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Best Chainsaw for A Homeowner in 2021

best chainsaw for a homeowner

There are dozens of chainsaws available nearby you. Do you think you can use all these chainsaws for your home wood cutting needs?

No, you cannot. Chainsaws are of different types, heavy-duty chainsaws for professional use and light or medium chainsaws available for the occasional or homeowner’s use.

All chainsaws are not perfect for all wood cutting demand. So you have to understand why you are going to choose one chainsaw and what is the volume and category of your wood cutting needs!

Do you want to use a chainsaw for your home woodcutting purpose? So, the next question is what is the best chainsaw for a homeowner?

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Why is it better?
» Wrap bale handle
» Easy start-up
» Sprocket nose bar
» 10-inch robust chain
» Oregon chain design
» Tool free blade tension adjustment system

Top 10 Best Chainsaw for A Homeowner On The Market (Table Comparison)

Product Name Details   Price
BLACK +DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10 Inches (LCS 1020) BLACK +DECKER (LCS 1020) -10 Inch » Battery powered
» Easy to operate
» Automatic lubricating system
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Greenworks 16-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Chainsaw Greenworks 16 Inch 40 Volt » Battery powered
» Automatic oiler
» Electric start
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Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw  Worx WG322 – 12 Inch » Battery powered
» Automatic oiler
» Anti-vibration
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Worx WG 305.1 Electric Chain Saw, One Size Worx WG 305.1- 14 Inch » Lightweight
» Automatic oiler
» Chain brake system
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WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw, 16 inch Bar Length, Red WORX WG303.1 – 16 Inch » Electric motor
» Low noise
» Automatic oilier
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Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 Ah Battery And Charger Included 20262 Greenworks 12-Inch 40V » Lightweight
» Low noise
» Easy to use
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BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 18 Inches, 15-Amp (CS1518) BLACK+DECKER (CS1518 ) – 18 Inch  » Easy to use
» Low noise
» Auto chain brake
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DEWALT DCCS6901H1 40 V 6AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw, 16 Inches DEWALT DCCS6901H1 -16 Inch » Battery powered
» Low vibration
» Auto lubricating system
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Tanaka TCS33EDTP-12 32.2cc 12 Inch Top Handle Chain Saw With Pure Fire Engine Tanaka TCS33EDTP – 12 Inch » Gas-powered
» Easy start
» Compact in design
Check Price
Chainsaw, Electric, 14 Inches. Bar Chainsaw, Electric -14 Inch » Easy to use
» Chain brake
» Automatic chain oiler
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Best Chainsaw For A Homeowner Reviews

Let’s know in detail about the top 10 best Chainsaw for a homeowner in today’s article.

1. BLACK +DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, (LCS 1020)

BLACK +DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, (LCS 1020)

This cordless chainsaw has a 20 voltage Max lithium battery, which is capable of providing you a long run time. This battery can give a back up almost five times longer than other chainsaws.

The 10 inches premium quality chain is features to give an anti-kickback facility with a smooth and rapid wood cutting for any of your light home woodcutting.

This chainsaw has a Tool-free chain adjustment system by which you can automatically enjoy a proper chain adjustment with the chainsaw.

You have an offer to enjoy an easy of maneuverability with the simple and lightweight design of this BLACK +DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw.

Only 7.2 pounds weight of this machine will never force you to feel fatigues in your hands.

Besides this, the wrapped handle of this chainsaw quickly provides a comfortable grip and operation of this machine and helps you to feel less vibration.

The improved auto oiling system including in this machine has a clear window so that you can measure the oil level easily from the outer.

Inside the Package

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, one lithium-ion battery with 20-volt capacity, one 10 inch chain, one chain bar, and one user manual.

Top Features

  1. This cordless chainsaw includes a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, which can give a suitable long time battery charge back up.
  2. It is features to give an anti-back facility automatically with the 10 inch Oregon chain included the machine.
  3. It has a Tool-free automatic chain tensioning adjustment system.
  4. This machine has a wrapped bale handle so convenient for the user.
  5. The automatic oiler presents into the machine with a clear window so that the user can see the oil level from the outer of the chainsaw. 
  • » Easy to operate.
  • » Low maintenance.
  • » It has a 10-inch chain.
  • » Automatic lubricating system.
  • » Include a Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • » Tool-free chain adjustment system.
  • » Cannot go for any heavy-duty woodcut.
  • » Low service compared with any gas-powered chainsaw.

2. Greenworks 16-inch 40 volt

Greenworks 16-inch 40 volt

Could you imagine a cordless chainsaw with 40-volt power! Yes, Greenworks 16-inch 40 volt Cordless Chainsaw is offering you such battery capacity.

This massive power gives the user a longer operation time with extreme torque.

The Oregon design and premium quality brushless motor of this chainsaw provide a 30 percent higher torque, as well as a 70 percent low anti-vibration to its users.

So user complaint again this chainsaw about the comfortless during operation is relatively zero.

The auto chain tensioning system of this machine will give you a hassles free chain tension adjustment system.

Greenworks 16-inch 40 volt Cordless Chainsaw offers an electric start of this machine, which is very user-friendly and practical than any other chainsaws available into the market.

The automatic oiler presenting in the machine will reduce the bother about manual oiling onto the chain and chain bar; besides this, it also saves you from abusing your time unnecessarily here.

Some other features like chain brake system, hand guard, quick release triggers, etc. are some safety features for both the users and the machines.

These features also enhance machine durability and reduce any premature wear and tear.

Inside the Package

Greenworks 40-volt Cordless Chainsaw, one 16-inch chain, one chain bar, one 4.0 Ah battery etc.

Top Features

  1. This chainsaw is features to provide the desired woodcutting with the 16 inches chain, including the machine.
  2. Using the 20-volt lithium-ion battery as a power supplier of this machine, give the user a long-run battery backup for a smooth and rapid wood cutting. Per one charge, you will enjoy up to 150 cuts very comfortably with this chainsaw.
  3. The brushless motor inside the machine is features to 30 percent high torque along with a 70 percent low anti-kickback facility.
  4. Light in weight chainsaw. It has only 10.4 lbs of weight.
  5. Safety features like chain brake system, handguard, quick-release triggers make this Chainsaw super worthy to meet user safety.
  • » Top quality chainsaw under 200.
  • » It has an automatic oiler.
  • » This Chainsaw includes a brushless motor.
  • » It offers you an electric start.
  • » This Chainsaw has an auto chain tensioning adjustment system.
  • » Battery and charger are not included.

3. WORX WG322


China made this cordless chainsaw with a dimension of about 28.5 x 9.75 x 9.5. The weight of this chainsaw is 8.8 pounds.

This Chainsaw has a 20-volt battery, which will give you enough run time to accomplish your light wood job.

The 12-inch chain, including in this machine, not only can use in the home light job but also can use in many outdoor professional’s usages.

You will get some fantastic wood cutting using this best chainsaw for a homeowner.

The brushless motor of this device is highly capable of giving a long job run at a chain gauge of 0.043 with a chain speed up to 25.2 ft. /s.

The tool-free chain tension adjustment system and the chain bar adjusting knob present in this machine reduce the tensioning hassles for the users.

Besides this, the low kickback system and the anti-vibration system presenting in this machine enhances the user comfortless to a great extent.

The compact and light in weight design (only 8.8) of this Chainsaw ensure less provability of the fatigues of the users.

Inside the Package

Work WG322 20 V Cordless Chainsaw, one 12-inch chain, one chain bar, one 20 volt battery one charger, one user manual, etc.

Top Features

  1. This battery-powered chainsaw has a 20-volt battery, which can give a longer duration back up.
  2. This chainsaw has a brushless motor.
  3. This device features a tool-free chain adjustment system. You can easily adjust the chain tension relatively, capturing a low time.
  4. The low kickback system present inbuilt in the machine helps to secure the user and the device from any kickback. 
  5. This device has an anti-vibration system, which can ensure less fatigue on the user’s arm.
  6. This machine is light in weight and can use as a portable chainsaw as well.
  • » Light in weight electric chainsaw.
  • » Easy to handle.
  • » Handy to maintain.
  • » Durable and portable chainsaw.
  • » It has an automatic oiler.
  • » It contains an anti-vibration system.
  • » This chainsaw works for a low kickback option.
  • » Not capable of any hard job.

4. WORX WG 305.1

WORX WG 305.1

The WORX WG 305.1 Electric Chainsaw comes with a 4.0 HP 15.0 Amp motor power. With this power, you can replace a lumberjack performance and can operate this machine smoothly and efficiently into your home back yard.

This chain saw is features of an auto tensioning chain adjustment system, including a single side-mounted knob. By this knob, you can adjust the chain and chain bar tension solely within a few seconds.

An 18 inches chain with an easy to lubricate sprocket is powerful enough to cut any light and medium-sized wood at your demand.

The 4.0 peak hp is much capable of supplying you enough energy for stability cutting through the whole operations.

As an electric supply runs this chainsaw, so it is featuring to give you a gas-free, emission-free, noise-free, and overall a hassles free wood cutting operation.

WORX WG 305.1 Electric chain saws have an automatic oiler, so thereby it stops any manual oiling from the user.

The 6.75-ounce oil reservoir with an oil level indicator enhances the saw quality in an upgraded way.

The in-built safety chain brake presenting into this best chainsaw for a homeowner, offer you an automatic turn of the machine only within seconds.

So if any incorrect contact between the chain and the wood happens accidentally, this chainsaw will instantly stop to prevent any kickback towards you.

Moreover, a rubber over-molded rear handle combined with the full-wrapped materials works better to enhance the user comfort and to reduce the vibration level during the operation.

Inside the Package

WORX WG304.1 Electric Chain Saw, one sheath, one quart of chain oil, and the user manual etc.

Top Features

  1. It has a 15.0 amp motor power with4.0 peak horsepower.
  2. The 18-inch chain included in this chainsaw offers its user a quality cut wood demand.
  3. A side-mounted auto-tension adjusting knob presented into the machine prevents any over-tightening or loose tightening of the chain on the chain bar.
  4. The chain brake system presenting into the chain added additional safety features for the user.
  5. An automatic oil lubricator with the oil level indicator presents into the chainsaw.
  6. Offer three years of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • » It has 4.0 peak hp with the 15 amp motor power.
  • » A side-mounted automatic chain adjustment knob.
  • » It includes an automatic chain lubrication system.
  • » It includes an oil indicator.
  • » Light in weight
  • » Ergonomic design
  • » Low maintenance
  • » Offer an automatic chain brake system.
  • » You cannot use this machine as a portable device, as it is limited to use only by some electric cable.

5. WORX WG303.1

WORX WG303.1

The 14.5 Amp motor presents into the chain saw almost capable of giving you a gas-powered chainsaw‘s performance in the back yard of your home.

Any homeowner, any farmer or rancher can easily use this chainsaws for any light to moderate wood cutting.

A patented auto-tension adjusting system helps the chain to adjust the chain tension smoothly with the chain bar.

Too tight or too loose chain tension is preventing here by this patented system.

This chainsaw featuring an automatic oil reservoir inside it, from this reservoir lubricating oil, automated goes to lubricate the chain and bar.

Besides this, the translucent window presence with the tank helps the user to follow the oil level properly.

This electric chainsaw has a chain speed of 12 meters per second. The rated voltage of this device is 120V to 60Hz. 

This device consists of the chain pitch with a measurement of 0.375 inches along with a chain gauge of 0.05 inch.

The oil tank capacity of this electric corded device is 200 milliliters. The user will offer the Chain links of 57 into this chain saw.

Unlike the gas-powered chainsaw, users don’t have to make any hassles to mix the oil and gas before running the machine.

The WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw gives a 3.5 peak horsepower while you are cutting wood in any place. 

Besides this, the 16-inch chain bar is much capable of cutting any hardest wood slice within a while. Even you can cut 32 inches thick wood slices using this 16 inches wood cutter machine.

This Chainsaw has three years of warranty for the user, so it also helps to give you a long-lasting Chainsaw for your wood cutting job.

Inside the Package

WORX WG303.1 Chain Saw, one 16 inches chain, one scabbard, and the user manual, etc.

Top Features

  1. This electric-powered chainsaw has a 14.5 amp motor, which can give a maximum of 3.5 peak horsepower per usage.
  2. This Chainsaw has a 16 inches chain that can cut a double thickened wood log comfortably.
  3. The handle of this Chainsaw is coated with some soft rubber graded materials.
  4. This Chainsaw is compact in design and light in weight.
  5. Electric cable port mounted at the back and underneath of this device.
  6. Some sturdy material is used as a construction material for the chain bar so that it can prevent a kickback towards the user.
  7. The in-built automatic oil lubricator with the oil indicators helps to easily lubricate the chain and chain bar and prevent any premature wear and tear.
  • » Relatively less expensive electric corded chainsaw.
  • » It contains an electric motor.
  • » Produce less noise.
  • » No emission of carbon contains smoke.
  • » Automatic oilier.
  • » It contains an efficient chain bar with a 16 inches chain.
  • » Compact and low weight chain saw.
  • » Easy to handle and easy to maintain.
  • » The motor incorporating this chainsaw is worthy only for light to moderate use; you cannot use this chainsaw for any big job.

6. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless

Greenworks manufactured this chainsaw featuring with a 40-volt motor capacity, which can run smoothly by a G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion 2.0 AH battery efficiently.

The 12 inches steel chain presenting in the Chainsaw can cut wood for your firewood, can trim the garden trees also can slice the wood log up to 12 inches thickness. 

The steel chain and chain bar work with a tool-free auto tensioning system, so deliver a smooth chain tension while you intend to cut with maximum speed and efficacy.

The 0.375-inch chain pitch helps to involve the wood in the chain and trim or cut them aggressively within a while without producing any kickback towards the machine holder.

This Chainsaw has a wrap handle so a user can handle and run this chainsaw at various angles and positions very comfortably.

This machine is featuring oiling onto the chain and chain bar using an automatic oiling reservoir.

This oil tank also has one clear translucent oil indicator that helps you to observe the oil level and refill it on time to prevent sudden shut down of the chainsaw.

The battery of this chainsaw is compatible with G-Max 2.0 Ah battery (29462) and the G-Max 4.0 Ah battery (29472).

So you can use those two batteries instead of the unavailability of the G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion 2.0 AH battery

Inside the Package

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, one scabbard, one 2.0 AH battery, one charger, and one user manual, etc.

Top Features

  1. It has a G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery with 2.0 Ah batteries backup.
  2. Contain a 12 inches robust steel chain and chain bar.
  3. This Chainsaw offers an automatic chain adjusting system.
  4. It works with a 0.375 chain pitch.
  5. This chain saw has an automatic oiler and clear oil level indicator inside the machine.
  6. You can use this Chainsaw at different positions and angles comfortably with the wrapped handle presenting along with the machine.
  7. 40V G-Max battery is compatible with G-Max 2.0 Ah battery and G-Max 4.0 Ah battery.
  • » Best cordless chainsaw under 150.
  • » Battery charge time faster.
  • » It has a wrapped handle.
  • » Less noise.
  • » No emission of hazardous gas, echo friendly.
  • » Light in weight
  • » Easy to use and handy to handle.
  • » It is a highly productive electric chainsaw for moderate wood cutting.
  • » Don’t include the chain brake system as a safety feature.
  • » Not faster as a gas-powered chainsaw.



This corded chainsaw has a 15 amp motor capacity, which you can use to cut light to moderate trees, to cut many large branches.

You can use this chainsaw even for trimming your garden brushes.

The 18-inch chain, along with the excellent chain pitch, can fight against the kickback and can enhance the cutting performance in a reasonable manner.

The automatic chain adjustment procedure of this chainsaw gives a rapid tension adjusting for the chain onto the chain bar without merely facing any hassles. 

Like many electric Chainsaw, this Chainsaw also has an automatic oiler along with an outer oil level observer window.

As a safety feature, you will get an automatic chain brake system into the device, which helps to shut down the chainsaw just in a while in any emergency case.

This machine is run on an electric supply using some electrical cable, so don’t need to use any gas or oil.

Besides this, this machine bearing a feature to produce relatively less vibration during running.

Unlike any other battery-powered or electric-powered chainsaws, these chainsaws are very eco- friendly.

They are designed not to ingest any fuel or not to emit them into the air in the form of a gas.

Inside the Package

CS1518 18-Inch corded chainsaw, one scabbard, one chain and chain bar, and one user manual, etc.

Top Features

  1. This chainsaw features to give a reliable woodcutting with the 15 Amp motor capacities.
  2.  It has one robust 18-inch chain, along with the chain bar, which can prevent producing any kickback to the users.
  3. It has a Tool-free chain adjustment system.
  4. This machine lubricates its chain and chain bar using the oil automatically from the oil reservoir inside the machine.
  5. This BLACK+DECKER Chainsaw has an auto chain brake system as a safety feature.
  • » This chainsaw comes with a 15 Amp motor capacities.
  • » Tool-less chain tension adjustment system.
  • » Automatic lubricator with oil level observer.
  • » Relatively cheap chainsaw.
  • » No emission.
  • » No loud noise.
  • » Easy to use.
  • » Low maintenance.
  • » It has an auto chain brake system.
  • » Run by electric supply, cannot use out of your home.
  • » Construction materials are low graded.



With the DEWALT DCCS6901H1 40 V 6AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw, you will find a gas-powered chainsaw performance not using any gas oil, etc.

This cordless chainsaw has a robust brushless motor, which gives an outstanding wood cutting performance by your hand.

Presenting a 16-inch chain along with the high graded steel made chain bar makes this chainsaw aggressive like a crazy dog that targets the wood and just cut it in a couple of minutes.

DEWALT DCCS6901H1 Chainsaw is featuring to offer the uses of an automatic oiling system to its chain and chain bar.

Along with the LubriLink and the LubriWell, the automated lubricating system incorporated here performs well to lubricate the chain and chain bar and prevent any premature breakdown.

The quarter-turn oil cap onto the oil tank allows a quick refill of oil so that you can smoothly run the tool.

This machine also works with a Tool-free side-mounted auto chain tension adjustment system so that you need only a few seconds to adjust the chain tension onto the chain bar.

In contrast, a manual chain tension adjusting system eats almost more than half hours from you to change the chain adjustment.

As additional features, you will enjoy a chain brake system, a speed trigger, etc. to ensure your safety and to control the machine sensibly.

Inside the Package

DEWALT DCCS6901H1 cordless chainsaw, 40V MAX 6AH Lithium-Ion Battery, One charger, one Bar sheath, one 16 inch-chain, one chain bar, and one user manual, etc.

Top Features

  1. This cordless chainsaw has a battery of 40V Lithium 6AH Battery. The nominal battery voltage is 36Volt.
  2. The 16-inch chain, along with the chain brake system and with the chain bar, delivers a demand wood cutting process preventing any kickback to the users.
  3. This machine is featuring to lubricate the chain and chain bar automatically along with the LubriLink and LubriWell oil brands.
  4. This chainsaw has a Tool-free side-mounted auto tension adjustment system.
  5. The weight of this chainsaw is 13.2 pounds. It has a Variable speed trigger along with the 16-inch robust chain.
  • » Auto chain-breaking system.
  • » Variable safety triggers.
  • » Side-mounted chain tension adjustment system.
  • » Auto lubricating system.
  • » The power supply is a 40V Lithium 6AH Battery
  • » Works better with LubriLink and LubriWell oil brands.
  • » Easy to use.
  • » Low kickback and low vibration.
  • » Echo friendly and cordless device.
  • » Battery-powered chainsaw, unable to use for a longer duration or far from home.

9. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 Chainsaw contains a Pure Fire Engine, can use for some professional using like Pruning, Shaping and also home wood needs.

This 32.2 cc and 2-stroke engine are featuring less fuel consumption providing high performance.

The half throttle choke and the purge primer bulb cause an easy warm-up and starting of the engine.

The presence of the rear air filter protects the engine from making hard contact with the wood debris.

Tanaka produces this power tool using a 12-inch broad spectrum chain, which can cut for many professional graded chainsaw.

You can use this chainsaw to meet any of your wood cutting demand in your back yard.

Whether in your garden or the deep forest, you can use this gas-powered chainsaw to accomplish any light wood job from any tremendous wood job very quickly and rapidly.

This machine has an anti-vibration system that can enhance comfort quality.

Also, the presence of the lanyard rings along with the relatively lightweight makes this machine worthy of causing less fatigue, not disturbing the high-performance output.

The handy handle mounted on the top of the machine; provide a smooth movement of this chainsaw at various angle and direction.

Unlike any other gas-powered chainsaw present now a day, you can use this chainsaw as a portable device.

This device is not going to use any battery or any electric supply, so you even don’t have to take any extra hassles related to these issues.

The ingested fuel capacity for once is 9.9 fl oz. You can use a 50:1 ratio for the fuel mix to run the engine of this chainsaw.

Inside the Package

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 gas-powered chainsaw with one 32.2 cc Pure Fire 2-stroke Engine, one 12 inch-chain, one chain bar, and one user manual, etc.

Top Features

  1. This chainsaw is one of the best chainsaw for a homeowner which containing one 32.2 ccs Pure Fire 2-stroke engine as a power source.
  2. This chainsaw is features to use less fuel but deliver high output.
  3. This chainsaw is capable of giving a rapid and effective start-up using a half throttle Choke and Purge primer bulb.
  4. This chainsaw has an automatic gear-driven oiler.
  5. The side-mounted chain tension adjustment system offers a convenient way to adjust the chain on the chain bar.
  6. The sprocket nose bar presence into the chain helps its users to control the chainsaw for severe wood slicing genuinely.
  7. It has seven years warranty for the consumer.
  • » Gas-powered powerful chainsaw.
  • » Suitable for heavy-duty wood cutting.
  • » Compact in design.
  • » Top handle chainsaw
  • » Easy start-up.
  • » Sprocket nose bar.
  • » It includes a 12-inch chain.
  • » Side mounting chain adjustment.
  • » No electric cable use here.
  • » Warranty available.
  • » Emit carbon-containing smoke to the environment.

10. Chainsaw, Electric, 14 inches. Bar

Chainsaw, Electric, 14 inches. Bar

This electric chainsaw works by electrical supply from an electronic switchboard using some electrical cables.

It has a 14-inch chain and functional chain bar which works together to bite the woodcut it accordingly.

This saw is worthy of a convenient run and proper maintenance.

It has a more massive trigger switch, also has a soft start that works to provide you a more delicate and rapid start-up of this chainsaw.

This chainsaw is featuring a rubberized softer grip handy handle, which ensures comfortable handling of the saw at every position.

Among all of these characteristics, a current limitation system inside the chain saw reduces the current load if the motor is loaded with the excess power supply from your main switchboard.

A larger oil tank is present inside the chainsaw along with a translucent window that can ensure sturdy oil supply to the chain and chain bar to lubricate them on time.

Inside the Package

One electric chainsaw, one 14 inch-chain, one chain bar, one bar cover, and one user manual, etc.

Top Features

  1. Electric Chainsaw with a 12-inch effective chain with a sound chain bar.
  2. This chain saw offers a softer start-up using a massive trigger.
  3. It has a rubberized soft grip handy handle.
  4. It has an inbuilt current load reducer, which can reduce the chance to burn out the motor of the chainsaw.
  5. This chain saw includes a more extensive oil supplier with a crystal clear window.
  6. It is eco-friendly; produces zero emissions with low noise. 
  • » Best electric chainsaw under 210.
  • » Automatic chain oiler.
  • » It has a chain brake system.
  • » More massive metal spike Bumper.
  • » No emissions.
  • » Easy to use.
  • » It has a handy rubberized handle.
  • » Low maintenance.
  • » Effective start-up.
  • »

Buying Guide of Best Chainsaw For A Homeowner

Selecting of the Chainsaw heavily involved with the following consideration-

1. The purpose of using a chainsaw.

2. Frequency of your Chainsaw using.

3. Your chainsaw operating experience.

4. Your demanding features from the chainsaw.

Select the size of the chainsaw

So based on the upper consideration, you can choose the chain saw size by this way-

  1. Pruning limbs – 6 to 10 inch
  2. Removing branches – 8 to 12 inch
  3. Felling small trees – 12 to 14 inch
  4. Cutting firewood – 14 to 16 inch
  5. Felling medium trees – 16 to 18 inch
  6. Felling large trees – 20 and larger inch

However, for doing a small wood cutting job, you can but a chainsaw with a size of 6 to 12 inches.

For the moderate wood cutting job at your home, use a 12 to 20 inches chainsaw. 

Select the chainsaw type

So which chainsaw you are going to prefer? Do you have any particular affinity for any kind of chainsaw?

Already we know very well, there are three types of chainsaws available into the market: gas-powered, electric corded chainsaw, battery-powered cordless chainsaw.

So think your managing capacity of each chainsaw and choose the best among them.

Don’t forget about the upgraded features to include your chainsaw

As you have already chosen the chainsaw type and chainsaw size, now it comes to which features do you want to incorporate into your chainsaw?

Before selecting one chainsaw, do some research online or offline and know in detail about all offers, features about the chainsaws. After then take your decision to buy the most compatible one.

Safety precautions for the chainsaw

  1. Check the chain tension before you going to start this machine.
  2. Check the chain blade sharpness.
  3. Oil reservoir of the chainsaw must be filled with oil, check to ensure it.
  4. Physically check the whole chainsaw so that any loose bolt or screws doesn’t remain unconsciously.
  5. Make the air filters clean before starting the saw.
  6. Check the chain brake or other safety lock function properly or not.
  7. Check the gas-powered chain saw has a full fuel on its tank, the battery-powered chainsaw has a fully charged battery, and the electric chain saw is present with sufficient electric cable to take the electrical supply from the switchboard.
  8. Clean the machine thoroughly after each use.
  9. Store the chain saw in a secured place out of the children.

Safety precautions for the user

  1. Wear injury protected hand gloves.
  2. Wear safety goggles to protect both your eyes.
  3. Wear earplugs to protect your ears.
  4. Wear a helmet to ensure the safety of your head.
  5. Wear a full sleeve shirt.
  6. Wear injury protected pants.
  7. Wear hard shoes with steel soul.
  8. Use the chainsaw considering your age weight and strength.
  9. Never hold the chainsaw up to your head level.
  10. Always try to operate the chainsaw keeping the chain nose far from you.
  11. Don’t try to run any half damaged chainsaw.
  12. Never let the chainsaw to come in the contact of any children.
  13. Store the chainsaw by turning off it.


Ans: Actually, it depends. Sometimes you will get some brands that will offer you one of the best chainsaw for a homeowner relatively at a cheap cost.

However, if you want to use your chainsaw for a longer time, it is not wise to consider the chain quality with the price.

Ans: The size of the chainsaw is related to the wood cutting function and thickness, which you are going to do by you.

Follow the list; you will find the chainsaw size for some specific wood cutting job.

» Pruning limbs – 6 to 10 inch

» Removing branches – 8 to 12 inch

» Felling small trees – 12 to 14 inch

» Cutting firewood – 14 to 16 inch

» Felling medium trees – 16 to 18 inch

» Felling large trees – 20 and larger inch

Ans: You can, but we suggest our customer to use one professional chainsaw for their home using purpose.Content Toggle PanelParagraph

The first thing is that professional chainsaws are heavy, so you will never feel good to carry such a massive device for your light wood cutting.

And the second thing is that there is no doubt a professional chainsaw is a gas-powered chainsaw.

The buying cost, running cost, and the maintenance cost of a gas-powered professional chainsaw is not user-friendly for the homeowners.

Final verdict

Choosing the best chainsaw for a homeowner is depends on personal taste, needs, and choice. However, I did my level best to make a top list of the ten of the best homeowner chainsaws.

All chainsaws I enlisted in this list you can use around your home, in your back yard, and sometimes in your professional wood cutting station as well.

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