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Echo CS 490 Review in 2021

echo cs 490 review

To make your woodworks faster and comfortable, the world-famous chainsaw manufacturing brand Echo brings its gas-driven CS 490 series professional-grade chainsaw. The heavy-duty performer is a great support to cut all kinds of wood you want. Cutting large wood pieces, trees, limbs, branches are easy to do with the touch of the chainsaw. In our effort on Echo CS 490 Review, we will disclose all the ins and outs of Echo CS 490 chainsaw for your better judgment.

Why We Prefer Echo CS 490 Chainsaw?

» Very powerful engine.

» Professional-grade cutting.

» Less fuel consumption.

» Anti-kickback safety.

» Low vibration.

» Tool-less chain tension.

» Auto Chain oiler.

» Less emission.

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What are inside Echo CS 490 Chainsaw?

Echo CS-490 chainsaw is a very high-grade cutting performer. The association of the chainsaw in your cutting activities makes all the tough cuttings very easy and comfortable. Powerhouse is also a long time performer to assist your cutting whole the day long. The chainsaw also ensures maximum safety for its operators during its use. Let’s know all about Echo CS 490 details-

50.2cc Professional Grade Engine

The gas-powered Echo CS-490 chainsaw driven with 50.2cc professional-grade gas engine. The engine 3 HP engine has diaphragm type carburettor used in the engine to ensure perfect action of the engine. Recoil starter supports faster starting of the chainsaw in less effort. In-built emission controller inside the engine reduces emission to make it best possible echo-friendly engine. More than 300 hours emission compliance period of the engine is one of the best complied 2-stroke engine for emission.

The cylinder of the engine is chrome plated to ensure the best possible performer. It makes the engine more powerful to perform best possible action.

Force engine air Pre-Cleaner™

echo cs 490 review

The engine of Echo CS 490 chainsaw has innovative G-Force Engine Cleaner™ which keeps the dust and debris away to reach its filter. The maximum dust it eliminates outside the engine to give the engine long performing. Its extend durability of the chainsaw and minimizes maintenance cost.

Choke Control Knob

echo cs 490 review

The choke controller of the chainsaw allows mixing fuel and air to for cool starting of the engine in minimum effort.

Easy Starting Handle

Pull handle allows the starting of the engine very easily. Simple and firm pulling of the starter helps the engine to start instantly.

Ignition Switch

echo cs 490 review

The switch connects and disconnects the power to allow start of the engine and stop the engine instantly.

Auto Chain Oiler

The common feature of a powerful chainsaw is also present in CS 490 to make the perfect running of the chain around the bar. The feature helps for smooth operation for a long time.

What are the safety features of Echo CS 490 Chainsaw?

Tool-less Chain Tension

Easy chain tension facility CS 490 chainsaw helps to tighten the chainsaw very easily. The feature ensures the chainsaw performing a long time cutting.

There are many safety features present in the chainsaw. We brings here a few of them.

Front Hand Guard

The guard between the front handle and the chain allows an accidental touch of slipped hand to the chain. The safeguard also keeps away running hard debris heat the hand. The guard also used to lock the chain brake to stop the chain rotation.

Rare Handle Guard

The guard before the rare handle keeps the hand safe from accidental broken or derailed chain. 

Chain Catcher

The device helps to protect an accidentally broken or derailed chain to reach the operator’s hand.

Low Kickback

The chain and bar are featured with reduced accidental kickback. Anti-kickback device attached on the nose of the bar to ensure safety.

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Product Specification of Echo CS 490 Chainsaw

Product Dimension LxWxH37×10.4×13.2 in.
Product Weight18.7 lbs
Engine TypeAir-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder
Cylinder displacement50.2 cc
Engine SpeedIdel-2600-3600 RPM
StarterRecoil Starter
Preferred Bar Size20 in.
Preferred Chain Size20 In.
Chain gauge0.325 in.
Fuel Tank Capacity490 ml
Oil Tank Capacity280 ml

Inside the Package

Echo CS 490 Chainsaw, 1 Echo 20 inches Guide Bar, 1 Echo 20 inches chain, 1 Kick Guard, 13X19 mm T-wrench, Instruction manual, Safety manual

  • » Auto oiler
  • » Safer to use
  • » Anti-kickback
  • » Superb chain speed
  • » Very powerful engine
  • » Low maintenance cost
  • » Tool-less chain tension
  • » Vibration
  • » Little noisy

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How to Make Echo CS 490 Chainsaw to Run?

The following steps are the procedure to make ready your Echo CS 490 for action-

Install the bar and chain to make Echo CS 490 ready

  1. Install the bolts in the rare handle hole, kick guard, front hole and in the guide bar.
  2. Tighten the bolts with the wrench until snug.
  3. Tight all the bolt to 1/8 additional turn and further check all.
  4. Remove the lead in the spark plug of the engine.
  5. Remove the clutch cover by removing its bolts.
  6. Install the bar to the chainsaw. Do proper tightening the bolts to install it.
  7. Unlock the chain brake and install the chain on the bar in the proper manner.
  8. Check the chin fits over the bar properly and check all around the bar to be confirmed.
  9. Tight the chain over the bar. Use the wrench included in the package to do the tightening. Do proper tension and check the tension again.

Make the fuel ready for Echo CS 490 Chainsaw

» The recommended fuel for Echo CS 490 is 89 mid-grade Octane or gasoline to bring the best output from it. Echo brand power fuel is 93 octane, ethanol-free fuel premixed with Echo Red Armor engine oil at 50:1 ratio.

» The recommended ECHO Power Fuel™ extends engine life in its all air-cooled 2-stroke engine. So use the oil to mix with gasoline in the proper ratio.

» Fill half of the fuel tank with gasoline and add proper quantity of oil in the tank. Close the cap of the tank and shake the tank to mix the oil with gasoline. Fill the rest part of the tank with gasoline and oil and shake again to ensure proper mixture.

» Fill the chain oil tank with the recommended oil.

» Your Echo CS 490 chainsaw engine is ready for action.

How to Start the Echo CS 490 Chainsaw engine

Once the post preparation of Echo CS-490 is done the following are the next to do to start the engine.

  1. Lock the chain brake by moving the brake lever to full forward.
  2. Fill the fuel tank as stated before.
  3. Fill the chain oil tank properly.
  4. Press the ignition switch  On position
  5. Pull the chock control know out.
  6. Place the chainsaw on a flat clean surface.
  7. Use the right foot to hold the tool strongly.
  8. Pull the starter firmly until the firing sound comes.
  9. Push the chock control knob in.
  10. Pull the starter handle again and again. The engine will be started.
  11. Experience the power of Echo CS 490 chainsaw and its ultimate cutting performance.

How to cut with a chainsaw?

The chainsaw is used for cutting trees, branches, limbs, bushes and all the woodworks of mass quantity. Running the powerhouse is not an easy task. Sound knowledge and experience are mandatory to run a risky tool. We present here the proper of cutting by the chainsaw in a few steps.

  1. Make your chainsaw ready installing bolts, bar and chain properly.
  2. Fill the tanks of fuel and oil with the recommended oil in the proper manner.
  3. Start the engine using proper technique.
  4. Lift the chainsaw holding its handles with both the hands.
  5. Let the speed the chain rotation reach to its full.
  6. Place the running chain very slowly on the article you want to cut.
  7. Slowly make a marked spot with the first touch.
  8. Push pressure by the front hand handle. Start the pressure very slowly and smoothly.
  9. Increase the pressure to make a deep cut.
  10. Decrease the pressure when the chain comes near to end of the article.
  11. Stop the chainsaw or bring back the chain when the cut finishes or little edge to finish. Use pressure manually to depart the final finishing.
  12. Stop the chainsaw when the cutting ends. 

Echo VS Husqvarna

World’s two leading chainsaw manufacturers Echo and Husqvarna do all their best to bring the best chainsaws in the market. Both manufacturers use different tools inside their chainsaw to deliver their best. We gather here a few identical difference in the tools they use.

Engine Echo uses 2-stroke air colling engineHusqvarna uses X-Torq engine
Features Echo uses G-Force Air Pre-Cleaner for air filter maintenanceHusquvarna uses Centrifugal  air cleaning system for air filter maintenance
 Echo reduces vibration through its Standard Vibration Reduce SystemUses LowVib® technology to reduce vibration
 Uses Spring-Assist to start the engineUses Smart Start® technology for easy start  
 Uses ethanol-free gasoline as recommended fuelUses 10% mixture of ethanol as recommended fuel
 Uses Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm (without purge pump) CarburetorUses Air Purge Carburetor

Final Verdict

Echo CS 490 chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws in the market with a powerful performance of cutting. The chainsaw can fulfil all the desired needs of the users to make their cutting enjoyable. The high-grade engine of the chainsaw also emits less and is more eco friendly. Any professional-grade will love to have it as their support in tough cutting.

Our effort on Echo CS 490 Review brings out all the ins and outs of the chainsaw and its utility to disclose why you buy the tool. Our experts recommend you the tool without further hesitation.

We always remind you about the proper use of a chainsaw. As the tool is very hard to operate, safety during the operation is a must. Never neglect safety issues when you handle a chainsaw for operation. A single mistake may cause serious injury.

Our warning always reminds you not to cut any tree without highly required. Always cut the fallen, burden and damn tree. Keep the planet green because only green can keep us safe from the natural disaster like storm, sun and flood. Keep green and be green,

Stay safe, enjoy your cutting.

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