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Where are Stihl chainsaws made | Preface to Stihl and its chainsaws

You may select the Stihl chainsaws if you like gardening or have small cutting trees or logs projects. Stihl is a German company that makes chainsaws, blowers, and trimmers. However, Andreas Stihl is the person who was the designer and builder of the first Stihl chainsaw in 1926.

Though Stihl is a German company, it has built plants in many countries, and it has become the most significant chainsaw company since 1971. Besides, it entered the brush-cutter market through a Japanese company, and they were the suppliers for several years. After that, they established themselves as a renowned company in the marketplace.

Where are Stihl chainsaws made? We have discussed it shortly in this article. Please go through this article, and we think it will help you get ample knowledge about the trade countries.

A short history of chainsaw

Nowadays, we use chainsaws for cutting and trimming trees. However, the chainsaw was first invented for medical purposes. Two doctors created this gear in 1780 to remove the pelvic bone easily during childbirth. Chainsaw invented and childbirth became easier at that time. The users used a hand crank to provide power to the chainsaw.

Stihl Chainsaw manufacturing countries

Where are Stihl chainsaws made? This section may show you where this chainsaw manufacturing company has built its branches and runs smoothly through those countries. Stihl company makes and assembles chainsaws in different places. Countries having Stihl plants are here,

  • Germany
  • United States of America
  • China
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Switzerland

Stihl’s Virginia Beach manufacturing plant has sold out all its products in the United States of America. Most of them are gas-powered products, and the company imports most parts and components from other countries.

Stihl products made in the United States of America

The plant in Virginia Beach has an extensive campus of about 150 acres, and still, it is growing and expanding. However, it not only finishes products here; it also manufactures various single parts and modules.

Here is some vital information about the Stihl Virginia Beach plant.

  • Firstly, this plant started its journey in 1974.
  • This plant has a lot of buildings, and they cover over 2 million square feet.
  • More than 2300 people are working in this plant now at full speed.
  • This Stihl plant is a lively hirer of some previous army associates.
  • It can provide products to more than 9000 dealers in the USA.
  • Besides, this manufacturing plant exports its products to more than 90 firms worldwide.
  • Last four decades, it has produced well, and its making was over 50 million units.
  • Finally, it has an automated making process that features various robots.

The Stihl plant in the US has received many awards and credits because of its highest quality and advanced level.

Stihl Factory

Generally, a factory is where visitors can find exciting things to observe, and a chainsaw factory is the most exciting factory to visit. The Stihl factory is also a place to visit and work, and however, its production has a highly classy and complex assembly line.

Different parts of a chainsaw are made in different sections and times. The makers make the steel guide bars at the United States plant. Besides, they assemble the engines, form the casings, and install the chain breaks here.

Though they bring some materials, parts, and components from other countries, these chainsaws are truly American-made chainsaws. But, you may get the improved or latest versions of each model with superior features and specifications.

Stihl chainsaw-making places

Generally, people like hobby farmers and tree fellers prefer and trust the Stihl chainsaws manufactured in the United States of America. Before buying this tool, you should know its manufacturing country, and the electric chainsaws are helpful for homework and commercial purposes.

The Americans buy products made in their country to support the national economy. We hope the Virginia Beach complex may continue its growth and production. Besides, Germany, China, Austria, Brazil, and Switzerland also manufacture Stihl chainsaws. But, still, people trust mainly US products.

STIHL manufacture area in Qingdao

Stihl has invested about €17 million to expand its facility in Qingdao, China. They also increased its floor area. The new floor area is 39,000 square meters, whereas the previous area was 22,500 square meters.

Moreover, it provides double production capacity and other facilities now, and the company has created about 200 new job sections. Currently, 711 male and female workers work at the Qingdao plant. However, about 3,000 workers are working at all Stihl plants in China.

The eventual comparison between Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws

When you ask some experts or reviewers about the best chainsaws, you may hear two names mostly. They are Husqvarna and Stihl, and we will discuss them through their pros and cons to compare them.


Andreas Stihl built the first chainsaw powered by gas in 1926 and then the first single-operator chainsaw in 1950. We consider him the father of modern chainsaw, whose Stihl company is one of the most popular chainsaw companies globally.

Stihl has increased its business from 1970 and has built plants in the USA, China, Austria, Brazil, and Switzerland. People find it ideal for household and industrial purposes as its structure and functions are superb. Therefore, we have outlined its pros and cons to compare with the Husqvarna model.


  • The chainsaw of this model has more horsepower than other models per engine size.
  • It is manufactured in Germany, and the quality is superb.
  • People consider it a favorite in industrial fields.
  • Besides, it is a favorite among customers.


  • If you compare it to another model, the chainsaws of this model are more costly.
  • It has a counter-intuitive cut-off switch.


Husqvarna began its journey in 1689 in Husqvarna, Sweden, and produced diversified products like cast iron cookware, sewing machines, and bicycles. This company started making chainsaws in 1959 and then expanded its product range.


  • The chainsaw of this model starts faster than the Stihl model
  • It is cheaper than other models.
  • You can buy it easily online.
  • Finally, it offers a more extended warranty.


  • The chainsaws are heavier than the Stihl model
  • This model has comparably fewer options.


Are STIHL chainsaws also made in China?

Stihl has decided to expand their business in Asia, and therefore, they are producing chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and brush cutters in China. Thus, they controlled the Asian market and made about five million products in Qingdao just one day after its opening.

Currently, 711 people are working at the Qingdao Stihl chainsaw plant. Besides, about 3,000 male and female workers work at all the Stihl plants in China.

Are all STIHL chainsaws manufactured in Germany?

Andreas Stihl was a German engineer who founded the Stihl company in 1926 and set up its headquarters near Stuttgart. In the early days, all Stihl chainsaws were made in Germany. However, they have expanded their company and business and set up plants and factories in countries like the USA, Brazil, and China.

Nowadays, most products are from plants in the USA, and people prefer Stihl chainsaws manufactured in the USA. Besides, they also use products from Germany and China as their products are also good.

Which STIHL chainsaws are prepared in the USA?

Stihl company in the USA manufactures the farm & ranch saws and the homeowner saws. This factory makes most of the models except the MS201. On the other hand, Germany prepares the larger chainsaws like MS441.

Are Husqvarna and STIHL similar companies?

They are not the same firm, and they have factories in the USA, China, and Brazil. However, Husqvarna has its headquarters in Sweden, and Stihl still has its head offices in Germany.

Is Husqvarna superior to STIHL?

Husqvarna and Stihl are the best chainsaw companies globally, and people blindly believe their products. If you compare the chainsaws of these two companies, you may find Husqvarna a little bit better than Stihl in some features.

The safety and anti-vibration features are the best for both of them. Engines of Stihl chainsaws have more power than Husqvarna. However, Husqvarna chainsaws can cut better and more efficiently than the Stihl chainsaws.

Wrapping up with Stihl chainsaws

When a person uses the Stihl chainsaw, his mind wants to know its origin. Where are Stihl chainsaws made? Though Stihl is a German company, it has built its plants in other countries like the US, China, Austria, Switzerland, and Brazil.

Nowadays, most of the Stihl products are made in America. They bring materials, parts, and gears from many countries and assemble them in the plant situated on Virginia beach. They supply to the whole USA and the dealers from different countries. Besides, they produce chainsaws in Germany and China, which are also great.

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