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How to Clean Chainsaw Carburetor?

how to clean chainsaw carburetor

Good health depends on the core parts of the body that is the heart. Like the human body, a carburetor is also like the heart of an engine.

As a human cannot stay healthy without a good healthy heart, the engine also cannot move properly if the carburetor gets unhealthy or dirty.

So, in this article, you will learn how to clean chainsaw carburator.

So what a carburetor is?

A carburetor is one of the critical and essential heavy metal parts of the chainsaw. The function of this part is to precisely meter even a tiny amount of fuel and mix this fuel with the air which enters into the engine.

Upon this mixture of oil with the air, the engine gets enough power to move appropriately.  

If any problem happens in this mixing of air and oil, that is, if the fuel becomes low in the fuel and air ratio, the engine will not function properly.

And if you allow this to happen for a longer time, your chainsaw will lose its engine suddenly.

And if the fuel is mixing more than the exact range, your engine will run on an extreme speed creating so much smoke.

As a result, you will lose unnecessarily a tremendous amount of fuel, and your engine will bogs down or stalls quickly.

Therefore this concern makes me write today on- How to clean chainsaw carburetor.

Stay with us; we will try to deliver a time worthy content for you.

Problems of a dirty carburetor

Like the cholesterol does to the heart, a muddy fuel mixing also blocks the potency of the carburetor. When any carburetor fails to work properly, ultimately, it becomes responsible for damaging the engine.

A clean carburetor, if working correctly, helps the engine to start easily and quickly. Your engine will accelerate except any nibbling or stumbling.

In this situation, your engine will consume the exact fuel and will give a low emission as much as possible.

The problems that may arise due to the dirty carburetor are as follows. Know all of them before you want to know how to clean a chainsaw carburetor.

» A hard starting

» The hesitation of the engine

» Stalling problem during the starting

» Rough idle of the engine

» Flooding

» Idling too fast 

» Higher smoke emission

 » Excessive fuel consumption

» Poor fuel economy

How do you know if your carburetor needs cleaning?

If you cannot get when to clean your carburetor, see below the symptoms. If anyone of them appeared into your engine, you might go for the carburetor cleaning:

1. If it is delayed to start.

2. If it is showing a lengthy running time.

3. If your engine is flooded with fuel.

4. If an excessive amount of smoke is emitted from the engine.

5. If your engine gives an excessive running time.

Tool list which will require cleaning the carburetor:

  » A cross-head screwdriver

  » Flat screwdriver

  » Needle nose pliers

  » Wire brush

  » Wrenches or socket set

  » Carb & choke cleaner

  » Carburetor 

» Carb rebuild kit (Optional)

» Strong cleaning agent

  » Some piece of clothes

How to clean chainsaw carburetor

Remove the carburetor

how to clean chainsaw carburetor

Turn off the fuel valve which is placed on the fuel tank. Placed this fuel line under the carb and displace the hose.

Displace the overflow hose also from the carburetor. Loosen all the screws rounding the carb using the cross-head screwdriver.

Wiggle and twist the carb body to replace it. Once you displace the carburetor, also remove the throttle slide from the cable, which came out from the closing of the top cap of the carb.

Remove the Float bowl and Jets of the carb

Float bowl is the bottom portion of any carburetor, use one screwdriver to loosen the screw which holds the float bowl onto the carb.

Jets are some screws that may not present onto all carburetors. However, the task of these parts is to direct the flow of the fuels towards the air. Remove this part if it is present in your chainsaw.

Remove the outer parts of the carb

It is the last stage of the displacement of all the parts of the carb. Remove the air screw and the idle screw using a flat head screwdriver.

Using a wrench or socket will help you to remove the choke from the carb if it is present into your carburetor.

Clean the air filter

how to clean chainsaw carburetor

A dirty filter cannot pass the air into the ignition chamber, so it needs to be cleaned to remove the clogged residue.

If your filter is constructed from metal materials, clean it using liquid cleaning soap. If your screen is of wood paper, clean it by wiping through a solvent containing clean cloth.

However, you can replace the paper filter easily to improve the performance of your engine.

Rub the dirty inside compounds

If the carburetor contains some sticky or blockage residue into the wind intake area of it’s, they will become visible to you. This residue is of light brown or dark gold.

However, rub this residue using a clean cloth, you can use a metal brush once you after the primary cleaning.

Use a spray cleaner to clean the sticky dirt situated inside of the carb.

Clean the needle valves

A propane deposition may jam the needle valves of the carburetor. Clean this valve using any cleaning agent. Once cleaning is done, dry the needle to ensure there is no cleaning agent present on the valves.

Operate the pull cord

Pass a flow of fuel cleaning agent inside the valve to wash the sticky, stubborn dirt inside from it. A stable fuel cleaning agent will need to break the odd dirt.

However, while you are doing this, pull the cord to remove any remaining dirt inside from the valves.

Use fresh gas

An old diesel or old fuel may cause producing or propane onto the fuel tank, which needs to be totally cleaned. 

First, empty your fuel tank, pass some fresh gas into the tank. So the presence of the new fuel no more will not block the engine. 

Dry all the parts

Though all the portions of the car are constructed of heavy and durable anti rush materials, you need to dry all the parts sharply to avoid any unwanted storage of water or any cleaning agent.

Reassembles all the parts back to their position

Once you have clean and dry all the parts, reassemble the outer parts of the carb and install the whole parts.

Screw in the air screws and the idle screws properly to avoid any flooding or any lean output.

Final verdict

A carburetor is the tricky portion of the engine; it is difficult to rebuild and sometimes impossible to repair or replace.

So our suggestion to clean your carburetor correctly without doing any delay.

It will not only give you a smooth function, but it also ensures your engine life extends in a long way.

That’s all about- How to clean chainsaw carburetor. 

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