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Echo CS 310 Review In 2021

echo cs 310 review

Cutting wood with a professional-grade chainsaw makes the hard job more easy and comfortable. Echo CS 310 Chainsaw one of the best chainsaw that delivers powerful cutting performance for landowners and commercial users like professional-grade. The small power horse is very much suitable for any tough and light wood cutting.

In our effort Echo CS 310 Review, we will bring out all about Echo CS 310 chainsaw for your better understanding and judgment about the tool.

Why We Prefer Echo CS 310 Chainsaw?

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» Powerful performing 30.50 CC gas engine

» Very comfortable lightweight

» 14 and 16 inches bar usable

» Acceptable very low vibration

» Very easy less effort starting

» Less maintenance cost

» High chain rotation speed

All About of Echo CS 310 Chainsaw

echo cs 310 review

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Echo CS 310 is a combined tool of many strong features. The little power horse has many new built-in technologies to deliver outstanding performance during cutting trees. Following are a few of them:

30.5 CC Engine

echo cs 310 review

Echo CS 310 is driven by a 30.5CC gasoline engine. The chainsaw uses a professional-grade engine. The 2-srtoke engine is an outstanding performer. The air cooled engine has a reduced emission level that emits 20% less hydrocarbon than other 2-strike engines in the market. ECHO’s Power Boost™ Tornado engine technology reduces emission to a very low level and complies meet EPA and CARB emissions standards.

Power Boost Vortex™

The secrete of the strength of Echo CS 31 chainsaw is its engine’s Power Boost VortexTM technology.The technology helps to burn fuel more cleanly and more efficiently inside the engine. The patented machining techniques make the 2-stroke engine the highest fuel-efficient and performer by reducing friction, heat scattering and increased acceleration.

i-30™ starting system

The i-Start™ technology of the Echo CS 310 chainsaw has very effortless starting technologies for quick start of the engine. These patented systems that available in Echo CS 310 engine make the engine different from other engines in the market. The system reduces 30% effort to start the engine in q0uick and faster way.

Digital CDI Ignition Switch

The ignition switch of the Echo CS 310 chainsaw helps to stop the engine very quickly instantly. The switch digitally connects the power to the ignition system to start and stop the engine.

G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™

Not only in Echo CS 310 but also all Echo gas chainsaws use the G-Force air pre-cleaner system. The system keeps all the dust and debris away to reach them into the air filter. This way, the air filter remains working for a long time without cleaning. Using the pre-air cleaning system, Echo CS 310 reduces maintenance costs at a large extent and gives the engine long life.

Auto clutch-driven oiler

The attachment of an automatic, clutch-driven oiling system helps the chainsaw to reduce fuel consumption and to save operating costs. The oiler perfectly lubricates the chain with the proper amount of oil as per demand according to job nature.

Tool-less Air Filter Cover

Echo CS 310 chainsaw has easy access tool-lee air filter cover. The easy opening cover supports to clean and replace the air filter in a very faster way.

Side access chain tensioner

A very easy chain tensioning system of Echo CS 310 chainsaw allows the users to tension the chain in a very faster way. With the attached wrench of the package, the tension can be done in a few seconds.

Vibration-reduction system

Echo CS 310 chainsaw has a built-in special spring vibration reduction system. The system consumes the vibration of the engine and reduces up to 70%. The reduced vibration in the handles allows the users to perform the operation with more comfort for a long time.

Multi-size bar installation

Echo CS 310 allows installing different size bars. According to the job nature, the users can install 14 and 16 inches bars to the chainsaw.

The powerful Echo CS 310 chainsaw ensures its user more safety with many of its built-in safety features. A few of them are here:

Front Hand Guard

The guard between the front handle and the bar allows to lock and unlock chain brake. The guard also protects the hand of the user from the broken, derailed chain of the saw. It also gives protection from running particles during operation.


Echo CS 310 bar nose has an attached tip guard device which reduces accidental kickback. The device ensures more safety during the cutting operation.

Chain catcher

The chain catcher of Echo CS 310 has a projection designed to keep the user’s right hand from the hit of derailed or broken chain of the saw during cutting.

Rear handguard

The rare handle of Echo CS 31 chainsaw has an extension which gives safety to the right hand of the user from the hit of the derailed chain or broken chain.

Inside the Package

Echo CS 31 Chainsaw, bar, chain, bar cover, Instruction manual, Safety Manual, Emission Control Warranty Statement, Warranty Registration Card, Echo Power Blend XTM 2-Stroke Oil Sample.

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Product Specification Of Echo CS Chainsaw

Product Dimension LxWxH15.6 x 9.1 x 10.7 inches
Product Weight8.8 lbs
Engine TypeAir-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder
Engine displacement30.5.2 cc
Engine SpeedIdel-3200 RPM
StarterAutomatic rewind starter
Starting Systemi30TM
CarburetorButterfly-Valve Diaphragm
Preferred Bar Size14 inch, 16 inch
Bar TypeDouble-Guard 91
Preferred Chain Size14 inch, 16 inch
Saw Chain91PX/91VG
Chain gauge0.325 in.
Fuel Tank Capacity250 ml
Oil Tank Capacity260 ml
Oiling SystemAutomatic (clutch Driven)
ClutchCentrifugal type
Ignition systemDigital
Sprocket CoverPlastic
Vibration Reduction SystemStandard
Warranty1 Y commercial/5yeras consumer

Key Features of Echo CS 310 Chainsaw

  1. 30.5CC gasoline engine delivers powerful cutting performance.
  2. 14 and 16 inches bar and chain size installation facility.
  3. New air cleaning technology allows less air filtering.
  4. Very easy starting i-30™ starting allows faster starting of the engine in less effort.
  5. A very easy and tool-less air cleaning filter allows a faster filter cleaning facility.
  6. Clutch driven oil controller ensures proper and perfect chain lubrication according to job nature.
  7. An easy side access chain tensioning system allows faster chain tension.
  8. New technology vibration reduction system used in the handles to reduce up to 70% vibration.
  • » Powerful engine
  • » Very easy starting system
  • » Less vibration
  • » Low fuel consumption
  • » Less emission
  • » Auto controlled chain oiler
  • » Multi-size bars and chains installation
  • » Little noisy
  • » Not for heavy-duty operation

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Echo VS Stihl

The world’s most popular chainsaw brand Stihl has many of its series in the market. Stihl has taken the benchmark position in the chainsaw market. Many people know Stihl as the only chainsaw brand in the market. In the present world, there are many chainsaw brands take their leads in different categories. Let’s compare the Echo and Stihl chainsaws in different constant to select the best chainsaw among them:


Stihl is one of the oldest chainsaw manufacture company in the world. The company is more than 90 years old. Since its formation in 1926, the company developing its chainsaw series at regular intervals. The all the good tools in the saw made Sthil chainsaw the leading largest selling chainsaw brand since 1971.

Kioritz Corporation and Shindaiwa Corporation in Japan merged in the unique brand name Echo. The company is more than 50 years old and within the period the brand has taken a leading position in many categories.


Stihl chainsaws are only available through its authorized dealers. The company doesn’t sell any chainsaw online which is their unique identity. Many users do not accept the direct selling method of Stihl.

Echo chainsaw sells its products through every possible way. They sell the chainsaw through dealers, online and many other ways.


The oldest chainsaw brand Stihl performs as the eldest performer. The gradual development of the brand with the addition of many technologies made the chainsaw one of the oldest and at the same time the best performer in cutting.

The Echo chainsaw performs very well cutting and has been highly developed now. Many of its series defeated Stihl chainsaws with their ultimate performance. Echo developing its chainsaws adding new technologies with them. In a few professional-grade series Echo is the no. 1 chainsaw in the market now.

Starting Method

Stihl chainsaw uses a pull starting method to start its gas engine. Echo also uses the same starting method but the addition of new technology in the starting process Echo chainsaw takes less effort than Stihl to easily start the engine.

Bar and Chain

Stihl chainsaw series limit their bar and chain size within the range of 10 to 6 inches. Echo chainsaws use 12 to 36 size bars and chains in their different series.

How to start Echo CS 310 chainsaw?

Gas-drive Echo CS 310 chainsaw has a very easy starting technology for faster starting. Following on some simple steps allow the engine to start faster. Following are the steps:

  1. Fill the fuel tank with the required fuel. Use the recommended oil in the tank.
  2. Fill the chain oil tank with the recommended oil.
  3. Do the necessary checking of the parts.
  4. Move the chain brake lever to forward to lock the chain brake. Do the proper chain brake lock carefully.
  5. Move the ignition button to the ‘Run’ position.
  6. Keep the chainsaw on a flat surface.
  7. Push the purge pump 3 to 4 times until the fuel is visible in the pump.
  8. Pull the closed chock control out all the way.
  9. Hold the chainsaw tightly to the surface by keeping the left foot on the rare handle.
  10. Firmly pull the start lever several times until the first starting sound comes.
  11. Let the starter rope go all inside.
  12. Now pull the starter to full length with softly little quicker to start the engine.
  13. Allow the required time to start the engine fully.
  14. Safely pull the chainsaw using both the hands.
  15. Unlock the chain brake to let the chain rotate.
  16. Let the chain rotate in its highest rotation.
  17. Your cutting power horse is now ready for action.

What is the fuel safety of the Echo CS 310 chainsaw?

Fuel safety is a very major concern to operate a gas engine chainsaw. Improper fuel management may cause massive damage to a great extent. Every gas engine users should know proper fuel safety management to be safe from fire and damage. Here are a few fuel safety instructions to manage the fuel in the proper way.

  1. Always keep fuel in the recommended fuel container. Close the container with a tight cap.
  2. Keep the fuel tank in a dry and cool place.
  3. Keep any power source, flammable objects away from the fuel container.
  4. Do not overfill the tank with fuel. Keep some space in the tank.
  5. During filling the fuel tank of the chainsaw, do not overfill the tank.
  6. Wipe any oil outside the tank or on the body of the saw.
  7. Always use the recommended fuel in the chainsaw and do a proper mixture with oil and gasoline in the 2-stroke engine.
  8. Make the fuel tank empty during long time storage of the chainsaw.
  9. Do not use a fuel mixture that is older for more than one month. Make a new mixture and use it for a new fresh start.
  10. Do not do cutting operations near to flammable objects.

Final Verdict

Echo CS 310 chainsaw is one of the proven most powerful chainsaws in the market with the association of new technologies in it. The tool is the best chainsaw in its category. For any kind of household cutting operation, the chainsaw is the best chainsaw for the part-timer and commercial users.

In our Echo CS 310 review, we arrange all the topics detailing the tool and its uses. Proper use of the chainsaw will help you to get unbeaten cutting performance.

We always prefer safety during the cutting operation. We recommend not running the chainsaw without having proper knowledge of chainsaw safety guidelines. It is a warning that running chainsaw is like handling a pin-less grenade.

The chainsaw is not a tool of game, so never cut trees for enjoyment with a chainsaw. Cut only fallen, damn, burden trees. Only green earth can save the planet.

Keep the green and be green. Stay safe enjoy cutting.

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