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Ryobi 40v Chainsaw Review In 2021

ryobi 40v chainsaw review

Your light-duty cutting purpose is now a task of pleasure with the excellent performance of Ryobi 40V chainsaw. The lightweight battery-powered chainsaw gives you that pleasure you are looking for long in chainsaw operation. The ultimate power of the chainsaw is likely to a gas engine machine for extreme cutting. Your effort for cutting will be almost half with the good support of the mini monster. The smart look of the saw will make you smarter in performance with the power indeed.

Let’s have a quick tour inside the machine to have a complete Ryobi 40V Chainsaw Review instant.

Why we prefer you Ryobi 40V Chainsaw

» It is battery powered

» Its battery is rechargeable and can be used many times

» Its has built-in automatic speed trigger

» It has manual speed control

» It allows minimum effort to chain tension

» It oils chain and bar automatically

» It generates strong output

» It is very lightweight

» It is very easy to handle

» It is available in a cheaper price range

A quick tour inside the Ryobi 40V Chainsaw

As we all know, gas-powered chainsaws are banned in many countries and restricted its use with rules and regulations. Professional training and higher skill level are needed to operate a gas engine chainsaw. For such obstacles, many people are not interested in gas-powered chainsaw. Besides, the chainsaws are costly and need maintenance costs to keep running the saw for a long time. Targeting those customers, Ryobi Limited brings to you the ultimate powerful 40v chainsaw, which will give you that pleasure you found in a gas engine chainsaw.

Among its vast productions, the 40V chainsaw is exclusive due to many user-friendly features. Inclusion of 40V electric power in a chainsaw means that the machine delivers the quick output with powerful strength. The strong engine torque is likely to a gas chainsaw will make harder jobs to a pleasing task. The ultimate power of 40V battery delivers a long time strong power during tough cutting.

Soundless powerful brushless motor runs the chain of the with strong torque maximizes output performance. It runs almost at double speed than any conventional motor. The top speed is enough to cut any hardwood piece in a second. The motor uses a load sensing device that triggers motor speed according to the job nature automatically.

Among the other facilities, side mountain chain tension system reduces time to waste during operation. An auto chain oiler is a built-in system of the chainsaw that keeps the machine always ready for performing its tasks. The overall performance is enough to beat a gas-driven chainsaw with the user-friendly features.

Ryobi RY40511 40V Cordless Brushless Lithium-Ion 14 in. Chainsaw

Product Specification Ryobi 40v Chainsaw

Motor Brushless
Bar & Chain Size 14 inches
Throttle Variable Speed
Product Weight 10.6 lbs
Product Warranty 5 years

Package Includes

40V 14 inches Brushless Chainsaw, 40V Lithium-Ion Battery, 40V Battery Charger, Bar Cover, Combination Wrench, Operation Manual

Key features of Ryobi 40V Chainsaw

The 40V Ryobi is full of many useful features not less than any gas chainsaw. Following are a few of them for your better judgment:

40V Lithium-Ion Battery

ryobi 40v chainsaw review

The lightweight Lithium-Ion battery of the chainsaw can be recharged many times to use. Once fully charged, it delivers fade-free electricity to the motor from beginning to the end of the job. The battery store more power than 4ah for higher output. The convenient onboard display lets the user know the life of the battery at a glance. Having a quick charging option, it doesn’t need to spend time sitting at the battery charged. Another facility of the Ryobi battery is it can be used in other Ryobi products also.

40V Lithium-Ion Battery 2-In-1 Battery charger

ryobi 40v chainsaw review

The easy mounting battery charger is very lightweight to carry and can be set up in home power. The innovative charging technology protects the battery damage and extends battery life. There is an on-board char indicator that helps the user to know the performance of the charger. The 2.1 amp charger has a USB port to charge an additional electric device at a time.

Brushless Motor

Ryobi 40V chainsaw is driven with a strong brushless motor. The motor can generate strong chain rotation with strong torque. Brushless motor doesn’t get dammed likely to the mechanical brushes and commutator motors. Also, its maintenance cost is almost zero.

Load Sensing TechnologyTM

This innovative addition is an attractive feature of the Ryobi 40V chainsaw. The technology controls the motor rotation according to the pressure on the chain of the bar. After reaching its high speed when the chain starts cutting any element, the rotation of the motor adjusts automatically with the help of sensing technology. The more rotation it needs, the more power it delivers to the motor for better and quick performance. The feature makes the chainsaw separate from other saws and adds value to its performance.

Variable Trigger Throttle

Job application differs according to the requirement. The speed of the chainsaws needs to be triggered during the operation. Ryobi 40V facilitates the user to control the chain rotation manually according to the job nature. The variable trigger throttle helps the user to do this during the cutting operation. This feature reduces the waste of power and extends battery life.

Side Access Chain tension

The feature makes the chain tension job very easy. Generally, tensioning the chain not an easy job always. This chainsaw gives freedom to its users by the side access chain tension system by which it takes only a few seconds to tight the chain of the saw.

Soft Grip Handle

The ergonomic design of the handle allows the users to move the chainsaw in desire directions in a very comfortable way. The wrapped grip of the minimizes slip and maximizes comfort with the shape.

Auto Chain Lubrication

The chain of the saw needs to be oiled to get faster and smooth operation. The auto oiler feature lubricates the chain of saw very perfectly and keeps the chain always convenient for operation. the oiler delivers sufficient oil and surrounds perfectly to the chain and bar.

Battery Protection Feature

The battery of Ryobi 40V has been designed with a safety feature that protects its lithium-ion cells for longer battery life. When the chainsaw stops during the operation simply release the trigger to reset the battery and to resume operation. If the chainsaw doesn’t work, the battery needs to be recharged.

  • » Auto oiler
  • » Light weight
  • » Easy handling
  • » Slip-free handle
  • » Battery powered
  • » Auto-sensing trigger
  • » Strong motor torque
  • » Rechargeable battery
  • » Manual speed control
  • » Tool-free chain tension
  • » Strong brushless motor
  • » Not for the heavy-duty job
  • » Battery needs to be charged

How to maintain Ryobi 40V Chainsaw?

Proper maintaining makes the product life last long. In the case of a battery-powered chainsaw, it doesn’t need much effort to maintain. Just follow the following few steps to do so:

» Store the chainsaw on the flat floor and take the battery out.

» Always keep the battery fully charged.

» Clean the body properly and remove hard dust.

» Keep the chain always lubricated.

» Don’t charge anything but the batter by the charger.

» Charge only one battery at a time.

» Keep the battery in a dry space.

» Use dust cover on the chainsaw and bar cover on the chain.

Can battery-powered Ryobi 40V chainsaw work in cold weather?

Not every gas-powered and battery-powered chainsaw can run in cold weather. But Ryobi 40V is different in this case. The Lithium-Ion battery of the chainsaw can be used in cold temperature down to -40F. Just start the operation with the fully charged battery and the battery will be warmed within a minute and will work normally.

What are the safety rules of Ryobi 40V?

  1. Do not place the battery or battery tools near fire or heat. The battery may explode by the higher temperature.
  2. Never crush, drop or damage the battery pack. Dispose of the dammed battery immediately to get out of the risk of explosion.
  3. Do not use a battery-powered chainsaw and also any battery-powered devices in the presence of flame. It may cause personal injury by the explosion of the battery pack.
  4. Never charge the battery in a damp or wet place.
  5. Never store or charge the battery pack in the place where the temperature is less than 500F and higher than 1000F.
  6. Always charge the battery at a normal temperature. Do not charge it in extreme hot or cold places.
  7. Always store the battery at normal temperature and keep it away from a metal connection like pins, screws, papers, clips, coins.
  8. Keep out the battery from the tool when the chainsaw is repairing or replacing any part.
  9. Remove the battery from the tool when the operation ends and store the chainsaw without the battery.
  10. Keep the battery dry, clean and free from water, oil, and grease.
  11. Never use a damn or modified battery in the chainsaw.
  12. Always repair the chainsaw with the expert person only.
  13. After removing the battery from the tools, always cover the battery pack’s terminals with heavy-duty adhesive tape.

Who wins – Gas Vs Battery powered chainsaw?

This war is endless considering the satisfaction of the users. Old chainsaw users will never accept battery-powered chainsaw as they got the flame of the strength of gas-powered chainsaw. Users of the modern world will prefer battery-powered chainsaw as they are used to in many battery-powered devices. The tag will belong according to the point of view.

In a little conclusion, it can be said that for extreme heavy-duty and heavy-duty operations a gas-powered chainsaw is better than a battery-powered chainsaw. But for light works, a battery-powered chainsaw is the best.


Can we use another battery of different volt in Ryobi 40V?

How the auto-sensing works?

What is the warranty of Ryobi 40V chainsaw?

How long the battery works?

What kind of job can be done with the chainsaw?

What should be done if the chainsaw doesn’t run?

Final Verdict

The current world is the joyful time of battery-powered devices. As we emphasize on the green earth, the use of fuel burn machines is reducing. To keep the planet healthy, the future world converts it all daily needed tools to electric powered. Ryobi 40V designed with the idea to give it extra life.

We hope our effort of the Ryobi 40v chainsaw review will help you to judge the product from a different angle before purchase. Your feedback on this will be highly appreciated.

We always recommend safety on using a chainsaw whatever it is gas-driven or battery powered. A single mistake during the use of a chainsaw can cause great harm. Be safe and, enjoy your cutting.

None of our thoughts, comments or wish encourage deforestation. We always prefer unplanned, unused, dammed or much-needed trees to cut. Keep the earth green and enjoy extended green life.

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