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Husqvarna 240 Review in 2021

husqvarna 240 review

World-famous chainsaw manufacturer Husqvarna has many series of chainsaws for different kinds of cutting. Among its different series, Husqvarna 240 chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws in its category. The lightweight performer is a very perfect chainsaw for cutting small trees, pruning, hobby woodworks, and cutting firewood

In our effort on Husqvarna 240 Review, we will try to bring all the ins and outs of the chainsaw to know its power and performance. Let’s dive into the tool to know more.

Why we prefer Husqvarna 240 chainsaw

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» Very powerful engine.

» High-speed strong chain rotation.

» Less fuel consumption.

» Reduces vibration level for user comfort.

» Produce very low noise.

» Auto chainsaw oiler.

» Very less maintenance cost.

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What’s Inside Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw

X-Torq® Engine

husqvarna 240 review

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw is driven by its X-Torq® Engine. The engine uses the latest technology to reduce fuel consumption by 20%. The most special feature of the engine is it reduced emission level up to 60%. the feature makes the engine an environment-friendly tool. The delivery of its reduced emission level complied in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.

The engine generates very high-speed rotation up to 9000 RPM. The rotation helps to perform tough cutting with the chain. Up to 3000 RPM Idling chain speed is enough to cut anything in its front.

Less fuel consumption reduces the operation cost of the chainsaw.

Air Injection® System

husqvarna 240 review

Huskey 240 chainsaw uses an innovative technology to pre-cleaning air that reaches to its engine. The technology keeps away dust and debris reach the engine’s air filter. Using the engine rotation, the Air Injection System creates centrifugal high-pressure airflow. The airflow removes the dust and debris before they reach the air filter.

In this way, the air filter can perform long time air cleaning to keep the engine runs smoothly. Air Injection system reduces filter replacement cost at a great extent.

Easy Start System

The Combined choke/stop control of the chainsaw allows faster starting of the engine in a very easy way. The combined chock control also reduces oil flooding that delays the starting system.

LowVib® Technology

Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw has built-in LowVib® Technology. The technology reduces the vibration level that exhausts the operator during cutting. During the operation, the reduced vibration level in the front handle is 2.1 m/s² and at the rare handle, the vibration level reaches at 2.7 m/s².

Auto Chain Oiler

husqvarna 240 review

Huskey 240 chainsaw has an auto chain oiling system. The system properly lubricates the running chain to keep its operation smooth.

Easy Access Chain Tension

A very easy chain tensioning system allows faster chain tension by the side mounting knob with a few seconds.

The powerful chainsaw has many safety features to give the users maximum safety during operation. Here are the safety features of the Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw:

Inertia activated chain brake

Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw has an anti-kickback feature. The inertia activated chain brake functions at the time of happening accidental kickback. The instant chain brake activates within less than a second helps to be safe from the kickback.

Front Hand Guard

The front handguard between the bar and the front handle keeps the left-hand safe from the hit of accidental broken and derailed chain. The guard also helps to brake the chain by pressing it to the front.

Chain Catcher

The hard steel chain catcher prevents the right hand of the user from the hit of the broken or derailed chain of the saw.

Key Features of Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw

  1. Driven with powerful and highly performing X-Torq® Engine delivers tough cutting.
  2. The Centrifugal air injection system reduces air filter replacement cost by pre-cleaning the air allows longtime smooth performance.
  3. The auto chain oiler lubricates the running chain very properly.
  4. An easy access chain tension system allows for faster chain tensioning.
  5. Inertia chain brake instantly stops the chain rotation to prevent accidental kickback injury.
  6. Low-level vibration lessens to be fatigue during longtime operation.
  7. Low-level noise allows for comfortable operation.

Inside the Package

Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw, 16 inches bar, 16 inches chain, bar cover, tightening wrench, user manual.

Product Specification of Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw

Cylinder displacement38.2 см³
Cylinder displacement2.3 cu.inch
Power output2 hp
Maximum power speed9000 RPM
Idling speed3000 RPM
Fuel tank volume0.3 L
Fuel consumption399 g/kWh
Oil tank capacity0.19L
Type of oil pumpAutomatic
Spark plugChampion RCJ7Y
Electrode gap0.02 in
Recommended bar length, max16 inches
Recommended bar length, min13 inches
Chain speed at max power53.48 fts
Weight (excl. cutting equipment)10.3 lbs
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle2.1 m/s²
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle2.7 m/s²
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)113 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear100.7 dB(A)
  • » Lightweight
  • » Powerful Engine
  • » Strong Chainsaw Rotation
  • » Pre-air cleaning system
  • » Less fuel consumption
  • » Low vibration
  • » Less maintenance cost
  • » Less noise
  • » Less emission
  • » Not for heavy-duty performance

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How to Start Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw?

Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw allows its user quick starting facility. The chainsaw can be started with less effort within a few seconds. Following here are the starting procedure of the chainsaw:

Fill the fuel tank with the recommended fuel. Use good quality unleaded gasoline to get better performance.

  1. Fill the fuel tank with the recommended fuel. Use good quality unleaded gasoline to get better performance.
  2. Mix the proper amount of 2-stroke oil with gasoline maintaining an accurate ratio.
  3. Do the proper mixture.
  4. Fill the chain oil with the recommended oil.
  5. Put the tool on a flat surface.
  6. Remove the bar cover.
  7. Press the front handguard to forward to activate the chain brake.
  8. Set the start/stop button to the ‘start’ position.
  9. Press the decompression valve to allow an easy start.
  10. Press the air purge diaphragm several times (5-9) by the finger until fuel comes to the finger.
  11. Hold the front handle with the left hand and hold the lower section of the rare handle by the right foot.
  12. Pull the starter throttle slowly by right hand until resistance feels.
  13. Let the rope rewind to its position and pull the rope again a little quicker until the sound of the engine fire comes.
  14. Repeat the action several times. The engine will start automatically.
  15. Once started, release the starter and let it back to its position.
  16. Unlock the chain brake by pulling back the front handguard and the chain will start rotating.
  17. The little monster is now ready for action.

How to use Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw?

Running a gas chainsaw is not an easy job. Sound knowledge and experience needed to do the operation. We furnish below a few steps to guide you to operate Husqvarna 240 gas chainsaw.

  1. Before handling the chainsaw, read the user manual attached with the tool.
  2. Follow the proper starting process to start the chainsaw.
  3. Take necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) to start the operation.
  4. Once the engine started, release the chain brake front hand guard to allow rotating the chain.
  5. Let the chain speed reach to its full speed.
  6. Pull the tool by hold the front handle by the left hand and the rare handle by the right hand. Always use both the hands to handle the running chainsaw.
  7. Touch the running chain to the cutting object very slowly.
  8. For cutting firewood, keep the cutting wood higher from the ground.
  9. Make the top one-third of the chain touch of the cutting wood.
  10. After doing the first cutting spot, set the chain to the spot and start pressing a little slowly to do the cut.
  11. When the running chain reaches to the finishing edge, pull back the chainsaw and hit the spot to detach the cutting part.
  12. Once cutting ends, stop the chainsaw engine by pressing the stop button.
  13. Operating the chainsaw is a very risky task. Running the chainsaw is like handling a pinless grenade. A single mistake during its operation may cause great injury. Let’s know the safety rules during its operation-
  14. Always check all the nuts and bolts of the chainsaw before starting the engine.
  15. Never over flood the fuel tank. Keep some empty space inside the fuel tank.
  16. Keep some empty space in the oil tank also.
  17. Don’t allow any liquid, oil or fuel on the body of the tool. wipe them with a clean cloth immediately.
  18. Always use the recommended fuel and oil in the chainsaw.
  19. keep the cutting operation area clean and keep away animals, children or other things safe distance as the tool can not reach them.
  20. During the cutting of trees, keep man, animals or anything to a safe distance to avoid any kind of accidental hit.
  21. Never use the gas-powered chainsaw beside the fire, chemical, of flammable objects. Always keep some fire safety equipment around the operation area for maximum safety.
  22. Never run operation in the rainy or wet weather.
  23. Always keep full attention during the cutting period. Take special care to avoid accidental kickbacks. Use anti-kickback featured chainsaw to minimize risk.
  24. Never use the chainsaw to cut over shoulder height.
  25. During cutting, don’t allow the running chain to touch the ground.
  26. Don’t use the chainsaw to cut other than wood and any metal object.
  27. Always be careful about a firm foothold during the cutting operation.
  28. Always use a fast cutting speed to perform the cutting.

How to maintain Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw?

Proper maintenance of tools ensures a longer lifetime of it. Gas-driven chainsaw needs special maintenance to have the best performance and longtime using facility. Here are some general maintenance rules of Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw to get maximum utility from the tool.

  1. The X-Torq engine of Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw reduces emission. To have less emission from it, take special care of its carburetor. Clean it regularly and replace the old one with a new carburetor.
  2. After finishing of every cutting operation, clean all the wood dust and particles from the chainsaw using a soft brush. Dust and debris can impact bad result on the chain brake.
  3. Always check the chain brake working properly.
  4. Check the chainsaw teeth after cutting operation. Replace the broken chain to avoid any accidental issue.
  5. Always keep the chain tight properly. Never over-tight.
  6. Check the chain catcher and replace it if broken or cracked.
  7. Replace the faulty muffler or the engine.
  8. Clean the air filter after every use. Use tap water and a soft brush to clean the filter. Replace the old or damn filter.
  9. Store the chainsaw in a dry and cool place.
  10. Cover the chainsaw with a cover or cloth.
  11. Store it on a flat surface.
  12. Place it on an old carpet or thick cloth.
  13. Make the fuel and oil tank empty before storing it.
  14. Don’t keep the tool besides a power cord, chemical or in wet space.
  15. Keep the tool safe away from children.
  16. For a long time storing the chainsaw, check the tool daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  17. At least check the chainsaw by starting it every one week.

Final Verdict

No products found. is one of the best chainsaws among 16 inches bar and chain size. The small and lightweight tool is not small in performance as its size. The cutting monster has all the best performing features in its body. Proper use of the saw can bring the best action from the tool. Any professional user will prefer the chainsaw for ultimate cutting.

We arranged our topic ‘Husqvarna 240 Review’ with the introduction of the chainsaw and the relevant information to ensure the best use of it. We hope, our effort please you on the tool guide you to purchase it from the relevant source.

We always recommend the proper use of a chainsaw and not to make the tool a game. The risky operation may cause great injury due to a single mistake. Learn and knowledge the using method of the chainsaw to get the desire output from it.

Our focus always remains on the green earth, because only the green can keep human civilization safe from the natural disaster. Never cut trees to have enjoyment, always cut the much need, damn trees. Keep the earth green.

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