
  4. This chain saw includes a 26.9 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine that can give basic and moderate chain sewing to its users.
  5. The chain bar length of this machine is 12 inches; it has an alternate option as well. If anybody wishes to use a longer cutting blade, it can use a 14-inch chain bar also.
  6. This chain saw features to an i-30tm starting system to provide a rapid and smooth starting of the machine.
  7. The clutch controller automatic oiler can work to avoid any loss of the oil as well as it can prevent any oil burning inside the machine.
  8. It contains G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner, which provides a profound filtrate air supply by increasing the filter durability.
  9. It contains a Lanyard Clip to facilitate a secure attachment with the belt.

Ideal for

» It is best to clear trees and pruning.

» It also can use professionally.

  • » It contains a handy top handle.
  • » It contains light in weight design and structure.
  • » It has a side-mounted auto tensioning system.
  • » It has the opportunity to prevent oil burning.
  • » It contains an alternate option for one 14-inch bar also
  • » It is an expensive chainsaw.
  • » It is not capable of any heavy-duty.

3. Remington RM4214 Gas Powered Chainsaw

Remington RM4214

The Remington RM4214 Rebel has a 42 cc two-stroke engine. The 14-inch chain bar, including this machine, allow you to prune the trees, branches, and the shrubs into your back yard.

This machine has a low kickback characteristic. So, it ensures the machine durability also provides a reduced stuck of the chain blade inside the wood.

The ergonomic chainsaw has a cushion wrapped handle, which can reduce machine vibration and can give comfortable handling. Besides, this machine includes a 5-point anti-vibration system, which is very helpful to prevent your arm fatigues.

This machine has an automatic oiler, so manual putting of oil on to the chain and bar does not need here. Automatic oiling from the oil tank increases the chain and bar durability by preventing any premature breakdown.

This machine has a light in weight that is-15.7 pounds. The weight is user-friendly whether the device is in the running stage or in storage.

Inside the Package

A 42 cc engine, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Top Features

  1. It includes a 14-inch bar, which features to prune the trees with a 12 inches thickness. 
  2. This machine features a low-kickback facility.
  3. This machine is available with QuickStart technology.
  4. It has a 5-point anti-vibration facility; the handle of this machine is presented with a cushion cover, which also can enhance the comfort level for all users.
  5. It has an automatic oiler.
  6. The Tool-free easy access features along with the side-mounted tension adjusting system of this machine offer a smooth and quick working progress.
  7. This machine has two years warranty.

Ideal for

» It is suitable for prune trees, branches, and shrubs in your backyard.

  • » It has quick start technology.
  • » It offers Tool-free easy access.
  • » This machine has an automatic oiler.
  • » It contains a cushion wrapped handle.
  • » It offers a 5-points-antivibration system.
  • » It has a side-mounted screw adjusting tensioning system
  • » It has a chance to leak the oil
  • » It offers a limited warranty.

4. Poulan PL3314, 14 in Gas Powered Chainsaw

Poulan 33cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw

Poulan P3314 14-Inch 33cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw has a powerful engine by which it can cut the woods at a maximum of 28-inch size.

The 2-stroke engine has fewer machine parts compared with other engines, so it is an easy carry able machine. The weight of this machine is only 16 pounds.

The 14-inch steel chain bar present into this machine offers you a proper size cutting of the woods. It may not be a chainsaw for the professional woodcutting, but it is capable of cutting all the light to medium typed wood in an effective way.

The automatic chain brakes present into the machine prevent the kickback and ensure the safety of the device and its users.

The wood debris produces in the cutting process cannot jump into the machine engine as it has an automatic air filter inbuilt with the machine. This filter is capable of filtrating all types of wood dust and debris, which can damage the engine durability.

The automatic oiler of this machine can identify the machine gear and can lubricate the chain bar automatically. It will increase the machine speed, and the blade can perform by facing no obstacles.

Poulan P3314 gas-powered engine has a top handle, which can guide the whole machine accurately in all directions.

The dimension of this machine is 32 x 11.6 x 12 inches. It is light in weight machine.

Inside the Package

A 33cc engine, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Top Features

  1. Poulan P3314 gas-powered engine has a 33 cc 2-cycle engine. It is capable of doing light and moderate woodcutting jobs by its 2.0 hp power.
  2. This machine features a versatile cutting edge.
  3. It has an automatic chain brake as a safety feature to prevent the kickback.
  4. It has an inbuilt automatic filter to trap all the wood debris.
  5. The primer bulb present in the machine ensures that proper gas is present in the carburetor. So, it can always start combustion whenever it needs.
  6.  It has an Automatic and Effortless Oiling System
  7. Poulan P3314 has a top handle.

Ideal for

» Suitable for light and medium type wood cutting.

  • » It contains a primer bulb.
  • » It offers inbuilt automatic filter.
  • » It has an automatic chain brake.
  • » It works with a powerful engine.
  • » Automatic and Effortless Oiling System.
  • » It is a durable and portable gas-powered chainsaw.
  • » Bad warranty.
  • » It does not comply with CARB.

5. Husqvarna 966997203 T435 Gas Powered Chainsaw

Husqvarna Top Handle Saw, Orange

The Husqvarna 966997203 T435 Top Handle Saw presenting a lucrative chainsaw with an orange-colored body. This chainsaw run by a powerful engine that has a capacity of 35.2 CC.

This chainsaw is easy to run and maintenance machines. This chainsaw has a side-mounted tensioning system by which you can easily adjust the chain tightness.

The anti-vibration system present into the machine facilitates the comfortable handling of the device with its top handle.

This chainsaw complies with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations: it consumes less fuel and emits a reduced amount of emission.

The rope attachment present into the machine help to lifting the saw onto the tree.

The chain break window and the presence of the x-cut chain & x-force bar into the machine allows a super-fast cutting.

Inside the Package

A 35.2 cc engine, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Top Features

  1. It contains an Adjustable oil pumper.
  2. It has a Quick-release Air Filter.
  3. It is features to produce less vibration compared with other gas-powered chainsaws.
  4. A 35.2 cc engine powers it.
  5. The top handle, including onto the machine, helps the users to move the machine effectively at a different angle.
  6. The construction quality of this chainsaw is outstanding. It is constructed with plastic materials, so it increases product durability.
  7. It is features to contain x-cut chain & x-force Bar.

Ideal for

» It is ideal for ground and climbing tree branches.

  • » Durable and portable.
  • » It produces less noise.
  • » It has an inbuilt air filter.
  • » It has an anti-vibration system.
  • » It has an x-cut chain & x-force Bar.
  • » This chainsaw has a light in weight.
  • » It is constructed from high graded plastic.
  • » It is easy to use and secure maintenance chainsaw.
  • » Bit slower compared with other chainsaws.
  • » Little bit Expensive.

Why you need a small chainsaw?

So, as you are going to buy one small gas-powered chainsaw recently, that indicates you have some wood cutting project on your hand. So, you want only wood piecing or trimming by your chainsaw? There are some other things you can do with your small gas-powered chainsaw. Look below to know the details-

Prune Limbs

You can use a small gas-powered chainsaw to remove the limbs of any tree. A big and more massive chainsaw will do the job dangerously in where your little one will do the job very securely.

Trim Bushes

A small chainsaw will trim thicker bushes in a more fabulous way compared with the big and the heavy ones. You can decorate your branch of bushes using a small chainsaw; it is capable of trimming at your desired design and size.

Fell a Tree

You don’t need to use a big chainsaw to felling the smaller trees. As small trees have a low height, they can easily cut down using a little gas-powered chainsaw.

Cut Logs

Once you cut down the trees using this chainsaw, you also can cut this tree into manageable small logs.

Clean up the Trees

Using a small gas-powered chainsaw is more useful in cleaning up the trees rather than using a big one.

Split Firewood

Splitting Firewood for your fire press or wood stove may be difficult using a more massive chainsaw. A heavy chainsaw makes this process complicated and creates pain and irritation on both arms.

Using light in weight chainsaw can simply complete the process without giving you any pain and irritation.

How to Choose the Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw?

When you are going to buy a new chainsaw, the first question might arise onto your mind –what are you going to do with these chainsaws? And the second thing is that, which features are you want to select for your chainsaws?

A perfect chainsaw with all the upgraded technology and quality features must be of your dreams.

Guide Bar Length

It is the first and most important parameter which should seriously measure before buying the best small gas powered chainsaw. The bar length will tell you about the blade length. A bar length also tells you the wood diameter or thickness which you will get from here.

There is the various length of the chain bar available with the chainsaw; you can pick one of your choices. You will get a small chainsaw with a range of chain bar length 8 inches to 14 inches.

So, select your desired one by keeping your need onto your mind.

Anti-Vibration Feature

A perfect chainsaw contains anti-vibration features. Many chainsaw brands now lunched their product with a 5-point anti-vibration facility.

Caution wrapped top handle also is capable of reducing the vibration level of the machine.

So, select the machine keeping this consideration on the top list.

Noise Reducer

You may be going to protect your both ears with some noise reducer, or helmet. However, buying the chainsaw with including noise-reducing features also increases the efficiency of your machine.


The power of any chainsaw depends on the capacity of the engine. The more the ability of the engine, the more control of your chainsaw will be.

Gasoline or gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful chainsaw rather than any electric cord-powered or battery-powered chainsaw.

The gas-powered chainsaw expresses its power by cc (cubic centimeters) or (cubic inches).

So, buy your need chainsaw with the potential engine if you want to do a massive cutting job within a limited time.


It’s one of the other vital parameters which you should seriously think before buying the chainsaw.

Gas-powered chainsaws are portable chainsaws. These chainsaws can quickly move from one place to another place. These chainsaws are powered by gas, so no need for any extra battery or electric cord.

You can use this chainsaw in the deep of the forest, also in the out of your track.

Tension Adjustment

There are two types of tension adjustment system. One is a Tool-free auto tensioning system, and another one is side-mounted with the standard screwing features.

Tension adjustment is the dominant feature of any chainsaw. Loosely or over tightly adjustment of the chain tensioning may cause a severe accident with a hamper in the sewing process.

So before buying the chainsaw, try to understand details about the tensioning system and then proceed further.

Safety Features

The presence of anti-kickback chains, chain brakes, and throttle locks within the chainsaw, confirms the safety features both for the users and for the chainsaw as well.

Operating and handling a chainsaw is not an easy or childish work. Many people got injuries during the work period. So before buying the chainsaw observe is there all the safety parameters present or not.

Automatic Oiling System

Maximum chainsaws are present in the market with an automatic oiler inbuilt with the machine. If you want to lubricate the chain and bar manually, you can do it. 

Manual lubricating of the chain and bar do not ensure proper oiling on time. It only can reduce the oil consumption and oil leakage from the oil tank when the machine is stored.

Auto Chain Sharpener

It is better than any manual chain sharpener. A manual chain sharpener may cause an accident onto your body, but the automatic version of it will sharpen the chain blade automatically without damaging your hand or body.


Do a little bit of research online and even offline before buying the chainsaw. There are various user-friendly designs and colors available now a day in the market; a little bit researching will help you to find the best Oregon chainsaws.


The first thing is, are you seriously thinking of saving money while you are buying the chainsaw? 

If you intend to buy the best chainsaw with all the upgrade FFed technology and features, then kindly neglect the price of the chainsaw.

If you have an issue regarding your money bag, you can go for the cheap chainsaw available around you.

Chainsaw with a cheap rate never will last for long. Besides this, it will never help you to be friendly with you while you will go to cut woods in the out of your yard.

That’s why; our suggestion is not to compromise with the quality of the chainsaw thinking of price savings.

You are not going to buy chainsaw in every month, so ignore the price and buy the best gas chainsaw from the market.

Additional Features

Such as, including the chain cover, some other safety features like Chain catcher.

Safety throttle, Rubber bush, and so many others may include in many chainsaws in the market.

It is better to do over thorough research before selecting the chainsaw; it will let you find the best chainsaw with some additional features.

Precautions When Using a Small Gas Chainsaw

  1. Do not forget to wear all the safety gear like jeans, safety chaps, and covered boots.
  2. Use safety goggles and hand gloves before you handle the saw machine.
  3. A helmet will protect your head and eyes to come in contact with the wood debris.
  4. Using some noise reducer onto your ear will protect your both ears from high noise.
  5. Never use a less sharpen the blade, it has the chance to get stuck in the wood middle of your cutting operations.
  6. Use a smoothly and properly tensioned chain. A tight or loosely tension adjustment system will cause chain damage during the operation.
  7. Before starting the chainsaw, check the oil reservoir properly. It should fill with an adequate amount of oil.
  8. The chain and bar should properly lubricate with oil; it will prevent any premature wear and tear.
  9. Check the hand brake before starting the machine. If you want to keep your hand break fit for work, never forget to engage it even when your device is off. A suitable hand brake performs to prevent a kickback.
  10.  Before starting the operation makes sure any people, pet and children are not wandering at your workplace.
  11.  Always stand next to the chainsaw. Behind the placing of this saw will hinder you from observing the blade properly.
  12.  It is very risky to operate the machine above your head level, so avoid it.
  13.  Don’t put unnecessary pressure while running the machine.
  14.  Don’t be tense or scared.
  15.  Believe in yourself; you can handle the machine very confidently.

Final Verdict

Here is all about the best small gas-powered chainsaw is now a day. I hope this article will elaborately help you to compare all the top 5 best small gas-powered chainsaws and finally to select the best one.

A chainsaw is an excellent tool if you can operate it properly if you think it is a simple job, and then it may bring a severe accident for you.

Fortunately, this article will tell you about the operating and safety features of all the five chainsaws, which will help you to go for delicate sewing.

Take care of your chainsaw.

Thank you.

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