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7 Best Bandsaw Blades Reviews [2021] & A Buying Guide

Best Bandsaw Blades Reviews

If your work involves cutting irregular shapes out of metal or wood, then you must have interacted a lot with a bandsaw. Usually, doing such kind of work requires a lot of expertise and commitment. The quality of the outcome greatly depends on the type of bandsaw blades that you are using.

In this guide, I am going to present to you the results of the extensive research that I did. This was in a bid to find out the 7 best bandsaw blades that you need to own and use.

Please read through this article for more information. You can comfortably rely on it to make an investment decision.

Top 4 Best Bandsaw Blades Comparison in 2021

Image Product Name Details Price
No products found. No products found. » Weight: 10.2 lbs
» Cutting speed: 570 fmp
» Warranty: 3 year limited
No products found.
No products found. No products found. » Weight: 10.2 lbs
» Cutting speed: 570 fmp
» Warranty: 3 year limited
No products found.
No products found. No products found. » Weight: 10.2 lbs
» Cutting speed: 570 fmp
» Warranty: 3 year limited
No products found.
No products found. No products found. » Weight: 10.2 lbs
» Cutting speed: 570 fmp
» Warranty: 3 year limited
No products found.

The 7 Best Bandsaw Blades Reviews

1. Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 3/4″ x 93-1/2″

No products found.

No products found.

This bandsaw blade is ideal for resawing thick material. Its teeth are thick and strong as well.

They can be easily driven through heavy material such as wood and metal.

I have been using it in my workshop and I would not hesitate to recommend it anyone looking for one.

The blade is durable because it is made of strong material that does not bend nor lose the teeth. I have not had any problem with it for the past year that I have been using it.

This blade will save you a lot of electric costs because it runs under low tension that requires less or minimum horsepower.

The bandsaw blade cuts better and faster than other types of blades. This helps in reducing wear and tear on the bearings. The effect is that the blade will last long and even serve you more.

Its teeth are arranged symmetrically and it helps to make the cuts to be even. Its thin kerf makes it easy for it to cut the material without a lot of hindrances. The blade combines everything that you need into one awesome cutting blade.

  • » It saves a lot of power to use this blade. Little power is needed to operate it.
  • » The blade has a thin kerf that is useful when pushing it through the target.
  • » This product should not be used continuously for a long time because it may cause some health issues in the future.

No products found.

2. SKIL 80151 59-1/2-Inch Band Saw Blade Assortment.

No products found.

No products found.

It is a bandsaw blade that offers an invaluable service to the user. The saw can resist buildup of heat that usually occurs due to continuous use.

It can withstand it for a long, and that can be sufficient time to complete your task.

The blade has the highest number of teeth count that totals up to 892. They are arranged symmetrically and in an optimal manner.

The purpose of such an arrangement is to make the blade to produce an optimum cutting performance.

There is also a variety of teeth sizes and types that are meant to be used over several kinds of wood and metal applications.

It is durable because it is made of heavy fabric. The material that is used to make it is high-grade steel. Steel is known to withstand even the toughest working environment.

The blade is designed to be used by several popular brand band saws. Both the 9 inches and the 10-inch band saw can accommodate this blade with a lot of ease. There is, therefore, less to worry about as to whether you have bought the correct blade or not.

  • » It is made of high-grade steel, hence it is durable.
  • » The blade has the highest number of teeth count that are symmetrically arranged for optimum performance.
  • » The blade is restricted for use in some parts of the USA. However, one can use it so long as they consent to its use.

No products found.

3. Imachinist S933414 M42 Bi-Metal Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades

No products found.

No products found.

As the name states, this blade is used to cut metals and sometimes wood. It has strong and tough teeth that can withstand the resistance of a metal.

The blade is, however, excellent in cutting soft metal and those that are medium-hard.

This blade suits all types of band saws, so long as it measures 93 inches long and ¾ inches wide.

It is a perfect blade that can be used as a replacement as well.

This blade has large teeth that are placed strategically in a big distance. They are placed as such so that they can work independently and without interference. This characteristic is not common to other types of blade.

The direction of the teeth is to the right. However, you can always change this direction as per your desire. To do this, just twist the blade from inside. This blade, therefore, is multi-directional.

The teeth of this blade are well covered to protect the teeth from crashing. In some cases, the work could be overwhelming even for the blade. It, therefore, needs good protection, and in turn, it will elongate the lifespan.

  • » The blade has large teeth that are placed at a bigger for optimal performance.
  • » It is an ideal tool for use in cutting soft to medium-hard metal.
  • » The blade might not be effective in cutting hard metals. It is just designed to cut soft metal. You have to observe a lot of care if you are to use it on hard metal.

No products found.

4. DEWALT DW3984C Portable Band Saw Blade

No products found.

No products found.

This item is very light, yet it is tough for the material that it cuts. Its edge is resistant to heat and wear.

When the surface comes into contact with metal, a lot of heat is generated. It is this heat that is neutralized by the blade.

The blade has strong teeth that are very hard to break. Besides, they are also resistant to wear.

The teeth can be used for long without having them break or bend. This blade is ideal for cutting all kinds of metal, ranging from thin gauge to thick metal.

Therefore, it does not restrict usage. It is a cordless blade that can work effectively without connection to a source of power.

The blade is portable. You can use it anywhere because it is moveable. It is also durable and strong because cobalt is one of the components that is used in making it. Cobalt accounts for 8% of its construction.

The blade is backed up by a warranty, and you are assured of 30 days money-back guarantee. This will happen only if it has defects or fails to perform as expected.

  • » It is strong and durable.
  • » The blade and the teeth are resistant to heat and wear. Its teeth are hard to bend or break as well.
  • » It may not be effective in cutting wood. You have to buy a new blade for wood.

No products found.

5. Makita B-40559 Compact Portable Band Saw Blade.

No products found.

No products found.

It is a portable blade that can be used to cut a variety of metal products. This blade is durable as well, and it has a guarantee of a long life.

It undergoes an enhanced welding process and, therefore, it lasts long.

Aside from that, it is also a product of strong bi-metal construction. For those who will buy this blade, they will enjoy its use for a prolonged period.

It can be used to cut any type of steel metal. Examples include mild steel, cast steel, and stainless steel. It can also be used on other types of metal apart from steel such, as non-ferrous metal and cast iron.

The blade has a wavy set of teeth set that produces leaner and cleaner cuts. It is an ideal blade for use in cutting decorative pieces of metal, and it is ideal for commercial purposes.

The blade is backed by a warranty that becomes effective from the actual day of purchase. It covers the entire set, and it can be revoked in several circumstances. However, that should not worry you because it is durable.

I would recommend this product to any person who is looking forward to buying one. It has been good to me.

  • » The blade is portable, and it can virtually cut any kind of metal.
  • » Its wavy teeth can produce cleaner cuts.
  • » The blade might cause massive harm if it is not handled well. Its blades are very sharp.

No products found.

6. LENOX Tools Portable Band Saw Blades.

No products found.

No products found.

This is a durable portable band saw blade, just as its name says. It is made of heavy material that can withstand buildup of heat arising from its continuous use.

This characteristic also helps the blade to withstand wear. I have been using this product for the past two years, and surely, it performs exceptionally well.

This blade has a unique characteristic that is not common with other types of blades. While you are using it, it can bend, but it will resist breaking.

This, therefore, imply that this blade has can have an extended useful life. Its teeth are reinforced for extra strength. The blade, therefore, is durable.

It does not require batteries for it to function. You will not be compelled, therefore, to incur additional running costs.

The tool is resistant to shutter. It can withstand any form of pressure that may arise out of its use.

This product can fit any type of band saw. It is, therefore, excellent when you buy it for your new saw, or even as a replacement to an old blade.

There is a warranty that is provided for every purchase of this product. It becomes effective from the actual date of purchase.

  • » While you are using it, the blade can bend but it will not break.
  • » It is durable, and it can be used on a range of metal products.
  • » It is not ideal for those persons who work on timber and other wood products.

No products found.

7. Milwaukee 48-39-0539 Compact Band Saw Blade.

No products found.

No products found.

It is a blade that can be used to cut a variety of metal products ranging from soft to hard ones.

This is because it is strong and sharp. It cuts through the metal with a lot of ease.

The blade is very light, yet it is tough for the material that it cuts. Its edge is resistant to heat and wear because it is sharp.

The blade instead cuts through even the toughest fabric of metal. Its teeth are well covered to protect the teeth from crashing. 

The surface of the metal can sometimes be so tough. I can, therefore, assure you that you are not likely to suffer such a problem when you buy this blade.

This blade can be used in all types of band saws, so long as it fits its measurement. It is can also be used as a replacement.

It is malleable. This, therefore, means that it is resistant to breakages. It can only bend but not break down.

The blade is backed by a warranty that becomes effective from the actual day of purchase. It covers the entire blade. However, if you violate the terms of the warranty, it can be revoked at any time.

  • » The blade can bend but it will not break when you are using it.
  • » It is strong and durable.
  • » This product should not be used continuously for a long time because it may cause some health issues in the future.

No products found.

The Buying Guide of the Best Bandsaw Blades for Beginners

The band saw blades are available in several designs, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. It is upon you to choose the one that you consider is the best. If you go to a store today to buy one, chances are high that it will be difficult to make a decision.

This is because of the enormous quantity of the blades available for sale. There are, however, product specifications that you should be having at your fingertips.

These specifications should be the basis with which you will make an investment decision. In this article, I am going to highlight the things that you need to know about the blades.

⊕ Malleability.

This is the ability of the blade to bend but not break. If it is rigid, then it may not last long. A good one, therefore, should be malleable.

Several types do have this characteristic. I would urge you to consider buying Milwaukee Compact Band Saw Blade 48-39-0539.

It can bend to its allowable maximum, but it will not break. Such kind of a blade is safe for the user. If it cannot break, then it cannot harm, and the opposite is true for the rigid ones.

Best Bandsaw Blades Reviews

⊕ Durability.

These blades are always subjected to hard labor. Metal surfaces can prove to be too hard for them. To counter this, the blade and its components must be made of strong material.

This is to ensure that it becomes durable. It is also costly to replace these blades quite often. A good one should serve you for more than a year, with the only service needed is to sharpen it.

As you set out to buy one, you must be keen. This to protect yourself from buying a fake product that might not even last for a year.

⊕ The nature of work.

A band saw blade has different applications. While some are good for cutting wood, some are best for cutting metal, and some can be used on both. Even the one used to cut metal can be classified into two.

There is that which is used to cut soft metal only and others for hard metal. What do I mean here? The nature of materials to cut will determine the type of blade that you need to buy.

I would, however, advise you to buy one that can handle all the material. If that is not possible, then you may need to consider buying one for each product.

⊕ Portability.

It is a good idea to buy a portable blade. Your work schedule might require you to travel a lot. This would mean that you will carry it with you all the time. If it is not portable, you will likely have some rough time.

For it to be portable, it has to be coiled and put into its storage kit. If you cannot be able to perform that exercise, then it might not be portable. Find out from the sales store whether the blade is portable or not.

⊕ Warranty.

A good manufacturer should provide a warranty for their products. Some of the things to consider here are the warranty terms, that is:

  • What does it cover?
  • Is there any exclusion?
  • What can invalidate a warranty?
  • How long does it last?
  • Any other terms and conditions that govern the warranty.

It is good to understand all the terms of the warranty before consenting to it. These terms form part of a legal and binding agreement. There is, therefore, a need to acquaint yourself fully on all these matters.

⊕ The cost.

This is one of the factors that should come to your mind when you are planning to buy a blade. I would, however, urge you to study other factors first before considering the cost.

This is simply because the cost does not determine the quality of a product. It is not always true that high cost translates to the best quality. The opposite is also true.

You should, therefore, compare the products based on the features that it provides before settling on the cost issue. The more the positive features, the better a product is and vice versa.

⊕ The number of teeth.

Various types of blades have a different number of teeth. If you want one that makes faster cuts, then you should consider buying one with several teeth.

The one with few and spaced teeth will not cut as fast as the one that has many teeth. These teeth should be of the same size. If they exhibit some form of unevenness, then it might be difficult to use the blade.

You can, however, do a break-in, then sharpen the blades, and the teeth will be even. After doing so, it will then function smoothly.

⊕ The blade’s thickness.

A thick blade is what you should be looking forward to buying. If you are to use it on heavy or hard metal, then you will need to buy a thick one.

However, if you are to use it on wood products, then the thickness level might not matter much. A blade can easily cut through a piece of wood as compared to metal.

My recommendation, however, is that you should buy a thick one, no matter the type of work you will use it for. A thick one will last longer than a thin one.

⊕ The length of the blade.

A longer blade is ideal because it can be cut and the remaining part be left as a spare part. You should, however, get to know the exact length that the band saw uses.

⊕ The ability to withstand heat.

A lot of friction is produced when the blade is in use. This friction generates a lot of heat. A good blade withstands this heat. If it does not, then it will melt the teeth and eventually the blade.

This will lead to the reduction of its useful life, and this will be costly in the long run. To avoid this, look for a blade that resists heat and friction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

» Are there band saw blades that can be used to cut wood and metal?

Yes. Yes. Some blades can cut either of them. However, there are those meant for specific purposes only. This means that it can either be for wood or metal and not for all. Carry out some research before you settle for one.

» Is it necessary to break-in the band saw blade? What is the importance of the same?

Yes. It is necessary to do so, especially when the blade is new. The teeth of a new blade are quite fragile. This process ensures that the teeth are of the same height. Less blade will, therefore, strip and it will have a longer life.

» What is the life expectancy of a band saw blade?

Several things will determine the duration that the blade will last. The first is how you handle it. If you take good care of it, then it shall serve you for long.

Always ensure that the teeth are sharp. Less pressure will, therefore, be applied when cutting and this will preserve the blade for long.

Another factor is the brand. Some manufacturers use strong material to create long-lasting blades. Others, however, do not have regard for quality. Such blades will not last for long.

» Is it a good idea to sharpen the blades?

If you sharpen the blades, you will:

  • Have better cuts.
  • Your work performance will improve.
  • The blade will last longer.

Several other benefits are available when you use a sharp blade.

» Can you sharpen a blade with a file?

Yes, you can. A file is the most common tool that can be used for sharpening, band saw blade included. You have to be careful, however, as you might harm your hand with the sharp teeth. If you can do it using a machine, then the better for you.

» Does it cost anything to sharpen a band saw blade?

If you take it to a specialized store, then you will have to pay for the service. Otherwise, you can do it for free at home.


A band saw blade has several functions or uses. The most common things that these blade cuts are metal and wood. There are several things that you need to consider before you buy a blade.

First, you have to understand where you are going to use it. The unique characteristic of each blade may differ a lot. To avoid any problem, I would encourage you to carry out a thorough market survey so that you will settle for the best.

I encourage you to refer to this guide for more details about the blade. Finally, make a good decision depending on the outcome of your research.

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