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Poulan Pro PR4218 Review in 2021

poulan pro pr4218 review

Cutting trees with a chainsaw is not always an easy task. With experience and knowledge of the user, the excellent support of the chainsaw required greatly to perform better in the hard task. In the case of a gas-driven chainsaw, the support of the saw and required user-friendly features should be must to draw the last line in the job from the beginning.

There are very few gas chainsaws in the market that deliver extra comfort in the long cutting task. Poulan Pro 4218 is such a kind that will satisfy you a lot. You need not be expert to do the tough cutting; the chainsaw will make you expert with its different utilities. Your cutting performance is now graded as professional with the handy use of Poulan Pro PR4218 chainsaw.

Our article on Poulan Pro PR4218 Review presents you all the ins and out of Poulan Pro 4218 Chainsaw and will guide you to have it from the source.

Why Poulan Pro PR4218 is the Best?

» It has a very powerful engine

» It delivers powerful rotation

» It gives you maximum safety

» It is more environment-friendly

» It has built-in kickback technology

» It has an anti-vibration system

» It is very comfortable to handle

» It has auto chain lubricator

» It allows tool-free chains tension

Poulan Pro PR4218 at a Glance

Poulan Pro PR4218 is a mid-level performing chainsaw equipped with strong materials to give it strength. Woodcutting job for a long time continuously exhausts the user in quicker time because of the vibration generated by the chainsaw. Poulan Pro PR4218 relief its users from this problem with innovative anti-vibration system.

The chainsaw considers the safety of the user during its operation. Maximizing the safety features Poulan Pro PR4218 took the attraction of the users to use it. It ensures safety to the users by safety technology and physical guards. Not likely to other gas chainsaws in the market, you need not be expert to operate it. Sound knowledge of chainsaw operation is enough to operate it with full comfort.

The powerful engine of the chainsaw ensures strong cutting performance day long time with strong torque. Daylong cutting jobs like cutting firewood for the winter season, cutting trees from forest or cleaning fell trees during the storm are very enjoyable tasks with the assistance of Poulan pro PR4218 chainsaw.

OxyPower Engine

Poulan Pro 4218 gas-driven engine driven with new innovated OxyPower Engine. The engine maintains a reduced emission level. As the new laws restricting the emission level of the handheld power machines, OxyPower relief you from the bar with remarkable lower emission. The engine is going to be the future leader in its category with many other facilities.

Reduce emission by 60%

McCulloch introduced the OxyPower engine with new environment-friendly less emission technology. As we know, 2 stroke engine burns mixed fuel and oil to in the cylinder. The fuel combusts in the cylinder with a mixture of lots of fresh air. The unburned fuel thus emits in the atmosphere a lot. OxyPower engine does the burning in a different way. It delivers the clean air into the cylinder first and then burns the fuel it. Thus the emission reduces up to 60% and ensures less harm to the environment.

Less Fuel Consumption by 20%

Due to less emission and waste of fuel, OxyPower engine reduces fuel consumption to a large extent. This is a great benefit of OxyPower engine to save money. The engine emits less unburned fuel and uses the fuel for maximum output; the consumption becomes lower. There is no need for special fuel for the engine for less fuel consumption; the technology does the task itself. Fuel consumption becomes 20% less with the new attached innovation.

Strong Engine Output

Because of its lower emission and less fuel consumption, OxyPower uses the almost full power of fuel burned. The output power doesn’t have much rpm but has strong torque. It delivers almost actual power generated by the amount of fuel burning. The strong output power is sufficient enough to do any tough job.

Key Features of Poulan Pro PR4218 Chainsaw

All the features of the powerhouse are very user-friendly and make the saw one of the best medium-duty chainsaws. Let us discuss its features to grade the chainsaw by performance. We hope the features will help you to be it with you.

poulan pro pr4218 review

Durachrome Vertical Cylinder Design

Poulan Pro 4218 featured with DuraChrome Vertical Cylinder design, a new innovated technology allows burning less fuel and more fresh air in it. Thus the cylinder generates maximum output according to demand. The chainsaw is, therefore, becomes a powerful machine that performs all day long.

Super Clean Air Filtration System

The gas-powered chainsaw has a built-in super clean air filtration system. The air purifier removes dust and debris from the air superbly to keep the engine performance steady and reduces maintenance cost to a great extent. The filter cleaning system is very easy and a matter of seconds.

Patented Tool-Less Chain Tensioning System

The chainsaw has a toll less chain tightening system. The feature allows minimum time to do a hard job like tensioning the chain.

Pro-Style Chain

Poulan Pro PR4218 uses a professional style chain to perform strong cutting. The special grade round tooth and round grind chain allow the fastest cutting. The chain style helps to rotate well and performs well for trimming and pruning, even in a dirty condition. 

Automatic Chain Oiler

The in-built system lubricates the chain properly and helps the saw to perform steadily. The auto lubricator delivers oil round the chain equally, and friction between the chain and the bar becomes very low with the oiler. The daylong cutting operation remains smooth by the oiler.

Anti Vibration Handle

The most special feature of Poulan Pro PR4218 chainsaw is its anti-vibration system. As we know, gas chainsaw generates heavy vibration when it runs. The vibration exhaust the user during long time operation. Poulan Pro PR 4218 designed especially with anti-vibration technology doesn’t allow its handles to vibrate. The users get comfortable during long operation and don’t exhaust with the help of the system.

Strong Engine Performance

Poulan Pro PR4218 runs with OxyPower engine. The 42 cc gas engine generates a very strong rotation and delivers it to the chain and bar. The output becomes very powerful to heavy cutting.

Along with the features above, the chainsaw has few safety features for maximum user’s safety. Following are the safety feature of Poulan Pro PR 4218:

Easy Start

The easy-start throttle allows a quick start. By pulling the handle firmly, the engine starts quickly. The features reduce effort and help the user in smooth operation.

Inertia Chain Brake

The safety feature prevents accidental kickback occurs during the operation. The auto-activated safety technology stops the chain rotation in an accidental case. This ensures riskfree use of the powerhouse.

Front Hand Guard

The guard helps to keep the user’s front hand safe if slips from the handle accidentally. The slip may happen any time during operation and the guard gives safety in the time.

Depth Gauge Chain

The chain of the saw designed with safeguard low kickback feature. The contoured depth gauge and the guard link deflects kickback force and allows the chain to cut wood smoothly. The chain bar is also designed with small radius tips to reduce kickback.

Product Specification of Poulan Pro PR4218

Product Dimension 34.8 x 13.9 x 11.9 inches
Engine OxyPower
Cylinder Displacement 42 cc
Chain Size 18 inche
Chain Gauge 0.050 mm
Weight 23.1 lbs

Inside the Package

Poulan Pro PR4218 Chainsaw, 1 Case to keep the saw neat and clean, Oregon S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Craftsman (additional charge applicable).

  • » Less Emission
  • »Low Kickback
  • »Auto Chain Oiling
  • »Strong Engine Power
  • »Well Gripped Handle
  • »Anti-vibration system
  • »Comfortable Handling
  • »Low Fuel Consumption
  • »Tool-Free Chain Tensioner
  • » Little Heavier

Operation of Poulan Pro PR2418

Operating Poulan Pro PR4218 chainsaw is very easy and doesn’t need much effort. First, start reading the user manual and follow the steps prior to the safety rules. Starting steps are as follow:

» Fill the fuel tank by half with half-gallon gasoline and add 2.6 oz. of full synthetic 2- Cycle Oil at 50:1 ratio in the tank. Shake the mixture in the tank. Fill the rest of the tank with same ration oil and gasoline and shake again for the proper mixture.

» Fill the bar and chain oil tank with recommended oil.

» Lock the chain brake by the front handguard brake and be sure that the brake done properly.

» Press the air plug bulb slowly for continuous ten times to remove the air from the carburetor.

» Pull out the choke lever fully.

» Use the right foot to hold the rare handle and pull the starter throttle sharply until the engine starts. Do the pulling 5 times if the engine doesn’t start.

» Push the blue choke lever by half of it.

» Push the starter rope again until the engine starts.

» Let the engine warm-up for 30 seconds. Squeeze the throttle trigger to set normal idle.

» Accelerate the full throttle and be sure that the chain is locked by the handguard brake.

» Start the cutting operation with proper safety and guideline.

» Press the switch to stop position after use of the chainsaw.

Safety Instruction During Start of the Chainsaw

» Always use fresh seasonal fuel to run the chainsaw.

» Never let the chain come to any solid or dirty element during operation. It may cause harm to the chain and bar.

» Always check the chain tension before starting the engine. Check it at an interval of 15 minutes during operation and do proper tension.

Safety Instruction during Chainsaw Operation

Safety is the major concern during the chainsaw operation. Whatever the manufacturer ensures machine safety, personal safety is prior. Sound knowledge of chainsaw operation is a must. Remember, a running chainsaw is like a pin-free grenade waiting to blast. Let us discuss the must safety instruction before the operation:

» Use proper attire before the operation.

» Never operate the running chainsaw with a single hand. This may cause serious injury to the user, bystanders. Use both the hands to hold the running chainsaw.

» Operate the chainsaw in a well ventilated and full lighted environment.

» Never start the chainsaw while the bar is in the cut. Keep the bar away from any object before the start.

» Stop the chainsaw just after the cutting ends.

» Never use a malfunctioning chainsaw. Repair properly and install the required parts.

» Gas chainsaw generates vibration more or less. Whatever the manufacturer add anti-vibration, it is not possible to remove vibration fully. Long time use of chainsaw continuously may harm physical health. So the operator should not use a chainsaw for a long time. It is safe to take a break in regular interval.

» Every user should have sound knowledge about kickback and should take proper protection to be safe from the accidental kickback.


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How to clean the air filter perfectly?

Final Verdict

In our Poulan Pro PR4218 Review, we tried to present you all ins and outs of Poulan Pro PR4218, one of the best chainsaw in the market. The chainsaw is featured with all the best technologies and delivers maximum safety to the user. The first use of the saw will bring a smile in your face and will impress you to have it.

We refer you Poulan Pro PR4218 due to the other issue. The OxyPower engine of the chainsaw emits very low hydrocarbon to the atmosphere and do less harm to the earth. The less fuel consumption and less maintenance cost save your money. Enjoy the ultimate and low-cost power of Poulan Pro PR4218.

We always warn you about the operational safety of the chainsaw. Without knowing safety guideline, do not operate a chainsaw. Enjoy your cutting performance.

We strongly recommend planned tree cutting with the chainsaw. None of our thoughts, comments encourage deforestation. Be green and keep the earth green. Only green earth can ensure a safe future for us and for civilization.

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