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Echo CS 352 Review in 2021

echo cs 352 review

Echo brings it CS 352 chainsaw series for the part-time users and landowners to support them in their daily tough cutting operation. The ideal performer has all the best tools inside to make it one of the best chainsaws in its category. Among all the 16 inches chainsaws, Echo CS 352 takes the leading position with its ultimate power. For cutting firewood, small trees and wood artworks the small powerhouse is the unbeaten performer.

We will introduce you all about the echo chainsaw in through our ‘Echo CS 352 Review’ topic. The topic contains all about inside tools of the saw, its use, maintenance, and safety guideline. Let dive inside the tool to know details about it.

Why we prefer Echo CS 352 Chainsaw?

» Very powerful 34 cc engine.

» Very high speed chain rotation.

» Innovative pre-air cleaning system.

» 20% less fuel consumption.

» 30% effortless starting system.

» Very less vibration.

» Lightweight and easy to handle.

» Anti-kickback feature.

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All About Of Echo CS 352 Chainsaw

echo cs 352 review

Echo CS 352 chainsaw is a combination of many innovative technologies. The combined technologies deliver a very strong output to do tough cutting operations. Let’s disclose its inside tools and technologies its use.

Power Boost Vortex™ Engine

Echo chainsaw uses the Power Boost Vortex™ engine to drive its chain. The special feature of the engine is its fuel management quality. The engine burns its fuel more cleanly and more efficiently. The more fuel efficiency of the 2-stroke engine allows less fuel consumption. Using proper fuel energy and air cooling technology, the engine consumes 20% less fuel and emission. 

The 34 cc 2-stroke professional-grade fuel engine performs outstanding while it comes to action. The 2 Hp power engine delivers very strong high-speed chain rotation for tough cutting. In its action, it can run up to 12500 RPM speed. For cutting action, it can run at 3000 RPM idle speed with strong torque. Cutting firewood, small trees, wood artworks van be done very easily with the chainsaw.

i-30TM Starting System

one of the useful technology of Echo CS 352 Chainsaw is its i-30TM Starting System. The system allows faster starting of the chainsaw with minimum effort. The easy starting system reduces almost 30% less effort to start the machine.

Digital CDI Ignition

The CDI ignition system provides the more efficient speed of the engine using very little fuel. The addition of the system in the chainsaw increases its value to a great extent.

Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™

The technology is only presented in the Echo chainsaw to give it a unique identity in the chainsaw family. The system reduces air filter maintenance costs and time automatically. Using the engine rotation, the system keeps the dust and debris away to reach them to the engine’s air filter. In these ways, the engine lasts longer and gives more run time without cleaning the air filter.

Dual Post Chain Brake System

To ensure more safety during operation, Echo CS 352 chainsaw has a dual post chain brake system. Using the brake system, the rotating chain can be stopped instantly within less than a second thus gives maximum safety to its user.

Automatic Chain Oiler

echo cs 352 review

The chain oiler of the saw lubricates its chain during its rotation. The clutch-driven oiler lubricates the chain properly and helps to run the chain smoothly around the bar. Being lubricated, the chain can use the engine rotation perfectly.

Easy access chain Tension

The side access tool-less chain tensioner allows quick and fast chain tension to keep the proper tightening of the chain. The tesioning can be done within a few seconds minimizes time waste during the cutting operation.

Vibration-reduction system

To deliver more comfort during operation, Echo CS 352 chainsaw has a vibration-reduction system. The system minimizes the vibration to reach the operator’s hands. The less vibration doesn’t make fatigue to the user while running the saw for a long time.

Easy Access Air filter

Cleaning the air filter of the Echo CS 352 chainsaw is a very easy task. By easily opening the top mounting cap the air filter can be released easily. The filter can be cleaned by simple tap water and can be reused for a long time.

The powerful performer ensures maximum safety to its users to be safe during the cutting operation. A few of the safety features of Echo CS 352are here for information:

Front Handguard

The front handguard of the chainsaw protects the left hand of the user from the hit of the broken or derailed chain caused during the operation. The guard is also used to brake the running chain instantly.

Chain Catcher

The chain catcher of CS 352 is made of heavy metal and protects the right hand of the user from the broken or derailed chain.


The bar nose of Echo CS 352 chainsaw designed specially to reduce the accidental kickback. The feature ensures maximum safety to the users.

Inside the Package

Echo CS 352 Chainsaw, Power Head, Instruction manual, Safety Manual, Emission Control Warranty Statement, Warranty Registration Card, Echo Power Blend X™ 2-Stroke Oil Sample, Assembly Tools, Guide bar, Saw chain, Tip Guard Assembly

Product Specification Of Echo CS 352 chainsaw

Product Dimension LxWxH15.6 x 9.1 x 10.7 inches
Product Weight8.8 lbs
Engine TypeAir-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder
Engine displacement34 cc
Engine SpeedIdel-3000 RPM
 Clutch engagement 4300 RPM
 Wide-open Throttle 12500 RPM
StarterAutomatic rewind starter
Starting Systemi30TM
CarburetorButterfly-Valve Diaphragm
Preferred Bar Size14 inch, 16 inch
Bar TypeDouble-Guard 91
Preferred Chain Size14 inch, 16 inch
Saw Chain91PX/91VG
Chain gauge0.325 in.
Fuel Tank Capacity250 ml
Oil Tank Capacity260 ml
Oiling SystemAutomatic (clutch Driven)
ClutchCentrifugal type
Ignition systemDigital CDI Ignition
Sprocket CoverPlastic
Vibration Reduction SystemStandard
Warranty1 Y commercial/5yeras consumer

Key Features of Echo CS 352 chainsaw

  1. 34CC powerful engine to perform tough cutting with heavy chain speed.
  2. Very easy starting i-30TM Starting System reduces the effort to start the engine.
  3. G-Force pre-air cleaning system prevents access of dust and debris to the air filter.
  4. The vibration-reduction system helps the user to operate in full comfort.
  5. 14 and 16 inches bar and chain installation facility.
  6. The clutch-driven chain oiling system ensures proper chain lubrication.
  • » Powerful engine
  • » High-speed chain rotation
  • » Instant chain brake
  • » Multi-size bar and chain
  • » Low vibration
  • » Less fuel consumption
  • » Less operation cost
  • » Chain lubrication
  • » Tool-less chain tension
  • » Not for heavy-duty
  • » Little noisy

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How to Start Echo CS 352 chainsaw?

Starting Echo CS 352 chainsaw is an easy task. The following steps will guide you to start the chainsaw very easily.

  1. Fill the fuel tank with a mixture of oil and gasoline. Maintain the proper ratio of gasoline and oil in the tank. Avoid overfilling.
  2. Fill the oil tank with lubricant. Do not overfill.
  3. Press the front handguard forward to lock the chain brake.
  4. Switch on the ignition button to the ‘Run’ position.
  5. Push the purge valve several times by finger. Keep pressing until the fuel is visible in the purge.
  6. Pull the chock control out.
  7. Keep the tool on a flat surface.
  8. Hold the lower section of the rare handle by the right foot against the ground.
  9. Hold the front handle with the left hand tightly.
  10. Hold the starter throttle with the right hand and pull the starter rope firmly until resistance felt and the first starting sound.
  11. Push the chock control knob all the way in.
  12. Pull the starter rope, again and again, to start the engine now.
  13. Once started, let the engine reach its full rotation.
  14. Push the front handguard to unlock the brake.
  15. The little monster is now ready for action. 

How to Maintenance Echo CS 352 Chainsaw?

To keep the gas-powered chainsaw active for long time operation, proper maintenance procedures should be followed. As Echo CS 352 chainsaw uses different new technologies, a routine check-up should be followed to get the best performance from its every use. We gather here a routine check-up list for Echo cs 352 chainsaw to do on regular basis:

Overall following maintenance guide

  1. While the operation ends, make both the fuel and oil tank empty to store the tool.
  2. Store the fuel and oil in the recommended grid container.
  3. Never use the fuel mixture again over 1 moth old to run the tool.
  4. After every use, clean the dust and debris on the body of the chainsaw. Use a soft brush to do the cleaning. Carefully clean the dust inside the chain catcher and chain brake handle.
  5. Check the air filter after every operation and clean the filter according to the cleaning procedure.
  6. Check all the parts of the tool after the operation.
  7. Do the repair of any of the parts if needed.
  8. Never try to repair the parts without having proper knowledge and experience.
  9. Always take the chainsaw to the expert to repair the tool.
  10. Always replace the malfunctioning part with the recommended part.
  11. Store the chainsaw in a dry and cool place. Keep it on a flat surface.
  12. Use old carpet or thick cloth under it.
  13. Use a dust cover or cloth over the chainsaw.

Daily check-up

  1. Check the oil system and leakage.
  2. Check the air filter.
  3. Check the overall fuel system.
  4. Check the guide bar and sprocket nose.
  5. Check the cooling system.
  6. Check the starter rope.
  7. Check the sharpness of the chain and do the proper sharpening.

Monthly check-up

  1. Check the oil filter.
  2. Check the fuel filter.
  3. Check the fuel cap gasket.
  4. Check the spark plug.
  5. Check the muffler spark arrestor.
  6. Start the engine and run the chain to check its condition.

Best chainsaw | Gas-chainsaw or battery-chainsaw or corded chainsaw

The answer will not be an in a single word. It will confuse you to choose the best chainsaw as  every chainsaw is the best performer according to its job nature and user level. Therefore, the best chainsaw can be defined on the basis of the satisfaction of the user and his desire output the saw performed. Here, we arrange the activities of different category chainsaw which will guide you to choose your the best chainsaw according to the power the saw use.

Chainsaw categoryUser LevelTypes of worksNot ideal for
Gas Powered ChainsawProfessional Users, Landowners, Part-time usersCutting large and small trees Mass volume of cutting Cutting in the deep forest Agricultural works Pruning bushes Cutting firewoodIndoor woodworks Wood artworks  
Battery Powered ChainsawLandowners, Part-time users, Novice usersCutting firewood Wood artworks Pruning bushes Cutting small trees Indoor home useCutting large trees Work in the deep forest Mass volume cutting Heavy-duty cutting  
Corded ChainsawCommercial users, landowners, part-time users, Novice usersCutting small trees near the home Wood artworks Cutting firewood Every kind of indoor woodworks Slicing woodOutdoor works Agricultural works

Final Verdict

The addition of all the innovative technologies made Echo CS 352 chainsaw one of the best chainsaws in the category of ‘best 16 inches chainsaw’ category. The lightweight gas-chainsaw deserves to be the best cutting support to the landowners for every of their cutting purposes. Any user will be its fan once handle it to test its strength.

In our effort ‘Echo CS 352 review’, we tried to gather all about the chainsaw and its uses. We hope the topic will please you enough about the chainsaw and will guide you to purchase it from the relevant source.

In every of our article, we remind about the safety guideline to emphasis more on safe chainsaw operation. No warnings, knowledge can ensure operational safety if the user doesn’t concern about it. The common sense of the user and keen attention during the operation can minimize risks of accidental chainsaw operational injury.

Additionally, we always recommend the proper use of the chainsaw to maximize its utility. Never use the chainsaw as a gaming tool or for fun. Use the saw only to cut damn, burden trees, or unplanned tress. Preserve the green earth for safe living. More green ensures a more safe planet. We hope, our topic ‘Echo CS 352 Review’ will guide you to know all the ins and outs of the chainsaw and will help you to purchase from the relevant sources.

Take care of green, stay safe, enjoy your cutting.

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