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Echo CS 400 Review in 2021

echo cs 400 review

Echo brings its Echo CS 400 chainsaw for the landowners and part-time users to give them a flavor of the joy of cutting. The powerful and perfect cutting chainsaw is almost a heavy-duty performer with the combination of all the best tools inside it. Among all the gas-driven chainsaws, Echo CS 400 chainsaw is one of the best in its category.

The small and powerful chainsaw assists to cut trees, branches, limbs, firewood for whole the day long. The easy operating tool supports to its users by delivering comfort with many features to make the cutting enjoyable. We arranged the Echo CS 400 Review to introduce Echo CS-400 to know all about the chainsaw.

Why We Prefer Echo CS 400 Chainsaw?

» Very Powerful engine according to the size.

» Easy handling option.

» Lightweight.

» Different size bar and chain installation option.

» The in-built air cleaning system.

» Less maintenance cost.

» Automatic adjustable chain oiler.

» Easy starting facility.

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What’s Inside Echo CS 400 Chainsaw

Echo CS-400 chainsaw is made with all the best tools inside it. Let’s disclose all the tools in and outside the chainsaw to know more about it:

echo cs 400 review

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40.2 CC Echo Engine

Echo CS-400 chainsaw runs with a 40.2CC gasoline engine to run its chain around the bar. The professional-grade engine runs with outstanding power to perform the tough cutting. The air-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder engine can run in its 12,600 RPM speed. The 2,650 RPM idle rotation speed of the chain is very perfect to do any kind of tough cutting.

i-30™ Starting System

New innovative i-30™ starting system of Echo CS-400 chainsaw allows the users to start the small powerhouse with very little effort. By simply pulling the start throttle, the engine starts very easily. The easy starting system makes the saw very popular to the chainsaw users.

Automotive-style Air Filter

The newly innovative automotive-style air filter filters the air for the engine in the effective way and keeps the chainsaw lasting for long life. In the way, the air filter remains steady and workable during the cutting operation. The system saves money for maintenance of the saw. The air filter is very easy to remove and also very easy to clean.

G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™

echo cs 400 review

The new air cleaning system creates airflow to protect dust and debris reach to its air filter. In the way, a very little amount of dust and debris reach the air filter and easily cleaned air reach the engine. The system keeps the filter working long during operation and minimizes filter maintenance. G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™ is the newly innovated technology used in the Echo CS 400 chainsaw to bring values to it.

Multi-size Bar and Chain Installation

The chainsaw gives facilities to install 16 and 18 inches of bar and chain according to the job nature. By this customizing facility, Echo CS 400 chainsaw delivers more comfort to the user to perform the desired cutting.

Controller Emission

Echo CS-400 Chainsaw comply with reduced emission applicable to the regulations of the emission control authority. The compliance made the chainsaw an eco-friendly tool. The controlled emission helps its users to work a long time with it.

Easy Air Filter Cleaning

The heavy-duty performer has a very easy access air filter cleaning facility. The filter can be cleaner in an easy manner for further usage. The automotive air-style air filter does superior air cleaning for the engine.

Easy Chain Tension

The powerhouse needs to tension its chain again and again during operation. The chain tension of the saw is very to do with the help of attached wrench in a few seconds. The easy tensioning system reduces time wastage for repeatedly doing the tensioning.

Auto Chain Lubricator

echo cs 400 review

The auto chain oiling system of Echo CS-400 chainsaw lubricates the chain automatically to reduce friction during its rotation around the bar. The oiler helps to perform long time smooth cutting and keeps the chain and the bar long-lasting.

There are some safety features of Echo CS 400 chainsaw to deliver maximum safety to its users. The features are also here in details-

Anti-kickback Chain and Bar

The guide bar and the chain of the saw use technology to reduce accidental kickback during operation. As the chainsaw performs heavy-duty cutting, the reduced kickback helps the users to a great extent.

Front Handguard

The front handguard between the chain and the front handle keeps the user’s front hand safe from accidental touch during operation. It also protect the hand from the hit of quick debris and particles of the wood and accidental hit from the derailed chain.

Chain Catcher

The catcher at the beginning of the bar gives protection from the hit of the broken or derailed chain. The catcher holds the broken chain with its steel body and gives protection to the user.

Chainsaw Brake

The front handle guard allows braking the chain rotation instantly. The brake ensures maximum safety from kickback and over-speed of the chain.

Automatic Chain Brake

Echo CS-400 chainsaw has a in-built automatic chain brake to give protection from accidental kickback. The chain brake activates instantly when kickback happens to ensure safety to its user.

Chain Brake/Sprocket Guard

The protective cover for the chain brake, guide bar, chain, clutch, and sprocket when the chain saw is in use.

Rear Handguard

The rare handle has an extension on its lower part to protect the user’s hand from the broken or derailed chainsaw.

Key Features of Echo CS 400 Chainsaw

  1. Powerful 40.2 CC gasoline engine performs tough cutting.
  2. Both the 16 and 18 inches bar and chain can be used according to the job nature.
  3. Very perfect air cleaning system and usable air filter with easy cleaning facility.
  4. Has built-in i-30™ starting system allows faster starting in less effort.
  5. Automatic chain oiler for smooth chain lubrication.
  6. Tool-less chain tension reduces the effort to tension the chain.
  7. Innovative G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™ to reduce air filter maintenance.

Product Specification of Echo CS 310 Chainsaw

Product Dimension LxWxH21 x 12 x 10 inches
Product Weight10.1 lbs
Engine TypeAir-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder
Cylinder displacement40.2.2 cc
Engine SpeedIdel-2650-3600 RPM
StarterAutomatic rewind starter
Starting Systemi30TM
Preferred Bar Size16 inch, 18 inch
Bar TypeDouble-Guard 91
Preferred Chain Size16 inch, 18 inch
Chain gauge0.325 in.
Fuel Tank Capacity410 ml
Oil Tank Capacity280 ml
ClutchCentrifugal type
Ignition systemDigital
  • » Lightweight.
  • » Powerful engine.
  • » Anti-kickback safety.
  • » Easy starting system.
  • » Tool-less chain tension.
  • » Perfect air cleaning system.
  • » Automatic chain oiling system.
  • » Noisy.
  • » Emission.

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why is chainsaw PPE?

Operating a chainsaw for cutting performance is always a risky task. Any mistake during the operation may cause serious injury to the user and the people around him. Sound knowledge of chainsaw operation and experience may reduce risks during the cutting time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a major safety to run chainsaw. According to a recent servery, about 28000 people admits hospital in the USA due to accidental kickback injury. The chainsaw PPE can prevent accidental injuries from any mistake or misuse of running chainsaw, especially from kickback during the operation. Let’s present to you the chainsaw PPEs for safe cutting operation.

Proper clothes

The operator should wear well-fit clothing for cutting. The clothes should be thick and if possible the specially designed jackets and trousers for chainsaw users should be used. Lather jackets also preferable but should be well-fit. The shirt or jacket should be full sleeve and the trouser should full length to feet. The facility to keep needful tools in the trouser is an added benefit.

Eye Protection

To protect the eyes from running dust and particles during operation, eye-protection equipment is a must. Plastic glass eye protecting goggles recommended ANSI Z87.1 certifies protective

Eyewear or Z87 safety eyewear are the best for the operation. If not possible, at least use any glasses during cutting operation but never operate without a glass.

Hand Gloves

Chainsaw hand gloves are available in the market to protect hands during cutting. Leather gloves also preferable. The chainsaw gloves reduce vibration of the chainsaw to reach the hands and give protection from the hit of the running particles and derailed chain of the saw. The gloves should always be gripped to hold the handles tight and smoothly.


Specially designed boots are recommended for cutting operations. Any boot can also be used to protect the feet from any hit but should be sleep-free. As the feet balance the body during cutting, the boot should be gripped well to support the balance. Rubber shoes can be the best alternative to work in snow or wet weather.

» Never wear open-toed shoes.

» Never operate shoelessly.

» Never wear shorts.

» Never wear jewelry, ties, scarves during operation.

Head Safety

The major safety during cutting operation is head safety. The recommended cap must be used during the cutting. The cap should be hard enough to protect any accidental hit to keep the head safe.

There is also a chainsaw helmet now available combining head, eye and ear protection in it.

Ear Protection

The noise produced by the chainsaw exhaust the users during long time operation. Proper ear protection needs to reduce the standard sound level to 95-115 dBA. The reduced level doesn’t exhaust the users to perform long time cutting. Any soft ear protection can be used also to minimize the sound level.

Breathing Protection

To have fresh breath during operation, a face mask is a mast. The musk helps to deliver protection against emission smoke and small dust during the operation.

There are also a few other PPEs like body belt, chest guard help to give maximum protection during the cutting operation.

How to Maintain Chainsaw-case Echo CS 400 chainsaw?

Proper maintenance delivers the best performance of any tool. Here are a few maintenance rules of Echo CS 400 chainsaw-

  1. Always keep the chainsaw in a dry flat surface with using dust cover.
  2. Always use the recommended fuel and oil in the chainsaw.
  3. Always follow the proper starting procedure to start the chainsaw. Never overpressure during starting.
  4. Do proper chainsaw tension using the wrench attached to the chainsaw.
  5. Never cut any metal objects by the chainsaw.

Final Verdict

For any kind of tough cutting Echo CS 400 chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws available in the market. The strength, performance, safety and easy operating chainsaw deliver maximum comfort to its users during operation. All the commercial users must love the chainsaw to make it the cutting assistant. All the features of the tool deliver top-level cutting performance for large volume cutting. We wish, our effort for Echo CS 400 Review will help you to take the decision to buy the chainsaw to a great extent.

We always remind about safety guidelines during the cutting operation. As the chainsaw operation is a risky task, maximum safety protection may keep the users safe from dangers during cutting. Never neglect any safety instruction while doing operating a chainsaw.

Our all-time request to the chainsaw user for not cutting trees for enjoyment or practice. Reducing green means reducing lifetime, keep the earth green to keep it alive. Use the chainsaw to cut only damn, burden trees. Never waste time to destroy green.

Stay safe and green, enjoy your cutting.

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