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Echo CS 590 Review In 2021

echo cs 590 review

Your professional grade woodcutting level will have added value with the support of Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf. The gas-driven chainsaw is a powerhouse of ultimate power to deliver excellent cutting performance. From lighter to heavy cutting, the powerhouse gives you that pleasure you are looking for long.

The lightweight chainsaw is designed with all kinds of user-friendly features. The strength in the small body is very much to make any hard job to an easy one. The addition of some new innovative technologies takes the Echo CS-590 in a leading position. In our today’s effort on Echo CS 590 Review, we will try to introduce the Timer Wolf with its different features that will help you to take the decision to have it with you.

Why Echo CS 590 Chainsaw is the Best?

» Powerful Engine

» Comfortable Weight

» Easy to handle

» Enough Oil Reservoir

» New Innovative Air Cleaning

» High Chain Rotation

» Low Kickback

» Anti-Vibration System

» Digital Ignition System

» Easy Starting

» Easy Chain Tension Inertia Chain Brake

Key Features of Echo CS 590 Chainsaw

Echo CS-950 Chainsaw is designed to use for both the professional and part-time users. Every user will enjoy their cutting time during operation with the Timber Wolf. All its features are very simple and not likely to different type during its use. Anyone, familiar with using a chainsaw can easily drive it with comfort. The comfort will be different from its first touch.

The chainsaw presents you with many safety features along with new innovative features. Let us present you the general features first for your satisfaction:

echo cs 590 review

Strong Engine Power

Echo CS 590 dives with a gasoline-driven engine. The 59.8 cc engine can produce almost 4hp power and rotates with top 13000 rpm speed enough for heavy-duty performance. The rotation of the chain is enough to cut 10×10 inches size pressured large wood beam like cutting butter. Almost all hard works can be done with its superb performance. The powerful 2-stroke air-cold engine doesn’t need extra care to maintain.

Easy Starter Handle

Like other gas-driven chainsaws, Echo CS 590 starts with simple starter throttle. Pull the handle slowly to start the engine. Repeat the action until starter engages, pull the handle quickly and firmly. Once the engine starts, the handle returns slowly.

G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™

This new innovative technology enriches Echo CS 590 for cleaning the air filter very quickly. The technology pulls dust and debris out of the airbox. The feature reduces maintenance costs due to cleaning.

Less fuel Consumption

Echo CS 590 has built-in automatic, adjustable clutch-driven oiler. The feature helps to reduced oil consumption. The powerhouse consumes remarkably very less fuel against its delivered performance with the adjustable clutch.

Different Sizes Bar Installation Option

The chainsaw is facilitated with the installation of the various bar and chain size. You can use your desired size bar in the chainsaw. By the facility, different types of users can show their expertise with the use of the expected size according to the job nature. It also gives the facility to perform light to heavy-duty operations. Firewood, middle, and lard size trees can be cut easily with the variation.

Easy Access Air Cleaning

Echo CS 590 uses an easy two-piece air filter. A very easy opening cleaning filter with a single knob allows faster cleaning. The filter covers the wide surface and captures dust from in its net. The feature helps to keep the chainsaw steady and always ready to cut.

Auto Chain Oiler

Like many other chainsaws, Echo CS 590 has built-in auto chain oiler. The system oils the chain very perfectly to run it with full pleasure. The chain rotation remains steady by the system.

Chain Tension Adjuster

The Timber Wolf allows easy chain tension. The side mounting tensioner allows very quick chain tension in a faster time.

Visible Oil Tank Level Indicator

The oil tank has a visible level indicator. The window allows users to see the oil level to refill if needed. Noteworthy to mention that enough oil reserve ensures excellent engine performance.

Spark Arrestor Muffler

The arrestor muffler controls the exhaust noise. It also prevents leaving hot, glowing particles of carbon from the muffler. This feature keeps the engine safe and gives long life.

Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf emphasizes user’s safety during operation. The in-built safety features here for your better judgment to have it with you.

Front Hand Guard

The chainsaw has a safety Guard between the front handle and the saw chain. The guard protects the user’s hand from injuries. It also assists in the control of the chain saw during accidental hand slips off the handle. This guard is also used to lock the chain brake and stops the chain rotation.

Rear Hand Guard

The lower part of the rare handle has an extension. The extension protects the hand from the chain in case of accidental breaks or hand degrooves.

Chain Catcher

Powerful chainsaw operation may cause chain break. The chain often derails from the bar during heavy operation. The broken or derailed chain may hit operator’s hand and the hit may cause heavy injury. Echo CS-590 has a protection guard designed to reduce the risk.

Bar Tip guard

Kickback is an accidental cause that may happen during operation. Echo CS 590 reduces kickback with an anti-kickback device attached to the bar nose.

Product Specification of Echo CS 590

Before the review lets see the tools at a glance to query the features in details:

Product Dimension 17.6 in. × 9.6 in. × 11.5 in.
Weight    13.2 lbs (without chain and bar)
Engine type Air cold two stroke single cylinder
Engine Displacement 59.8 CC
Power Transmission Automatic centrifugal clutch
Starting System Standard
Ignition System                                            Digital
Oiling System Automatic (Clutch Driven)
Vibration Reduction System         Standard
Compatible Bar Size 18 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch.
Fuel Tank Capacity 21.9 US.fl.oz
Oil Capacity           10.1 US.fl.oz
Handle Hard Plastic with Soft Grip Cover

Inside the Package

Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw, Chain, Bar, wrench, Bar Cover, Operators Manual, Echo 6450001 Power Blend 1 Gallon Oil Mix (50:1) 6 Pack (additional charge applicable), 3-Pack Oregon 20 Loop Pro Chisel Chain 72LGX (70 Drive Links) Fits Echo CS-590 Timberwolf, CS-600 (additional charge applicable)

  • » Auto Oiler
  • » Easy Starter
  • » Lightweight
  • » Air Filtering
  • » Less Vibration
  • » Easy Handling
  • » Powerful Engine
  • » Strong Chain Torque
  • » Anti-Kickback Feature
  • » Higher Chain Rotation
  • » Low Fuel Consumption
  • » Low Maintenance Cost
  • » Maximum User Safeguards
  • » Emission

Proper Usage of Fuel

Fuel handling is very important to run the engine properly and to extend durability. Please follow the following steps to handle fuel properly.

» Fill the recommended fuel in the tank by half of the required amount.

» Add the proper amount of 2-stroke oil with the fuel.

» Close the fuel tank cap and shake the tank to mix the oil with fuel properly.

» Add remaining fuel and required oil. Remix again by shaking.

Fuel Safety Instruction

» Never use spoiled fuel in the chainsaw. The use of spoil oil is a leading cause of hydrocarbon emission that does great harm to the planet.

» Use automatic fuel shut-off containers for reducing fuel spillage.

» Use the mixture of oil and gasoline within 30 days.

» Store the mixture of the fuel separately.

» Always shake the mixture of the fuel before starting the chainsaw.

Storage Safety

Follow the fuel storage laws according to the local acts-

» Always store the fuel in an airtight container.

» Store the fuel tanks in a well-ventilated room.

» Keep the fuel tank away from explosive materials, hot zone, flame, and electric shock possible area.

Addition Fuel Safety

» Do not store the chainsaw with fuel in its tank. Make the tank empty and keep the fuel in a container.

» Take care of the emission properly.

» Always mix the oil and fuel in the chainsaw tank. Do not mix it separately and always store the unused mixture in a separate container.

Few talks about kickback

Kickback is the most accidental case causes by improper use of a chainsaw. Many branded chainsaws are available in the market with the kickback protection feature. The protection doesn’t reduce kickback sufficiently but supports its users to minimize it.

Understanding the kickback is the first safety to protect it. The other protections to be safe from kickback are as follow:

» Touch the running chain nose to the cutting object very firmly and smoothly.

» Active the inertia activated chain brake before start cutting.

» Always use the chainsaw from up to the down position.

» Never use the chainsaw over shoulder height.

» Always keep full concentration to the cutting area.

» Before the operation, give a demo.

Maintenance of Chainsaw

To keep the chainsaw steady and to increase durability, proper maintenance is very much needed. In the case of a gas-driven chainsaw, regular extra maintenance required periodically, even during storage time.  The following steps guide you to maintain your chainsaw properly.

Carburettor Adjustment

Check the carburettor of the engine. The factory environment and the operation environment differs, and the carburettor also changes its behaviour in different condition. So, adjusting the carburettor in the local environment is prior.

» Clean or replace the air filter before adjusting the carburettor.

» Adjust the bar and chain properly.

» Start the engine and run several times to bring operating temperature.

» Flash choke twice during warm-up to clean air from the fuel system.

» Stop the engine.

» Turn ‘H’ speed needle to counterclockwise to stop.

» Turn “L” speed needle midway between full clockwise (CW) stop and CCW stop.

» Start engine, turn “Idle” speed adjustment screw CW until the saw chain begins to turn, then turn the screw out CCW until the saw chain stops turning. Turn screw out, CCW, an additional ¼ turn.

» Accelerate to full throttle for 2 – 3 seconds to clear any excess fuel in the engine, then return to idle.

» Check idle speed and reset if necessary.

» Set the idle speed at 2800 r/min.

Air Filter Maintenance

» Check the air filter before every use.

» Close the air filter cap tightly before use.

» Brush up the air filter softly to clean. If possible use compressed air to clean it.

» Never use a damn air filter. Replace the old one with a new air filter.

Fuel System Maintenance

» Check the fuel system before every use.

» After refuelling, check emission. Make sure that there is no fuel leakage in the fuel tank.

» In the case of leak of fuel, there may be a danger of fire. If any leak found during operation, stop the chainsaw immediately.

» Check the fuel filter periodically.

» Do not allow any dust in the fuel tank.

» Replace the dirty filter before use.

» If the inside of the fuel tank becomes dirty, clean the container properly.

Oil System maintenance

» Check the oil system regularly.

» Do not allow any dust in the oil tank.

» Check the oil filtering system regularly.

» Replace the dirty oil filter and clean the oil tank if it becomes dirty.

Storage Maintenance

» Before storage of the chainsaw, inspect every part of the saw.

» Clean every part properly and repair tools if necessary.

» Apply a thin coating of oil on the metal part of the chainsaw.

» Remove chain and guide bar.

» Drain fuel tank, pull the starter slowly several times to drain the fuel from the carburettor.

» Store the chainsaw in a dry and dust-free space.

» Use a cover on the chainsaw.


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Final Verdict

We hope our Echo CS 590 Review guides you to take your decision to purchase it after complete satisfaction. We here tried to present you all the ins and outs of the chainsaw for your better understanding. The safety features of the chainsaw are prior to choosing it. Besides, the limitations are also focused on. The ultimate strength of the mini powerhouse will make you happy with its first run.

We always recommend personal safety and safety guides during the use of a gas-driven chainsaw. Always use recommended safety attire before the operation to keep yourself safe from any accidental issue, and accidental issues may cause anytime during the cutting operation. Never neglect safety during the use of a chainsaw, especially gas-powered.

None of our thoughts, comments, wish to encourage deforestation. We always recommend cutting of unused, unplanned, much needed, and obstacle trees. Only green earth can save our life. So keep the earth green and enrich green.

Stay safe, and enjoy your cutting.

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