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How to Use a Portable Band Saw?

How To Use A Portable Band Saw

Do you need to work on wood, metal or lumbering? Are you wondering which machine is better suited for dealing with the above three? Well, you do not have to worry. A bandsaw is here for you. This machine is also referred to as a power saw in some other places.

It manufactured in many types. They are designed to handle different functions such as meat cutting, metal cutting, wood cutting and more. There are those which have to be affixed before use, while others are just portable.

This article is going to highlight how to use a portable bandsaw. Follow through for more information. The information provided is up to date and accurate.

What is a portable bandsaw?

This is a type of power saw commonly used while being carried around. It is commonly used in places where fabrication is mostly done. Similarly, in machine shops, it is used for bar stock. In terms of availability, it can be found in both horizontal and vertical styles.

This is to provide the user with a varied range of uses. The term portable means that it can be moved from one place to another for use. It also means that it does not need to be fixed to a surface when in use.

What is the procedure of using a portable bandsaw? How to use a portable band saw?

There are few steps to be adhered to in order to use the portable power saw effectively. They are:

Study and understand bandsaw settings

Since they come with many settings, you will need to get to understand first before pulling the trigger. This is the first step when you want to operate on any machinery.

Read through the machine manual for proper directives. Every machine has a unique character that you need to grasp first as a precautionary measure. This can be obtained through the manual.

Put on protective gear

For your own safety, you will need to put on some protective gear such as an apron, hand glove, and eyeglasses. These are small precautionary procedures that many people ignore and end up hurting themselves. Learn to protect yourself as you are dealing with sharp blades.

Identify and mark the material to cut

If for example, you are going to cut a block of wood, make a mark on where the blades should be put through. It is not just advisable that you cut anyhow, as you may end up with what you do not desire to have. That would result in wastage of both material and human labor.

Fix and or support the material which you are going to cut

In most cases, the material that you are cutting is loose, which is not attached to any other material. The blades of the bandsaw have some power to throw it off balance.

To prevent this, you can use the vise to hold it to place. If you do not have a vise, a friend can help you hold it. The cuttings may fall off to the feet of the cutter and may cause some injuries.

Switch on the bandsaw

Pull the trigger and it will buzz on. Place the blades of the saw in a parallel position to the marked drawing on the piece of material to cut. Do not use excessive force or too much pressure. This may force the bandsaw blade to break or even come out.

Enough force will enable it to cut through the material as desired. The teeth of the saw have been designed to handle some certain amount of work; hence excessive pressure may cause a lot of damages.

Maintain a close eye on the blade

All through the cutting, ensure that you keep a close eye on the blade. This is to prevent it from diverting from the course of action. It also helps to ensure that in case of damages, errors are corrected first and on time.

When you are about to end the cutting, slow down the blades. Avoid as much as possible cutting the ground with the blades. The ground can destroy it even faster than the metal.

Put off the machine

When you are done the cutting, release the trigger so that the blades stop. If you leave the blades running, it may cause some harm to anyone in the nearby environment. The person may be unaware of the sharp rotating blades.

It also conserves energy and puts the machine to rest as it awaits the next assignment. Coil the blades and put it back to safe storage when all the work has been done. Do not take off your protective gear until you have successfully put back the bandsaws.


A portable bandsaw functions in similarity with all the other types of power saws. The major difference is that it does not need to be fixed to a surface for it to be used. The can be used to cut things ranging from wood, metal and even trees.

In dealing with machinery, it is important to read the manual first. It is also best to familiarize yourself with the procedures of operating given machinery. Safety first!

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