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How To Coil a Bandsaw Blade?

How To Coil A Bandsaw Blade

It is quite challenging to put the coil back into its original coil that it came in when new. A good amount of practice needs to be done in order to master the art of coiling.

However, from the people who have mastered the art, they do not find the process as complicated as we think. Anyone can do it with some little practice.

So what do you need to do in order to achieve this? How safe is it to coil the blade? Are there precautionary procedures to be observed? Follow through this article for more insightful information on the same.

Why coil the bandsaw blade?

There are a few reasons that explain the need for coiling the bandsaw blades. The common ones are:

  1. For storage purposes. Do not leave blades uncoiled while in storage. It may harm, get rust and even snap when put in use.
  2. Safety and security.
  3. For safe disposal when being taken for recycling. You cannot just throw it while uncoiled into the recycling bin.
  4. Packaging and transportation amongst a few other reasons.

How safe is it to do the coiling?

This process needs one to exercise a lot of care. You are always advised to:

  • Put on strong hand gloves when handling the blades.
  • Wear some eyeglasses. It poses a great health danger should it cut through the eye. Indeed you risk losing the eyesight.
  • To do the coiling away from other people. Always ensure that everyone is in a safe distance when coiling. The bandsaw blades have a tendency of shooting off the hand when not tightly and correctly handled. This may cause harm to anyone nearby, or even to you.
  • Do everything as correctly as possible. Where possible, avoid doing little mistakes when coiling as it may backfire on you later.
How To Coil A Bandsaw Blade

What is the procedure of coiling a bandsaw blade?

First things first. Wear the hand gloves and eyeglasses. This is purely for safety purposes.

  • Hold up the blades with its teeth pointing towards you. Be sure not to prick nor cut yourself. You can as well have the teeth facing away from you, so long as you have mastered the art of perfectly coiling it.
  • Push the blade downwards while twisting it until it bends under. If you do not twist, it will fall down flat. Twisting it will provide it with the chance to coil while forming the loops. It is these loops that you will ultimately bring together when the work is done.
  • Continue twisting and turning while bringing your hands together until it crosses each other.
  • At this point, you will notice that the blade has formed three loops. You are then to lift up the down loop to join it with the other loops. Attach all the loops to form one coil. Do not let it off your hand until the time when you have successfully fastened it. Alternatively, put it in its storage box and fasten it securely.
  • You are done with the coiling. If left at this stage, it will forcefully uncoil itself. It may even cause harm to any bystander. So secure it using a binding wire, or even a strong rope. Keep it in a safe place for as long as it is not in use.
How To Coil A Bandsaw Blade

What is the procedure of uncoiling the bandsaw blade?

Whenever you want to use it, it has to be first uncoiled.

  • You must first put on your protective clothing as the precautionary measure. These include both the hand gloves and eyeglasses.
  • Secondly, gently loosen the wire or the rope that you had used to securely fasten the coil.
  • Unwind the blades in the opposite direction that you had used to coil it. Do not let it unwind in a dangerous manner. You have got to hold it firmly until it is fully open.
  • When it is fully uncoiled, confirm its suitability for use before attaching it to the band saw. A thorough inspection should be carried out. If it is slightly damaged, do not use it, unless necessary repairs are carried out, otherwise, you may need a new bandsaw blade.


Coiling the bandsaw blade is a necessary thing to do. Indeed when not in use, it has to be kept coiled all the time. The main reason is that of safety and even storage.

Do not attempt to do the coiling without having the gloves on as well as the eyeglasses. Ensure that you are not close to anyone when doing the coiling. The environment must and should be safe and free.

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