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Top 7 Best 20 Inch Chainsaw [Reviews 2021] & Buying Guide

best 20 inch chainsaw

A chainsaw is like a blessing for us. It is a device that helps us to cut any wood cutting job just in a while.

Whether a light woodcut or a heavy wood slicing- a right chainsaw is capable of cutting all of this.

Moreover, this device is also used to clean up the environmental jam after any natural calamities as well.

So considering the benefits of a chainsaw, there are thousands of chainsaw brands with different features, functions, designs with a diverse price range available into the market.

Among these thousands of Chainsaw, you cannot use anyone to meet all of your commercial or home demand.

So, to reduce your hassles to find out the best 20 inch chainsaw within a short time, I am here to help you.

I have researched a few chainsaws and make a list of top 7 best 20 inch chainsaw available now a day.

Let’s start to know in details-

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Why is it better?
» Low vibration.
» 20-inch chain.
» Auto lubrication.
» 55.5 cc 2-stroke engine.
» Auto chain brake system.
» Quick-release air filtration system.
» Side-mounted chain tensioning system.

Top 5 Best 20 inch Chainsaw (Table Comparison) in 2021

Product Name Details   Price
Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20 Inch » Gas-powered
» Anti-vibration
» Comfortable handling
Check Price
Chain Saw, Gas, 20 In. Bar, 59.8cc ECHO 20 in. Timber Wolf » Powerful engine
» Anti-vibration
» Automatic adjustable oiler
Check Price
Poulan Pro 20 In. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020 Poulan Pro PR5020 – 20 Inch » Gas-powered
» Easy to start
» Low maintenance
Check Price
Blue Max 8901 2-In-1 14-Inch or 20 Inch Combination Chainsaw In 4 Color Carton Blue Max 8901 – 20 Inch » Gas-powered
» Low kickback
» Anti vibe handle
Check Price
Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw With PureFire Engine Hitachi CS51EAP – 20 Inch » Gas-powered
» Anti-vibration
» Lower fuel consumption
Check Price

Top 7 Best 20 inch chainsaw Reviews

In this section, we have reviewed the 7 best 20 Inch Chainsaw for you. What are those? Let’s see:

1. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

If you want to start your wood cutting process with a powerful but easy handling Chainsaw, Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw is here to help you.

This powerful and ergonomic designed Chainsaw always stand beside you so that you can cut any type of wood cutting very rapidly and effectively.

You can use this device to Pruning, Limbing even for trimming the large trees or cutting firewood also.

A low vibration features, comfortable handle, chain brake system makes this Chainsaw very reliable to the professional and occasional chainsaw users.

The maximum power speed of this Chainsaw is 9000 rpm! Such an un-expectable power speed, you will not find on all Chainsaws available in the market.

The air injection centrifugal air cleaning system of this device protects the device filter from any wood dust and wood debris and enhances the machine durability profoundly.

Check Our Husqvarna 455 Rancher Review Article

Inside the Package

One Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw, one 20 inch chain, one chain bar, one Husqvarna chainsaw Bar cover, one 2. 6-ounce bottle of pre-mix fuel and one user manual etc.

Key Features

  1. The 55.5 cc engine presents into this Chainsaw much capable of providing any big duty job to any landowner or any professional woodcutter.
  2. The 2-stroke engine includes in the device, featuring an automatic chain brake system as a safety enhancer for the users.
  3. The quick-release air filtration system with an air injection facility produces efficient filter cleaning and performance.
  4. The side-mounted chain tension adjustment system featuring into this Chainsaw helps the users to adjust the chain tension rapidly.
  5. Great x-torque features of Husqvarna chainsaw reduce fuel consumption and reduce hazardous emissions to the environment.
  6. Automatic lubrication features of this Chainsaw maintain smooth and continuous oil lubrication of the chain and chain bar.
  • » Strong enough to cut any wood.
  • » It has a 55.5 cc motor.
  • » Anti-vibration features.
  • » Comfortable handling.
  • » Air injection filtration system.
  • » 20-inch chain blade.
  • » Best 20-inch Chainsaw.
  • » Best gas-powered Chainsaw under
  • » Expensive gas-powered Chainsaw.

2. ECHO 20 in. Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Echo CS 590

This Echo CS 590 chainsaw contains a 59.8 cc engine with the extreme capacity to cut moderate to dense wood in any commercial perspective.

The professional-grade engine presents into the chainsaw offer you to enjoy the professional-grade wood cutting, even your home back yard too.

Though it is a 20 inched chainsaw, Echo offered the users to alternate using of 16 inches to 27 inched chains and chain bar if they feel need.

This Chainsaw has some excellent features like a digital ignition system, automatic and adjustable chain, and bar oiler, including a two-piece mesh filter, tool-less access to the filtration system, etc.

Besides this, Dual-post chain brake, Air shutter, a chain bar tip safety guard, Spark arrestor muffler and a see-through fuel tank, etc. also included in this device.

These advance features and superb facility makes this Chainsaw worthy of using both for the light and substantial performance in the deep forest or in the home garden.

Inside the Package

One Echo CS 590 chainsaw contains a 59.8 cc engine, one 20 inch chain, one chain bar, one scabbard, one user manual, etc.

Key Features

  1. This Chainsaw has a 59.8 cc 2-stroke professional-grade engine.
  2. 16 inch to 27-inch chain and chain bar can use in this device.
  3. It is a Decompression device, and it has a digital ignition set up.
  4. This machine has excellent anti-vibration features.
  5. It includes an automatic oiler with an adjustable oil flow capacity.
  6. This device has a Two-piece mesh filter with tool-less access to the filtration system.
  7. The Echo CS 590 has a Dual-post chain brake along with an air shuttering system.
  8. Other features like bar tip safety guard, Spark arrestor muffler and See-through fuel tank, etc. are some additional advantages of this device, which ensures user’s safety and easy use.
  9. Echo offered this chainsaw model at five years of consumer warranty.
  • » CARB approval.
  • » Easy to use.
  • » Low maintenance.
  • » Powerful engine.
  • » Easy and rapid starting.
  • » Great safety features.
  • » Anti-vibration system.
  • » Automatic adjustable oiler.
  • » See-through fuel tank.
  • » Good customer service.
  • » The scabbard of this Chainsaw is made of low-quality materials.
  • » Some users had faced the problem while starting the Chainsaw.

3. Poulan Pro PR5020 20 inch Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR5020 20 inch Gas Chainsaw

If you are searching for an energetic and best 20 inch Chainsaw with a low maintenance capacityPoulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw is here for you.

These affordable chainsaws are top-rated to many landowners or homeowners for the ability to take a heavy load in the wood cutting field.

Easy and accessible maintenance of this Chainsaw is the extra advantage for which many users like this Chainsaw.

This Chainsaw has a 20-inch steel made chain and chain bar, which features an anti-kickback facility to enhance consumer safety and security.

The simple pulling start system helps to start the machine in a while without facing any complicated process.

The side-mounted chain tension adjustment system of this Chainsaw is another advantage that provides a savings of time and energy, which may not be possible in any manual chain tension adjustment chainsaw.

The ergonomic design and the anti-vibration system of this Chainsaw make the machine a comfortable device for most of the chainsaw users.

Inside the Package

One Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, one 20 inch chain, one chain bar, and one chain carrying case.

Key Features

  1. It has a 50 cc 2-stroke patented OxyPower engine, which can cut any type of wood slicing.
  2. The 20-inch chain blade present here contains an anti-kickback facility.
  3. The effortless pull starting system will let you start the Chainsaw only after some pulling the start cord.

This system reduces almost 30 percent pull force from the user compared with any earlier gas-powered chainsaw.

  1. The automatic oiler presents into this device ensure consistent oiling to the chain and bar for a smooth and effective spinning avoiding any overheating and obstacles.
  2. This machine has tool-free service access.
  3. This Chainsaw is the features of a side-mounted chain tension adjustment system.
  4. It has a protected purge bulb to reduce the risk of any premature damage.
  5. The filtering system included here works for low emission and durable filter life.
  6. It has an anti-vibration safety mood.
  7. It includes a three years warranty.
  • » Robust and long-lasting.
  • » It has a 20-inch chain.
  • » It includes a 50 cc and a 2-stroke engine.
  • » It has reduced the risk of engine flooding.
  • » Easy to start.
  • » Smooth operation and user-friendly.
  • » Low maintenance.
  • » 70% fewer emissions.
  • » 20% lower fuel consumption.
  • » Issues in the ignition system.
  • » Chain bar fitting problems may arise sometimes.

4. Oveloxe Gas Chainsaw, 62CC 20 Inch

Oveloxe Gas Chainsaw, 62CC 20 Inch

The Oveloxe Gas Chainsaw, 62CC 20″ Chainsaw is the most potent Chainsaw containing an extremely powered gas engine inside of it.

With the 62 cc power engine, you can cut any wood including your home yard or in the deep forest.

The high quality and wear-resistant chain incorporated into the chain bar will give you five times more service life than any ordinary chainsaws available in the market.

ABS plastic made chassis in this device, can sustain even at a high temperature. This surface also has an anti-aging capability for a longer duration.

The luxury handle included in this device can reduce the machine shakes and can increase the comfort level for the users.

High-efficient bar- and the Guide plate set work together to protect the chain from corrosion and rust and also to resist the wear.

Moreover, this Chainsaw has a Safety valve Throttle switch, which can ensure your safety and machine security in case of any false biting of the chain onto the wood.

Inside the Package

One Oveloxe Gas Chainsaw, two-cycle 20 inch Chain, two Spark Plug(one included in the machine), one Saw Guide Bar, one Guide Bar Cover, one Fuel Mixing Bottle, one Tool Kit With Storage Bag, one Chainsaw Bag, and one User Manual, etc.

Key Features

  1. The 62 ccs 2 stroke engine included in this Chainsaw featuring enough power to cut any large hardwood.
  2. A high professional steel chain presents into this Chainsaw, which is resistant to wear, and you can use it for a long time.
  3. A slide free and handy handle helps to reduce the machine vibration also increase the machine comfortless when it moves at different angles. 
  4. This machine is equipped with a safety valve throttle switch, which lets you enjoy a safe and secure machine operation.
  5. This Chainsaw has a quick start technology that can let you start the Chainsaw with almost half reduced dragging.
  6. The Oveloxe Gas Chainsaw contains a multitasking 20-inch chain bar that can cut the wood at a diameter up to 40 inches.
  • » Powerful & efficient.
  • » It has a Three-tier gasoline filter.
  • » It has a Split sprocket.
  • » Best 20-inch Chainsaw.
  • » Wear a resistance chain.
  • » ABS plastic made surface
  • » Safety valve Throttle switch.
  • » Effective Guide plate sets.
  • » Luxury handle and High-quality chassis.
  • » Sometimes the safety features included in this Chainsaw may be annoying to the users.

5. X-BULL 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

X-BULL 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

The 58 cc engine presents into this Chainsaw helps you to cut wood either by professionally or occasionally.

Pruning, Limbing, large or middle tree trimming, or firewood cutting even any tree jam clearing after any environmental calamities, you can use this wood cutting device without any hassles.

A quick tension chain mechanism, along with the auto chain brake system, works to enhance the chain efficiency and user security.

This Chainsaw has an ergonomic design providing an easy of maneuverability and ease of order.

The multitasking chain and chain bar present in this chain saw helps the user to cut any hardwood efficiently and profoundly.

With this chain saw, you can cut various thickness woods slicing within a range up to 20 inches and sometimes double this measurement.

X-BULL 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw has an extra advantage to quickly and easily start the machine and to run it super smoother.

The low vibration feature and the small kickback facility along with the safety valve throttle switch ensure the machine safety users comfort.

Inside the Package

One X-BULL 20-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw, one 20 inch chain, one chain bar, one carrying case, one user manual, and extra chain, etc.

Key Features

  1. X-BULL 20-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw has a powerful Eco-Boost engine with a capacity of 58 ccs. 
  2. The automatic oiling system presents into the saw helps to prevent premature wear of the chain and chain bar.
  3. This saw has a Quick tension chain mechanism.
  4. The auto chain brake system helps to stop the machine in an emergency.
  5. This device is featuring ease of use and maneuverability.
  6. It provides an easy and quicker starting of the machine.
  7. This device contains the safety valve throttle switch.
  8. Quick-release air filter and Assisted Starting System, and Quick Stopping Control includes in this device.
  9. Overall, X-BULL chainsaw is a reliable and super functional gas-powered chainsaw now a day.
  • » Automatic oiling system.
  • » Easy of maneuverability.
  • » Easy to start.
  • » 58 cc Eco-Boost engine.
  • » 20-inch chain blade.
  • » Lower emission.
  • » Lower fuel consumption.
  • » Lower-priced gas-powered Chainsaw.
  • » Low-quality plastic made.
  • » Fuel may leak on storage.
  • » May produce a loud noise.

6. Blue Max 8901 Chainsaw

Blue Max 8901

This Chainsaw is a combo gas powered Chainsaw. The Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Combination Chainsaw has an ideal speed on about 2700 to 3400 RPM, and cutting speed is about 10.500 RPM.

This Chainsaw features a low kickback property, which ensures both the user and the machine security from any severe accident.

Unlike any other gas-powered chainsaw, this Chainsaw features a low vibration feature inbuilt with the machine.

So you will able to operate the machine at various angles without facing any irritation on your hand or body.

The anti-vibration features help the user to feel less fatigue and less irritation while moving the machine at different positions.

The automatic chain oil feeding system lubricates the chain and chain bar continuously to give a proper spinning reducing any obstacles and objections.

It is a combo chainsaw contains 14 inches and a 20-inch chain and chain bar by which you can cut two different outer ranged wood thicknesses.

Either a 14-inch wood slice or a 20 inched wood slice or any size in between these two sizes, you can efficiently do using this Chainsaw.

This combo chainsaw contains a CDI ignition system with easier access to the chain pro tensioner.

This Chainsaw can easily adjust and can efficiently operate.

Inside the Package

One Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 chainsaw, one 14 inch chain, one 20 inch chain, one chain bar, assisting tools, one protective case, and one user manual, etc.

Key Features

  1. It features a 45 cc two-stroke super acting engine.
  2. It is like two in one chainsaw containing two chains (14 inches and 20 inches).
  3. It has an anti vibe handle.
  4. It has a center balanced 25:1 fuel mixture system.
  5. This Chainsaw works with a QuickStart (CDI) ignition system.
  6. It contains an automatic lubrication system.
  7. The auto chain brake system of this saw works to give a lower kickback to the users. 
  8. Moreover, this Chainsaw is EPA approved.
  • » 45 cc engine.
  • » 10,500 RPM cutting speed.
  • » 2 in 1 chainsaw.
  • » Best 20-inch Chainsaw.
  • » Low kickback.
  • » Anti vibe handle.
  • » Thirty percent extra chain teeth.
  • » 35 percent more performance.
  • » Automatic chain lubrication.
  • » EPA approved.
  • » Heavy in weight.

7. Hitachi CS51EAP Chainsaw

Hitachi CS51EAP

This gas-powered Chainsaw contains a 50.1 cc and two-stroke PureFire engine as its power source.

It is a Rear Handle saw carrying the capacity of providing impeccable and clean high performance.

The decompression valve, the bumper spikes along with the sprocket nose bar makes capable the chainsaw user to go for an easy and rapid wood cutting process in a while.

The CS51EAP has a Tool-less side tension adjustment system.

Having the tool-less tensioning system helps the user to save a significant time, which expanse in the manual set up the chain tension.

This Chainsaw has an automatic and adjustable chain and bar oiler inside the saw.

So you can adjust the oil flow and amount to lubricate your chainsaws chain and chain bar properly.

Including a half throttle choke along with the trigger offer the user an easy and quick start-up, a smooth warm-up, and tool-free access to the air filtration system.

A double pole brake handle ensures user safety by giving a spring-like anti-vibration feel to the user.

Though this Chainsaw has a 20-inch chain along with it, depending on the situation, a 16-inch chain and an 18-inch chain also can use into this Chainsaw as an alternative option to cut various thickened wood cutting for your commercial or personal use.

Inside the Package

One Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw, one 20 inch chain one chain bar and one user manual, etc.

Key Features

  1. This machine is featuring a50.1cc commercial grade PureFire engine.
  2. It includesaDecompression valve, Primer bulb and Auto return choke.
  3. An automatic and adjustable chain and bar oiler are presenting into this Chainsaw.
  4. You can easily control the cutting operation using the Bumper spikes and sprocket nose bar included in this device.
  5. This Chainsaw comes into the market with an extended period of warranty.
  • » Low fuel consumption.
  • » Commercial grade PureFire 50.1cc engine.
  • » Includes an auto-return choke.
  • » Rear Handle Chain Saw.
  • » Automatic and adjustable chain oiler.
  • » Spring-like anti-vibration.
  • » Sprocket nose bar.
  • » Good construction materials.
  • » Quality cut.
  • » Complex power distribution system.
  • » Not so reliable.
  • » The problem in machine starting.

Buying Guide for the Best 20 inch Chainsaws

Already we described details info about seven best 20 chainsaws in this article; you can select anyone from our list.

However, if you are still in a dilemma to choose one of the best 20 inch chainsaws, follow the below consideration and purchase your desired 20-inch chainsaw from the market.

Engine power

Engine power is the key feature you have to determine at first for your Chainsaw.

If you want to do a massive wood cutting job, you have to select your Chainsaw with a more powerful engine.

And for your light wood cutting job, a moderate or low powered engine will be okay.

The more powerful engine will you select, the more heavy performance you will get from your Chainsaw.

Tool-free chain adjustment system

If you select the Chainsaw with a tool-less side-mounted chain tension adjustment system-

It will save your time and energy compared with the time and hassles you need to expanse in the manual adjustment of the chain and bar tension.


As I discussed here only about some gas-powered chainsaws, the major problem of gas-powered chainsaws are, they produce a loud sound while running.

As technology upgraded day by day-so gas-powered chainsaws are also featuring some capacity to reduce the noise dramatically.

Before buying the Chainsaw, see in detail in each Chainsaw, you will find the right Chainsaw, which produces low noise.


A high vibration is one of the significant disadvantages of any gas-powered chainsaw.

However, if you want to buy one best 20 inch Chainsaw with a gas-powered engine, select the Chainsaw, which can reduce the machine shaking and can improve the user comfort level.

If your chain saw cannot cover the machine vibes, you will be unable to run it for a longer time.

A long time facing the machine vibration will cause fatigue on both your arms.

Size and weight of the chain saw

The size and weight of the chain saw one of the crucial features for one of the capable Chainsaw.

Buy one chain saw according to your physical strength, weight, size, and your age.

Using one chainsaw at an outer range of your physical strength will become a burden for you.

Durability and warranty

You cannot buy one chainsaw every month or year.

That’s why it is mandatory to select those chainsaws, which can give you a durable action.

Hundreds of brands of 20 inches chainsaws are present into the market, offering an extended warranty and service.

Select one chainsaw from them, observing technically.

Besides this, your level of experience is another consideration that can impact on purchasing one best 20 inch Chainsaw.

You can gently handle one large Chainsaw if you are already experienced in running a professional chainsaw.

So if you are experienced enough to run any professional chainsaw, you can buy one heavy and large Chainsaw without feeling any hesitation.

For the beginner to intermediate level chainsaw user, we suggest using a small chainsaw.

Care and Maintenance of the chainsaw

There is some instruction related to caring and maintaining your Chainsaw. If you follow all of this, your Chainsaw will last longer and will give an efficient service.

» Don’t forget to sharpen the chain regularly. Sharpen teeth will effectively and quickly cut the wood without giving you any kickback or false biting.

» Clean the Chainsaw properly. Carefully remove all wood debris adhering in between the chain teeth.

» Check the chain tension before starting the Chainsaw. A tight-fitting chain onto the chain bar will stop the Chainsaw suddenly, whereas a loose chain will slip it back towards the user.

» Proper lubrication onto the chain and chain bar will ensure a consistent chain spinning for a longer duration. So check the chain lubrication before going into the main operation.

» Run the machine making your work areas free of any children or your neighbors. Unnecessary people gathering into your work area will increase the risk of a severe accident.

» Check the filtration system of your gas-powered Chainsaw if you need to change the filter frequently. Installing a new filter will increase work efficiency in a more fabulous way.

» Store the Chainsaw at a safe and secure place. Never forget to keep this tool far from children’s reach.

1. How can I prevent any premature wear and tear of my gas-powered chainsaws chain?

Ans: Proper lubrication of your chain and chain bar can prevent any premature breakdown of them.
For a gas-powered chainsaw, if it contains an automatic oiler, it will lubricate the chain and chain bar automatically.
You simply have to refill the oil reservoir on time so that your Chainsaw can automatically lubricate its chain and bar.

2. What size wood slice a 20 inched chainsaw can do?

Ans: A wood slicing up to 20 inches is possible using a 20-inch chainsaw.
However, you can make a wood slice with a measurement up to double of 20 inches, i.e., 40 inches using this Chainsaw.
Wood slicing with a 40-inch measurement, you need to operate the chainsaw double from the back and the front side of the tree or wood log.

3. How can a woman operate a chainsaw?

Ans: Though operating of the Chainsaw is considering as the task of man only, but a woman also can operate a chainsaw.
You will find so many female arborists’ available surrounding you taking the wood cutting as their profession.
Handling a chainsaw depends on a person’s physical strength, capacity, and so on.
However, if you are not a professional chainsaw user, you can use a light chainsaw to cut small trees up to 4 to 5-inch thickness very safely.

Final verdict

These are some of the product reviews of the best 20 inch Chainsaw. These reviews are written here based on the popularity of consumer comfort, user satisfaction, upgraded features, cutting power, and chainsaw design.

If you are finding a valued chainsaw or a commercial chain saw, these product lists are your perfect choice without any doubt. 

I have tried to gather the list of some best quality 20-inch chain saw in this article. If you think I have missed any top-rated chainsaw in my list- Please let me know in the comment box.

As usual, please don’t forget to share this article on your timeline.

Happy wood sewing!

Thank you.

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