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How to Measure Band Saw Tires | Few Easy Steps

How To Measure Band Saw Tires

A band saw runs on two wheels when operating. Each of these wheels has a tire that protects the saw blade from damages. The ties also help the blade to track correctly and to run smoothly.

As you continue using the band saw, the wheels will wear out, and hence you will need to replace it. To do the replacement correctly, you will need to understand how to do the measurement.

Correct measurement helps you to fit the right tire size to a specific machine. In this article, I am going to mention all that to know when you want to measure the band saw tire. Please read on for more information.

The Procedure: How to measure band saw tires?

A small mistake when measuring the tires can be a source of misery. However, you can avoid all those problems when you follow the following procedure:

Measure the diameter of the wheel.

The distance from the center to the far end of the wheel is the diameter. Use the inches as a unit of measurements of the distance. Take several measurements to be sure of the exact length of the diameter. Multiply the results by two to get the circumference of the wheel.

Adjust the result.

From the resultant figure, less 2 inches, and you will get the correct measurement. The measurement from the center to the end of the tire has some room for an adjustment that you must subtract to get the actual figure.

You must first get to know how to remove and install the tire from the wheel. If not, then the entire process will not be meaningful, and you will have to seek assistance when doing the work.

When you are familiar with the process, you can do the work at home. However, you might need to take it to a garage.

What is a band saw tire?

A band saw tire is a product of rubber urethane and other components. It mounts on the edge of the perimeter of the wheels of the band saw. It has metallic wheels that require cushioning so that it does not bend when in use.

Apart from cushioning, the tire also provides a grip to the wheels when you are driving it. The other function is that it guides the blade whenever the band saw is in use. It has several uses, and it is an integral part of the machine.

How is a band saw measured?

If you want to determine the size of a band saw, then you will measure the distance from the blade to the throat.

To get the width of the blade, you will measure from the tip of the teeth to the back edge of the saw blade. The blades of the band saw are not of the same size, and hence the procedure of determining might be slightly different. You will require to count the number of teeth per inch (TPI), and this will determine the proper feed rate.

How do you measure if a tire will fit?

There are various steps to follow to identify if the tire will fit or not. The steps are:

Measure the rims. Use a tape measure to determine the overall width and offset size. You will require to determine the total diameter of the wheel. To get the size of the ream, you will measure between flanges – this is the part which the head of the 1tire touches.

Get the correct type of tires. Not all tires fit or even work well for the band saw. Check the tire’s code to know if the tire is appropriate for your machine or not.

Confirm the inter-hole diameter of the tires. Make sure that it conforms with that of the wheel’s diameter. The diameter of the tire should be slightly lower than that of the rim, for example, place a 12-inch diameter tire on a 13-inch diameter rim.

Test fit the tire. If you had taken the correct measurements, then it will not have any problem fitting. It is rare not to have it fit unless the measurements and the procedure were wrong in the first place.

How do you change a band saw tire?

There are a few steps to follow when replacing or changing the band saw tire. These are:

  • First, you will need to remove the old tire from the rim in readiness for installing a new one. You will, then, proceed to replace/change it.
  • Use a blunt object to pull the tire over the edge of the rim. Pull it over to one side and from a single point.
  • Once you have done so, you will need to clamp it so that it does not recoil. For this, you will use the C-clamp and a piece of wood.
  • Pull out the blunt metal from below the tire and move it to the next point where you will need to pull it out again. Be gentle when removing the blunt object as it may cause the tire to recoil back.
  • Repeat the clamping process over several points until when you are sure that the tire will not recoil.
  • Pull the remainder of the rubber to fit the rim. At that point, you will insert a pipe to create a division between the rubber and the metal rim.
  • Take a small piece of wood and apply some little glue. Spread it over the tire and the wheel surface.
  • Apply a second layer of glue to the tire and the wheel. When you finish, you will leave it to dry for twenty-four hours or even more. It shall depend on the amount of glue that you apply to the two-component.

Inspect the tire to find out if the process was successful. If you notice any problem, then you will need to redo the process and let it fit correctly.

How much bigger can I go with tires?

You can look at this in terms of both the height and the width. It is always advisable not to exceed 20mm wider than the original rim.

The tire should not be too high as it will make the band saw to be unstable. The tire has an expansion capacity of up to 5mm for every half inch the rim width increases.

Do not forget this principle, especially when replacing the tire, or when installing a new one. If you fail to do so, the band saw might not work well, especially in terms of stability.

Is it possible to crown a band saw tire?

Yes, it is possible to crown a band saw tire. You will need to exercise a lot of caution when doing so since there will be a very minimal room for error.

In some cases, errors will not work well with the process. It is because the tire could be so thin, and hence the errors should be minimal, if any, at all.

If the rubber is thick, then the process will be a little bit easier, and you can even rectify the errors with a lot of ease.

Why does the blade keep on coming out?

When this happens, then it means that the blade grips are over, or it could be loose. You will need to either adjust the tensioning or even replace the blade altogether.

Can you remove a band saw wheel?

Yes, it is possible to remove the band saw wheel. You can do it as many times as you wish, though it is not advisable to do so unless when doing repairs or when installing a new tire.

Can you clean a band saw tire?

Yes, it is always advisable to clean the tire. It will help maintain your machine in good condition all the time.


Measuring the band saw tires is an easy thing to do. You will need a tape measure, and the process can begin. Always measure the diameter – that is from the middle to the edge and less two inches from the resultant figure. Subtracting the final figure by two inches helps to ensure that you get the most accurate results.

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