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Dewalt 20v Chainsaw Review In 2021

dewalt 20V chainsaw review

There is a huge collection of chainsaws in the market nowadays. The market always led by the gas-driven saw due to strength and mobility. Very few battery-powered chainsaws are capturing customers’ mind with different user-friendly features. Our today’s present Dewalt 20V Chainsaw is one of the leading battery chainsaws in the tag of gas vs battery-powered chainsaw in the market

Dewalt, one of the leading tools manufacturer company brings Dewalt 20v Chainsaw to give you complete satisfaction of using the chainsaw. The first look of the chainsaw will take your total focus to have it with you. The beautiful it looks, the efficient it works.

We will try to give you a complete Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Review before purchase it. The review will capture features, usages, user guideline and a little history of Dewalt Inc.

Dewalt 20v Chainsaw Review at a glance

Versatile use of Dewalt 20V Cordless chainsaw added extra value to the tool to make it the leading battery-powered chainsaw in the market. The features of the chainsaw reduce maintenance cost and hassle of smoke, sound, and vibration. All kinds of woodworks like cutting trees, beam, firewood can be done with the chainsaw.

The chainsaw is driven with the strong power of 20V light-weight battery that stores enough charge to perform long time operation. Quick charging of the rechargeable battery minimizes the waste of time for charging.

The lightweight chainsaw is designed to handle very easily. The cutting purposes will be no longer a hard job once you start using it. Though less weight, the saw output of the chainsaw is not less than a gas-driven chainsaw.

Let’s have a tour inside the Dewalt 40V chainsaw to know the features in details:

Low Kick-back

dewalt 20V chainsaw review

Dewalt 20V Chainsaw designed specially to reduce kickback. Kickback is the main cause of accidental injury happens during operation. The the bar size and the total structure help to protect kickback. Using the saw by the novice users is not a risky task with the assistance of Dewalt 20V Chainsaw.

Brushless Motor

dewalt 20V chainsaw review

Dewalt 20V Chainsaw is run with a strong brushless motor. As we know the brushless motor is more powerful than a general electric motor. For being brushless, the motor doesn’t need any repair for long time. The rotation of the chain is almost soundless because of the brushless motor. The motor delivers high-speed chain rotation maximum 25.2ft/sec enough to cut any hardwood in a quick time.

Tool-free Chain tension

Dewalt 20V Chainsaw reduces time to waste to tighten the chain of the saw during operation. The knob at its side helps to do the chain tension job in a few seconds.

Light Weight

The strong chainsaw weighs only 9 lbs. The light weighted chainsaw is very easy to carry and to operate by the novice users.

Auto Chain Oiler

The small chainsaw has an in-built auto chain lubricator. The auto oiler delivers oil properly to the chain and keeps the chain rotation smooth during the operation. The oil tank holds enough oil to lubricate the chain for a long time. Refilling oil is also very easy. The easy opening tank cap allows a quick refill.

A visible window helps to know the oil level to the user.

Lithium-Ion battery

The chainsaw is driven by a 20V 5 Ah lithium-Ion battery. The rechargeable battery can store enough charge to perform a strong operation. Once fully charged the chainsaw can perform up to 90 cuts on 4×4 pressure treated wood.

Grip Handle

The design of the Dewalt 20V Chainsaw is very charming because of the ergonomic design of its handles. Both the front and rare handles are wrapped with slip-free materials. The front handle shape gives maximum comfort to the user during operation and the rare handle supports to force pressure on the saw.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit, 5-Ah Battery

Product Specification of Dewalt 20v Chainsaw

Bar and Chain 12 inches
Chain Gauge 0.043
Chain Pitch            3/8 inches
Battery Dewalt 20V Lithium-Ion 5 Ah battery
Chain Speed 25.2 ft/sec
Weight          9 lbs

Inside The Package

1 Dewalt DCCS620 Chainsaw, 1 20V MAX* 5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, 1 Charger, 1 Hard Bar Cover

  • » Low kick back
  • » Easy handling
  • » Very light weight
  • » Long time battery life
  • » Strong chain rotation
  • » Auto chain lubrication
  • » Tool-free chain tension
  • » Oil level indication window
  • » Not for heavy-duty operation

A little History of Dewalt

Raymond Dewalt, inventor of radial Arm Saw is the founder of Dewalt Inc. The company is a famous name in producing power tools and machinery since its inception. Dewalt is popular for commercial contractors. Utility knives, pliers, adjustable wrench, measurement tapes, saws, and hammers are branded products for contractor tools. “You buy a machine and what you really get is satisfaction, entire satisfaction”- famous speech of Raymond Dewalt emphasizes on the customers’ demand and satisfaction. All the products maintain strong quality to give the ultimate satisfaction to its customers.

The name Dewalt is recognized by 70% American tradesmen. The association of Black & Decker with Dewalt rebadged the “Black & Decker Professional Series” for heavy-duty tools. Now Dewalt has nine industries to produce its Dewalt brand tools and machine. The introduction of FLEXVOLT by Dewalt takes the battery-powered tools to a high standard and life durable.

What are the safety features of Dewalt 20V Chainsaw?

Dewalt 20V Chainsaw is popular with the part-time and novice user due to its lightweight and strong power. The chainsaw also designed with few safety features:

Low Kickback

The size of the bar and the design of the saw reduces kickback that happens during the operation.

Battery Level Indicator

The onboard level indicator on the battery pack determines battery life to the user to measure battery life.

What safety rules should follow during cutting operation

Operating a chainsaw is not an easy task. Whatever the job nature or whatever the user level, everybody should follow safety rules during operation. A single mistake can take the life of the user. Here are some major safety features for better understanding:

Understand the risk factors

Every user should know the risks during the use of a chainsaw. Use your common sense to measure the visible risks and avoid those.

Work Area Safety

Before the operation, clean the work very well. Ensure enough light in the work area. Do not operate a chainsaw beside the explosive materials, gas or dust. Keep children and bystanders away from the work area.

Use Safe Equipment

Never operate a malfunctioning chainsaw. Check all the parts carefully before starting the chainsaw. Give a demon start and check all the parts working properly. Check other related tools very well.

Electrical Safety

Power tool plugs must match with the outlet. Never use modified plugs to run the operation. Avoid body contact with the earthed surface. Never use power tools in rain or heavy wet weather.

Personal Safety

Keep full concentration during chainsaw operation. Use common sense to avoid risk. Never use a chainsaw in sick health.

Battery Tools Use and Care

Recharge battery only with a specific charger. Use a fully charged battery in the chainsaw. Store the battery in dry and cold space and keep any metal object away from it.


Never repair the tools with an amateur person. Do not repair tools by yourself without having enough knowledge. Repair with recommended persons.

Chain Safety

Keep all the parts of the body away from the chain during its rotation. Never let the chain touch ground surface or metal object.

Kickback Protection

Whatever the manufacturer ensures, kickback happens during chainsaw operation. Understand why it happens and take protection to avoid it. Maintain a firm grip with thumb and fingers with both hands to protect kickback. Never cut objects over shoulder height.

What are the rules for battery safety

» Do not charge or use the battery pack in the explosive atmosphere like the presence of gas, flammable liquid or dust.

» Never force the battery pack into the charger.

» Never use the modified battery in the chainsaw.

» Remove all the dust and wipe oil or liquid on the battery before inserting it into the charger and chainsaw.

» Never store the battery in a hot zone. The temperature should be below 1040F.

What are the safety rules for the battery charger

» Use the recommended charger for the specific battery

» Do not expose the charger to rain or snow.

» Pull the plug not the cord to disconnect the charger from the power.

» Never charge the battery in a hot zone. The temperature should below 1040F.

» Keep the charger always dry and never charge in a wet area.

» Avoid extension cord if possible.

» Do not force the battery into the charger. Set the battery softly.


What is the recommended chain size for Dewalt 20V Chainsaw?

How long the chainsaw run with a single battery charge?

What warranty Dewalt provides?

What is the transportation safety should follow?

What type of oil should use in the chainsaw?

Final Verdict

For any kind of light woodworks, Dewalt will give you that pleasure you are looking for in a chainsaw. Its smart and smooth operation will bring a smile in your face with single time use. The lightweight of the chainsaw will not exhaust you during a long time operation.

We wish our effort on Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Review will help you to know better about the product in detail and guide you to take the decision to purchase it. From the beginning to end we always recommend safety chainsaw operation because an unconscious moment can do serious injury. Though the battery-powered chainsaw is very easy to use safety should be applied in any circumstances. We strongly recommend the proper use of a chainsaw. Never cut trees without proper reason. Cut dammed, unused, unplanned and obstacle trees if needed. The green we keep, our life will be safe. Stay green and increase green. We don’t encourage deforestation.

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