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10 Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood

best chainsaw for cutting firewood

Collecting firewood is the oldest human profession, and the invention of saw is the first human invention. From that time to nowadays, people use wood for their cooking, keep them safe from wild animals, and to keep home warm. Cutting firewood is a culture and daily work for the people of the cold area.

One general question rises to the people of the cold area before winter about the collection of their fire. Buying firewood for winter is not cheaper for all people. Buying firewood is not the end; it needs to carry the huge bunches to home, which is also a difficult task load/unload the firewood.

To overcome all these overburdens, people love to cut firewood at their home ground by themselves. Cutting firewood warms you twice, when you cut it and when you burn it.

In modern days people use chainsaws to overcome the more physical effort to cut firewood. Usage of a chainsaw reduces human effort and faster performances. Almost all families keep a chainsaw along with their daily needed family tools. And the return makes the chainsaw an automatic choice for all the family members.

There is a vast collection of chainsaws in the market that differs in size, type, weight, and performance—choosing the best chainsaw for cutting firewood needs detailed discussions and reviews. Our total efforts focus on type/size/weight to make ‘the best chainsaw for cutting firewood’ list.

We compared the selected chainsaws with many others and separated them as the best chainsaw for cutting firewood. To do this, we used five questions and answers that match most to select the best one for the purpose of cutting firewood. Questions and answers are as below:

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Why is it better?
» Weights only 7.8 lbs
» 40V 2.0 Ah battery powered
» Soft gripped balanced handle
» Very strong chain rotation
» No emission, noiseless
» Auto chain tension, auto chain lubrication
» Kickback protection, fast start/stop, quick battery charging

What type of chainsaw does match better for cutting firewood purposes?

We all know three types of chainsaws available depending on the power resources they are using. Gas-powered, corded, and battery-powered chainsaws are the three types. Gas-power produces huge noise, and you will use it at your home ground.

The use of this chainsaw will make you exhausted by the noise as well as your neighbors and family members. Very few gas-powered chainsaws produce less noise. On the other hand, battery-powered and cored chainsaw produces less noise is an added value for them.

How fast the chain of the chainsaw rotates?

One of the most significant issues to reduce human effort and better performance is the chain rotation speed. The chainsaws here run with fast chain rotation and delivers high-speed output.

How comfortable is the chainsaw?

The weight of the chainsaw is a significant issue to categorize the best chainsaw for cutting firewood. Generally, all the family members try to use a chainsaw to support the primary operator for a break. If the chainsaw weighs more, it will not be obliviously easy to handle smoothly for everyone. Lightweight but heavy performing chainsaws are selected here for the desired category.

How easy to operate the chainsaw?

Operating chainsaw is not an easy task, but not all the chainsaws are challenging to manage. We selected the best-operating chainsaws here even for the novice operators. We focused on the easy start/stop, auto brake/stop feature, easy chain tension system, and easy chain sharpening features of the chainsaws.

What are the different added features?

Many chainsaws have few user-friendly features not common in all the chainsaws. Few features make the chainsaw unique to the operators. Added features considered like auto chain sharpening option, fast battery charge time, handle grips, and in-built digital technology.

Let’s have a look at our selected ten best chainsaws for cutting firewood.

Top 5 Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood (Table Comparison)

Product Name Details   Price
Greenworks-12-Inch-40V-Cordless-Chainsaw Greenworks 12-Inch Chainsaw » Auto chain oiling Cordless
» Battery-powered
» Easy start
Check Price
Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw  Oregon CS1500 – 18 Inch » Auto sharpening system
» Strong electric motor
» Less noise
Check Price
Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14″ Chain Saw Makita XCU03PT1 – 14 Inch » Battery-powered
» Quick start
» Automatic chain oiling
Check Price
BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240) BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 -12 Inch » Battery-powered
» Auto chain lubrication
» Fast battery charging
Check Price
Worx-WG322-20V-Cordless-Chainsaw-with-Auto-Tension Worx WG322 – 10 Inch » Battery-powered
» Auto oiling system
» Light weight
Check Price

The 10 Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood Reviews

Without further ado, here is our hand-picked review of some of the best chainsaw for cutting firewood available on the market right now.

1. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless

Due to its eco-friendly feature of battery-powered, Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw is mostly chosen by many of chainsaw users. Both amateur and novice operators will choose this chainsaw for many of its user-friendly features.

This high-performance 40V Lithium-Ion battery-powered chainsaw runs 12 inches chain steel with strong rotation. All kinds of small and mid-size woodcutting jobs can be done by this saw in less time. Once charged fully, the battery can run the chainsaw for over 4 hours, long cutting time. For heavy woodcutting, the battery can deliver up to 1-hour cutting backup.

Only 6 lbs lightweight helps the operator to handle with comfortable front and rear handles. The handles are wrapped with gripped materials, thus ensures more safety to move easily during operation.

Auto chain oiler lubricates the chain and the bar for steady chain rotation and long chain life. A large oil tank stores sufficient oil for enough lubrication and ensures less emission. A transparent oil level helps to monitor the oil level to the operator.

Kickback protection is an added safety feature of the chainsaw. Greenworks 12-Inch produces very low kickback with its smart design reduces the accidental issue.

In-built chain oiling facilitates the chain lubrication during the operation. This feature helps the chain to run smoothly and gives the chain a long life.

Toll less chain tension with the help of single nob rotation at the side of the chainsaw. This feature reduces time to waste during the operation for chain adjustment.

All the relevant features of the chainsaw make this chainsaw one of the best chainsaw for cutting firewood at your home yard or far from your home.

Inside the Package

12 inches chainsaw, 1 chain bar with 12 inches chain, 1 chain bar cover, 1 40V G-Max 2.0 Ah battery, 1 battery charger, and user manual.

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. Cordless Greenworks 12-inches chain is run with a strong 40 V G-Max 2.0 Ah power Lithium-Ion battery. The charge of the battery lasts up to 75 cuts of 4X4 lumber with its single charge.
  2. A battery charger included in the package can charge the battery very quickly. The battery is featured with an onboard life indicator that helps the operator to know about its life during operation.
  3. The chainsaw has 12 inches strong steel chain and bar. Both are removable from the chainsaw for easy store and replacement.
  4. Very comfortable rare handle with slip-free grip cover. The front u-shape gripper handle keeps the chainsaw balanced and handling with much comfort.
  5. Weight of the chainsaw with the inclusion of the battery is only 6.27 lbs, and separately the battery weights only 1.5 lbs.
  6. The chainsaw produces almost no noise, and the operator does not need to hear protection during operation.
  7. Very easy chain tensioning system built-in with the chainsaw. No need to use additional tools to tension the chain. This can be be done by a nob attached in the saw.
  8. Very easy to start with a single start button in the rare handle and quick stop with another button on the upside of the handle.
  9. The chainsaw reduces kickback during operation.
  10. Automatic chain oiler keeps the chain run smoothly and increases durability.
  11. A transparent oil tank helps to know the oil level to the operator easily.
  • » Noiseless
  • » Lightweight
  • » Easy handling
  • » Easy start/stop
  • » Long time battery life
  • » Not ideal for heavy-duty

2. Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500

In the market, users’ first choice is always a portable chainsaw for easy moving here and there. In the case of indoor wood works, no one can beat a corded chainsaw for many of its strong utility.

For cutting firewood, portable gas or battery-powered chainsaws are good choices. If your firewood cutting area is your home yard or nearby your home, Oregon CS1500 18 inches corded electric chainsaw is the best chainsaw for cutting firewood.

Oregon CS1500 chainsaw includes 18” guide bar. It’s 15 amps electric motor provides enough power behind every cut. There is no hassle of charging a battery or refueling gas/oil to use it. Just plug the power with the home power supply and use it. Once plugged, it can be used until power cut or the operator switches it off.

Oregon CS1500 chainsaw is the only corded electric chainsaw in the market with a very special self-sharpening feature. It can sharp the chain by itself. This feature minimizes downtime by 3 seconds or less for sharpening the chain.

All the other features of the traditional chainsaw are present in Oregon CS1500. Using this, operators will have extra pleasure in their wood cutting works.

Inside the Package

CS1500 chainsaw, Oregon bar, and chain oil, 18-inch power sharp replacement saw chain, Oregon 180SDEA041 .050″ gauge 3/8″ low pro pitch 18″ double guard bar, and user manual.

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. Self chain sharpening system which in the only providing by any corded electric saw in the market. Very simple operating built-in technology to sharp the chain in less than 3 seconds, even during the operation.
  2. This chainsaw run with 15 amps motor that generates huge strong chain rotation for heavy-duty works.
  3. Very comfortable and well-balanced handle to carry 12. 6 lbs total weight of the chainsaw. Both the rear and front handle use slip-free materials.
  4. Tool-free chain tensioning feature allows chain tension during operation. This can be easily done it side mounting nob even during operation.
  5. Instant start and stop switch very easy to use.
  6. Produce very low noise and silent between cuts.
  7. This chainsaw produces very low vibration.
  • » Auto sharpening system
  • » Strong electric motor
  • » Easy handling
  • » Tool-free chain tensioning system
  • » Less noise
  • » Low vibration
  • » Not suitable for long-distance usage

3. Makita XCU02Z Chainsaw

Makita XCU02Z

Makita XCU02Z is one of the most powerful battery powered chainsaw in the industry. A heavy-duty cutting operation can be done by this small chainsaw with its many of its special features.

Makita XCU02Z is powered by two 18V LXT® batteries (36V). Both the batteries generate 36 V output power and run time not less than a gas-powered chainsaw. These 18V Lithium-Ion batteries charge in the fastest times in their categories. By this feature, your working time will be higher, and spending lazy time sitting for battery charge will become less. 

Makita XCU02Z uses a very special feature called Star Protection Computer Controls™ Star Protection. This technology improves tool performances of the chainsaw and extended battery life.

Start Protection Controls™ is a digital communication technology which allows the Star Protection-equipped tools and battery to exchange real-time data and simultaneously monitor conditions during its use. The technology protects the chainsaw against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.

The Chain Saw has a 12” guide bar, and the Makita-built motor delivers 1,650 FPM rotation. This speed of the chain increases cutting performance. The chainsaw produces very low noise (only 87 dB(A)) is an added comfort of its usage.

Makita XCU02Z added a “tool-less” chain tension feature by which chain adjustments can be done even during the operation. Along with all the features, the front handguard is engineered to set off chain brake when it meshed during hard cutting.

This battery-powered chainsaw is very easy to operate. Just simply pick up the chainsaw, load the batteries, switch on the power button, and your saw is ready to use.

Inside the Package

1 Guide Bar, 12”, 3/8” LP, .043” (E-00066), 1 Saw Chain, 12”, 3/8″ LP, .043″ (E-02440), Spike Bar (197819-7), Blade Cover, Makita 12″ Oregon Chain Saw Replacement Chain 36V Cordless Models HCU02 HCU02C1 HCU02X2 XCU02 (additional charge applicable).

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. Powered by two 18V LXT® batteries (36V), combined 36V power output can perform the heavy-duty operation.
  2. Moreover, this chainsaw uses Star Protection Computer Controls™ to improve tool performance and extended battery life that protect tools and battery to exchange data in real-time.
  3. Heavy performing motor delivers 12” chain to rotate 1650 rpm chain speed increase cutting performance.
  4. Built-in tool-less chain tensioning system allows operators to tension the chain during operation.
  5. Quickstart and stop facility
  6. Generates very low noise, only 87 dB(A).
  • » Computerized monitoring technology
  • » Quick start/stop
  • » Light weight
  • » Low noise
  • » Very strong chain rotation
  • » Batteries and charge are not included in the package and have to purchased separately.

4. Makita XCU03PT1 Chainsaw

Makita XCU03PT1

Very powerful Makita XCU03PT1series chainsaw in one of the best battery-powered chainsaw in its industry. Many user-friendly features and strong tools combination make this chainsaw a special one.

The chainsaw is built with an outer rotor brushless motor direct-drive system that provides high power efficiency that is almost equivalent to a 32cc gas chain saw! Chain rotation can be controlled by variable triggered 0-3, and high chain speed up to 940 rpm perform the strong cutting.

A special feature of Makita XCU03PT1 chainsaw is its built-in lock-off lever. This feature helps the chainsaw to prevent the chain from accidentally engaging.

The chainsaw facilitates LED on/off switch and auto power-off function. It also shuts the chain rotation off automatically off when the operation is delayed. This feature helps batteries to last a long time.

Inside the Package

1 18V X2 (36V) LXT® Brushless 14″ Chain Saw (XCU03Z), 4 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Battery (BL1850B), 1 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Dual Port Charger (DC18RD), 1 14″ Guide Bar, 3/8” LP, .043” (E-00072), 1 14″ Saw Chain, 3/8″, .043″ (196741-5), 1 14″ Chain Cover (419242-9) and a user manual.

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. Driven with outer rotor brushless motor provides high power efficiency equivalent to a 32cc gas chain saw
  2. Tool-less chain adjustment for smooth operation and maintenance
  3. Can be controlled with variable speed trigger and high chain speed (0-3,940 FPM) for improved cutting performance
  4. Built-in L.E.D. on/off switch with auto power-off function allows automatic shut the saw off when the operation is delayed thus extends battery life
  5. Low noise level and almost zero emissions.
  6. Weighs only 11.5 lbs. with batteries for operators’ comfort.
  7. Adjustable automatic chain oiling.
  8. Large oil tank and as well as oil filling port with visible level view window for checking the oil level.
  9. Rubberized soft grip top handle gives comfort and allows the user to handle easily.
  10. Special built-in Star Protection Computer Controls™ to protect against overloading, over-discharging, and over-heating
  • » Computerized monitoring technology
  • » Quick start/stop
  • » Low noise
  • » No emission
  • » Very strong chain rotation
  • » Automatic chain oiler
  • » Comparatively little heavy

5. Yosooo Gasoline Chainsaw

Yosooo Gasoline Chainsaw

Yosoo 900W/2000W chainsaw is designed very smartly to reduce the vibration level. The vibration of the chainsaw usually makes the operator exhausted and hindered performance smoothly during long operation.

It is driven with a small gasoline engine, the chainsaw available in 900w and 2000w. The chainsaw is light weight and easy to handle.

Very easy operating Yosooo chainsaw generates strong chain rotation to the bar, which very suitable to cut firewood round the day long. Handle of the chainsaw specially designed to keep well balanced through the handle.

A single pill handle allows the quick chainsaw to start in less effort. Quick shut off allows stopping the chainsaw in the fastest time.

Tool-less chain tensioner allows chain tension very easily during operation and provides wide cutting swath.

Large oil and fuel tanks allow maximum storage of both fuel and oil enough to keep the chainsaw running the day long.

Inside the Package

1 Chainsaw, 1 Blade, 1 Tool kit, 1 Chain, 1 Guide plate, 1 Cover for the guide plate, 1 Scythe, 1 Wrench, 1 Screwdriver, 1 Hexagon wrench, 1 Oil pot, 1 Funnel, and user manual.

  1. Driven with 900w/2000w gas engine delivers strong chain rotation to the bar and perform the quick cutting.
  2. Reduces vibration level helps the operator to keep steady long time.
  3. Single pull easy engine start facility as well as a single press switch for quick shut off.
  4. Tool-less chain tensioner allows easy chain tension even during the operation.
  5. Very easy air cleaning facility and quick air filter replacement option.
  6. Inertia chain brake system.
  • » Strong gas engine
  • » Light weight
  • » Easy pull starts and a quick stop
  • » Well balancing handle
  • » Easy chain tensioning
  • » Much noise
  • » Gas driven engine

6. Ivation Electric Chainsaw 16-Inch 15.0 AMP

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

Ivation Electric Chainsaw 16-Inch 15.0 AMP

For all kinds of cutting purposes at home or at home, ground Ivation Electric Chainsaw is one of the best in the market. Powered by the USA allowed 15-amp power supply, this saw can be run all day long with full performance. Though corded, the output of this chainsaw is not less than a gas-powered one.

Among many of its user-friendly features, kickback protection makes it the special one. Also, the inertia chain brake system is its special in-built facility to stop the running chainsaw at once.

Tool-free assembling is an added comfortable feature to change the bar and blade in an easy manner. 16 inches chain bar is a very standard size for cutting firewood. The bar of the chainsaw can be replaced with the desired size in a very short time.

The automatic oil-lubrication system allows the chain to run smoothly during operation. Visible oil level indicator of the reservoir allows the operator to see oil storage and to refill through easy oil tank opening cap.

The chainsaw weighs only 13.3 lbs is very easy to move. A slip-less comfortable handle keeps the full weight of the chainsaw balanced to operate.

Inside the Package

1 Ivation Electric Chainsaw, 1 16 inches bar, 1 16 inches chain, Oregon S57 AdvanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Cub Cadet, Echo, John Deere, Shindaiwa (additional charge applicable), user manual.

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. Reduces kick-back with in-built kickback protection.
  2. Electric motor of 15 amp generates very strong rotation to the chain.
  3. Light weight only 13.3 gives comfortable handling.
  4. Well balancing gripped handle for smooth operation.
  5. Auto oil lubrication system to keep the chain running smoothly.
  6. Built with a quick start/stop facility with an electric switch in the rare handle.
  7. Visible oil level indicator helps to measure the oil level easily.
  8. Tool-less chain tensioning facility.
  9. Easy and tool-free assembling facility.
  • » Strong chain rotation
  • » Quick start/stop
  • » Auto chain oil lubrication
  • » Easy assembling
  • » Bar replacement accordingly to size
  • » Corded

7. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Chainsaw


The BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 12″ is one of the most powerful batteries powered chainsaw in the market in the most attractive price range. This small chainsaw weighs only 10.4 pounds has a very strong working capability. Few of its features can beat the high price chainsaws in the market.

The LCS 1240 is featured with a 40V 2.0Ah MAX Lithium-ion battery. With these powerful batteries, you can perform light or heavy firewood, cutting jobs very smoothly and comfortably. Over an average 60 pinewood measured 4X4 size cut can be done with this chainsaw with its single battery charge. Also, the battery charge stays 5 times longer.

This chainsaw uses 12 inches of Oregan low kick-back bar and chain. Combination of both results smooth and fast cut performance. Low kick-back protection features major safety for the operators.

Like most other market-leading chainsaws, BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 12″ has a tool-less chain tension system that allows the operator to adjust chain tension in an easy manner. The built-in auto chain lubrication system keeps the chains of the saw performs smoothly.

The quick battery charger can charge a full charge deleted battery just in 4-5 hours. The charger detects the battery charge with its LED indicator.

Inside the Package

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240), 1 replacement Oregon 12 Inches Chainsaw Chain (additional charge applicable), Battery Charger Bar, Chain Scabbard, and user manual.

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. 40V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery is very perfect for containing a long time battery charge.
  2. Quick battery charger with LED charge indicator.
  3. Tool-less chain tension facility with the rotation of in-built nobby the side of the chainsaw. Chain tension can be done even during the operation.
  4. Auto chain and bar lubrication facility keep the chain running smoothly on the bar.
  5. Large oil tank reservoir for the chain. Very easy, moving open/close cap.
  6. ·Slip-free for easy carry and comfortable operation.
  7. Very comfortable weight for easy movement.
  • » Light weight
  • » Easy and comfortable handling
  • » Auto chain lubrication
  • » Tool-less chain tension
  • » Quick battery charger
  • » Long battery life
  • » Suitable for small and heavy performance
  • » Not as strong as the gas-powered chainsaw
  • » Oil talk leaks very often

8. Worx WG322 Chainsaw

Worx WG322

Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws for cutting firewood. Very few battery-powered chainsaw can performs fast cutting. But Worx WG322 is not of that family. This chainsaw can perform very fast, and clean-cut makes it a strong opponent in the best chainsaw for cutting firewood family.

This cordless chainsaw is powered by a 20V strong battery. The power generates 12.5FT/S chain rotation for fast and clean easy cut.

The tool-free auto chain tension system is an attractive built-in feature of the chainsaw. This feature ensures the operator for correct chain tension during the operation in an easy way.

Auto chain lubrication is an added feature of Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw. This system lubricates the chain and its bar as required to keep smooth running.

Gripped front handle and rare comfortable handle helps to move the chainsaw easily. Only 6.2 pounds weight gives plenty of pleasure in cutting firewood whole the day long without stain.

Single battery usage for running the chainsaw creates less weight for the operator. Though runs with a single battery, the chainsaw delivers not less than any others in the market. On the other hand, the battery can be used in other tools also.

Inside the Package

Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw, 1 charger, 1 battery, 1 bar and chain, 1 bar cover, user manual, and safety guideline.

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. Very comfortable weight only 6.19 lbs for easy movement and give extra comfort for the operator to run it for a long time.
  2. Strong 20V battery delivers enough power to run the chainsaw in the fastest speed to fast cutting performance.
  3. Easy start and quick stop button help to run faster the chainsaw as well as stop it instantly while needed.
  4. Comfortable handle helps to operate the chainsaw smoothly.
  5. Auto chain lubrication delivers sufficient oil to the bar and chain to keep steady running during cutting.
  6. In-built tool-less chain tensioner allows adjusting chain tension even when the chainsaw performing the operation. A simple side nob rotation below the front handle allows quick chain adjustment.
  7. Quick electric charger charges the battery in the fastest time.
  • » Very light weight
  • » Very fast chain rotation
  • » Auto oiling system
  • » Tool-less chain tensioner
  • » Quick battery charging
  • » Not for heavy-duty operation

9. Snapper XD SXDCS82 Chainsaw

Snapper XD SXDCS82

Snapper XD SXDCS82 is the very first 82V lithium-ion battery powered cordless chainsaw in the market. This chainsaw can deliver the highest output among the battery-powered cordless chainsaws in the market. Its output delivery is not less than a gas-powered chainsaw.

Having strong power in its body, the chainsaw weighs only 15.54 lbs. This total weight balanced with soft front handle equally gives the operator a pleasure to move smoothly.

Powerful 82V battery runs its brushless motor at top speed. With the power of a single fully charged battery, more than 160 cuts possible with this chainsaw.

18 inches bar with a steel chain helps the operator to perform all kinds of light and heavy-duty operations.

Tool-free onboard tension adjustment is an added value of the strong chainsaw. This is possible by a single rotation of the side nob.

Snapper XD SXDCS82 uses an auto chain lubrication system that keeps the chain performance steady during the operation, thus give long life to the chain.

Very easy start option with the use of a single push button. A quick instant stop feature is also added. This feature helps the operator control the chain rotation as desired.

Inside the Package

Snapper XD SXDCS82 chainsaw, Bar cover, User manual, 82V Battery and Charger have to buy separately.

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. 82V 2.0Ah powerful lithium-Ion battery.
  2. Weights only 15.54 lbs very comfortable for cutting purposes.
  3. Auto chain lubrication facility for long-chain life.
  4. Toll-free chain tensioner with the side nob rotation.
  5. Metal handle with comfortable, ergonomic rubber grip & touchpoints allows the operator to handle the chainsaw very smoothly.
  6. On board battery life indicator helps to know battery charge.
  • » Heavy-duty performance
  • » Auto chain oiler
  • » Tool-less chain tension
  • » Low noise
  • » Less vibration
  • » Battery and the charger have to collect separately
  • » Little high weight

10. OppsDecor XP2300 Chainsaw

OppsDecor XP2300

OppsDecor XP2300 58cc Gas Powered Chainsaw runs with 58 CC 2-stroke engine. Your light and medium-duty wood cutting purpose can be easily served with this strong, powerful chainsaw in handy weight. Though runs with a gas engine, this chainsaw behaves like an electric powered chainsaw with many of its friendly features.

OppsDecor XP2300 produces very low vibration, which is very user-friendly, a feature of a chainsaw. It has an anti-vibration built-in component to reduce vibration. Both the front and rare handles are featured with an anti-vibration system.

58cc 2-stroke generates powerful rotation and delivers strong torque to the chain for efficient performance. The engine consumes a very low amount of fuel, almost 20% less than the conventional gas chainsaws in the market.

The little monster is very easy to start with the spring pull cord by the single pull. A single switch shut off feature allows the chainsaw to stop instantly when the job finished.

Handles of the chainsaw keep the saw balanced. The front handle uses gripped cover for smooth lifting, and rare handle helps for smooth operation. Both the handles are vibration protected.

OppsDecor XP2300 has an air filter system to protect the engine from dust robes produced during operation. Cleaning of the filter is also very easy.

Auto chain lubrication is the added value of the chainsaw. This oiling helps the chain of the saw work long with full action.

Inside the Package

1 Gas Chainsaw, 1 Bar cover, accessories, and a user manual.

Few of the key features are here for your better judgment

  1. 52 cc 2 stroke gasoline engine that produces strong rotation and delivers to the chain maximum 50 m/s accordingly.
  2. Easy start and stop facility. Starts with spring pull handle and stops with a single switch press
  3. Anti-vibration front and rare handle
  4. 20 inches bar and chain for cutting large trees and wood pieces
  5. The chainsaw has a large fuel tank contains 550 ml of gasoline, and the oil tank contains 260 ml oil.
  6. Light weight according to power and size.
  7. Built-in auto chain oiling and keeps the chains steady,
  8. Easy air filtering system protects the gas engine from dust produced during the operation and very easy to clean the filter in a quick manner
  • » Powerful gas engine
  • » Anti-vibration system
  • » Easy handling
  • » Easy start/stop
  • » Auto chain oiling
  • » Easy air filtering
  • » Produce noise
  • » Emission

What are the steps to cut firewood?

The procedure is as below:

  1. Wear proper safety attire
  2. Place the wood piece horizontal on wood and keep the desire cutting side in the air.
  3. Start the chainsaw and wait till full rotation begins.
  4. Mark the cutting point.
  5. Place a foot on the wood piece to keep it tight if necessary.
  6. Place the chainsaw on the cutting mark very smoothly and increase pressure very slowly.
  7. Keep pressuring the chainsaw until the full cut.
  8. Stop the chainsaw just before reaching the bottom of the wood piece.
  9. Push the cut piece to separate.
  10. Don’t let the chain touch ground by any means.
  11. Stop instantly while the cutting finished.

What are the major safety features to operate a chainsaw?

Operating a chainsaw is just like moving a grenade without a pin. So, without proper knowledge and skill, no one should operate a chainsaw. Few major safety features should be followed strictly during chainsaw operation:

  1. Never operate a chainsaw with sick health or stop operating chainsaw while you get tired. This safety rule should be followed without any further ado.
  2. Never operate a chainsaw without a support person beside you. The supporting person will help you much in an accidental case.
  3. Never talk to your support persons during chainsaw operation. A single mislead can cause major harm and injury.
  4. Always practice a demo before the chainsaw operation.
  5. Check all the tools of the chainsaw before start operation.
  6. Wear safety attires before starting operation.


Which Type Of Woods Is Best For Firewood?

What Is The Standard Size Of Firewood?

Which Chainsaw Is The Best For Cutting Firewood?

Some more information at a glance:

  1. Collection of firewood is the very first profession of a human being.
  2. Saw in the very first human invention.
  3. 15% of the total earth energy produced by humans used for cooking food and keeping home warm.
  4. About 2.8 billion people daily use wood or fuel for cooking.
  5. About 4 million people die per year because of accidental cases for burning for different causes!
  6. Good news is a community of many countries working to reduce cutting trees and burning wood, causing massive destruction to the climate.

Final Verdict

Your best chainsaw for cutting firewood is your good friend also. Safety is the first priority of using a chainsaw. Choice the best chainsaw according to your type of job and environment surrounding you. All the suggestions here are based on the natures and features of the chainsaw available in the market. The best for you is the best you are comforted with it. Select your best choice and enjoy your cutting. Never forget the safety guidelines.

None of our speeches, thoughts, or intentions are for deforestation. We always recommend fallen trees, farmed trees for your firewood collection.

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