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How Does a Bandsaw Work | Step By Step Guide For Beginners

How Does a Bandsaw Work

Machines make work easier. Ordinarily, it would be difficult to do almost all our by just using our bare hands. Over the years, engineers and other developers have come up with machines that ease and simplify our work.

Luckily, there is a consistency in the development and improvement of these machines. This is necessitated by the ever-increasing complex working environment.

Among the machines developed and in use till this day is the bandsaw, also written as the band saw. It has sharp blades used in all the cuttings. It can be used to cut both the wood and metal.

This article is going to provide you with comprehensive information on how this machine works. Read through it and find out more.

What is a bandsaw?

This is a power saw, made of a long and very sharp blade. It has metal with teeth. This part is a continuous band. It is stretched between two or more wheels. This is to enable it to cut any material with precision.

What the common uses of a bandsaw?

The principal work of this machine is to cut material. It can be used in:

  1. Woodwork cutting.
  2. Metalwork cutting.
  3. It is also useful in lumbering work.
  4. It can also be used to cut any other material as may be desired.
How Does a Bandsaw Work

How does bandsaw work?

The process is quite simple. Blades are kept in constant motion with only a small portion of it being exposed. This is the exact point where the cutting takes place. To cut, the blade is pushed up and exposed through a flat surface on the table. Intended work is now pushed to the blades where the cutting is done. It creates cuts at this point.

To power the bandsaw, a powerful motor is used to supply energy. Some of them come with predetermined settings that allow adjustments to the blades exposed. You can choose to expose a larger part of the blade as well as a small part as well. The smaller the blades, the finer and intricate the cuts will be.

Bandsaws are used to cut almost anything, with the common ones being wood and metal. They are designed to form an evenly distributed tooth load. This provides it with the ability to cut curved or irregular shapes. The bandsaws come in a variety of types and sizes but function in a similar manner.

What are the types of bandsaws?

Bandsaws come in different shapes and sizes. Their classification, however, is based on the work it does and how it works. These are the types:

1. Directional bandsaw

This one cuts either horizontal or vertical. When there is a vertical movement, the cutting position is vertical. It is driven by an electric motor. The power is transmitted through a belt. This belt regulates the movement and speed of the blade up and down. The blade is designed to rotate on a fixed track. Work is then moved against the blade which then ends up being cut.

The horizontal bandsaw, on the other hand, is mounted on the floor. It is used to cut materials such as irregular pieces and solid steel. Electric motor powers it, which can then adjust the speed of the blades. These adjustments in speed are done as and when the need arises during the operation.

2. Material bandsaw

This is classified according to the material that it is used to cut. There are two types of materials that can be cut by this bandsaw. They are either the wood and or the metal.

Bandsaws are meant to cut anything, but they are mostly kept aside for cutting of the two materials above mentioned above. The major difference between the metal and the wood bandsaw is the actual blades being used. Many types of blades are used for cutting.

3. Meat bandsaw

Majorly, this is just designed to be used to cut meat. Meat needs to be trimmed from the large sizes to small, manageable sizes. It cannot be used to cut wood, metal or any other material. This is because of the necessity to maintain hygiene levels.

4. Portable bandsaw

As the name suggests, a portable band saw is not fixed to any surface. They have smaller blades and works on slightly lighter jobs. They are commonly used to trim off excessive pieces at the site of work. It offers some small adjustments to the blades as compared to the fixed bandsaws.

5. The floor-standing band saw

They are majorly used by professionals and those mostly in commercial businesses. It is very powerful and is used to cut bigger items. Generally, they have stronger blades due to the nature of the work that it performs.

In term s of cost, they are the most expensive too. These types of bandsaws are quite large in size and can perform functions that no other band saw can do.


There are many types of bandsaws. Normally, their main function is to cut and or trim anything and everything. These machines come in different sizes and shapes to handle different kinds of jobs. Blades are driven by electric motors, and they are very powerful.

While most are designed to cut either wood or metal, others are job-specific. Meat bandsaw is a good example. Care must be taken when using bandsaw as they can cause big harm.

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