Top 5 Best Knife Grinder for Beginners in 2020

best knife grinder for beginners

Knife grinder is an essential tool for knifemakers who love to make their knives. In some cultures, knife grinding is a rite passage. So, you can find the tool at the corner of their warehouse used regularly or occasionally.

A knife grinder is a power-driven tool and a combination of motor, grinding belt, disc, etc. There are many categories of grinding in the market for professionals, and very few of them are easy and ideal for the beginners.

Our experts shortlisted a few grinders with the title ‘Best knife grinder for beginners’ among a vast collection from the market. The listed grinders majorly based on smooth operation and maximum safety. Let’s find the topper among them first.

 JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4 Horsepower Bench Belt

Why is it better?
» Miter gauge turns and lock for 45 degrees for both right and left angles.
» Adjustable belt unit.
» Allows small opening, shapes, and angles.
» Grind, sand, or finish a large workpiece.
» Heavy-duty steel basement.

Top knife grinder for beginners (Table Comparison)

Product NameDetails  Price
BLACK +DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10 Inches (LCS 1020) JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4 Horsepower Bench Belt » Miter Gauge for both right and left
» Heavy-duty base
» Adjustable belt unit
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Greenworks 16-Inch 40 Volt Cordless ChainsawBUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander 4 in. x 36 In. Belt and 8 in. » Directly driven with the motor shaft
» No need to adjust the belt
» 3/4 HP Motor
» Aluminum base
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Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw WEN 6515T 1 in. x 30 in. Belt Sander with 5 in. Sanding Disc » 2.3A motor
» 3150 RPM belt and 3450 RPM disc
» Heavy-duty base
» Two separate dust ports
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Worx WG 305.1 Electric Chain Saw, One SizePalmgren 2″ x 42″ Belt, 6″ Disc bench finishing machine » 1/3 HP, 120/240V capacitor motor
» Top 3500 RPM disc and 4400 SFPM belt
» Heavy-duty base materials
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WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw, 16 inch Bar Length, RedGrizzly Industrial H6070 – 1″ x 30″ Belt/5″ Disc Combo Sander » 1/3HP motor
» Removable belt platen
» Adjustable tracking
» Two dust port
» Universal positioning lock lever
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Best Knife Grinder for Beginners Reviews 2020

1. JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4-Horsepower Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander

JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4-Horsepower Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander

JET carries the message of a quality product with the best features and benefits in its products. In the same line, J-41002 2″ x 42″ Bench Belt and Disc Sander is a combination of all the best tools to deliver the superior finish. With the machine sanding, grinding, and finishing of outside curves or odd-shaped pieces.

The grinder has a deluxe miter gauge, which turns and locks for common angles, 45 degrees both the left and right. The base of the grinder is made of heavy-duty steel base to perform the tough operation safely. The base also has rubber feet allows to set it on the flat surface. The cast iron construction of the belt unit finishes the knife, handle odd shapes and angles.

Key Features

  1. The added miter gauge allows turning and locking up to 45 degrees, both the left and right.
  2. Flexible idler wheel cover and tilting table help to perform an easy and quick operation.
  3. The cast iron construction belt unit allows jigsaw, coping saw, or hand file to remove material from it and to finish.
  4. The grinder allows the operator to get into a small opening, handle odd shapes and angles.
  5. It also allows grinding, sanding, and finishing large workpieces on the disc efficiently.

Inside the Package

  1. JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4-Horsepower Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander $499.00
  2. 2 X 42 Inch Flexible Aluminum Oxide Premium Quality Multipurpose Sanding Belts 60, 80, 120, 220, 320 (additional charge required)
  3. 30 PCS 8-Inch NO-Hole PSA Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc, Self Stick(5 Each of 80 100 120 180 240 400) (additional charge required)

Product Specification

Product Weight60 lbs
Product Dimension23.1 x 16.7 x 16 inches
Motor Power3/4 HP, 115V, single-phase
Disc Speed3450 RPM
Belt Speed3100 RPM
Disc Diameter8 inches
Disc Table Size23.1 x 16.7 x 16 inches
Disc Table Tilt45 Degree
Included Sanding Belt2 x42- inch
  • » Powerful motor
  • » Very fast disc and belt rotation
  • » Miter Gauge
  • » Heavy-duty base
  • » Removable platen
  • » Domestic power
  • » Large disc size
  • » Little expensive


2. BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander 4 in. x 36 in. Belt and 8 in. Disc Sander with 3/4HP Direct-drive Motor

BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander 4 In.

BUCKTOOL provides high-performance products and excellent service. The brand has become trustworthy across the world to meet the need and exceed expectations. As its brand value, the belt and disc sander machine of the brand delivers a few more facilities than the other grinders in the market.

The belt and disc of the grinder directly driven by the motor shaft and don’t have to adjust the belt tension. The design increases 25% sanding efficiency than the traditional grinders. The 3/4 HP power motor runs silently and delivers powerful output.

The belt has a special facility – it can work on 0-90 degrees, depending on the need of the operation. The driven drum allows for the sanding of a curved workpiece. The belt can also replace quickly with the support of its replacement design & humanized track control.

The aluminum base of the grinder has rubber feet that allow setting it up, preventing vibrations. The 4 x 36-inch belt and an 8-inch disc, two dust ports, angle adjustable work table with miter gauge on the both sanding and disc belt make the tool very special than the other traditional grinders in the market.

Key Features

  1. The sanding belt and the disc is directly driven with the motor shaft.
  2. 3/4 HP motor runs silently and delivers powerful output.
  3. The added facility of the belt to work at 0-90 degrees according to the operational demand.
  4. Aluminum base and rubber feet prevent vibrations.
  5. Miter gauges for both the belt and disc grinding.
  6. Easy and quick belt replacement facility.
  7. No need to adjust the tension of the belt.
  8. 4 x 36-inch belt and an 8-inch disc size and adjustable work table make the grinder market leader.
  9. Miter-gauge for both the belt and disc grinding.

Inside the Package

  1. BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander 4 in. x 36 in. Belt and 8 in. Disc Sander with 3/4HP Direct-drive
  2. 30 PCS 8-Inch NO-Hole PSA Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc, Self Stick(5 Each of 80 100 120 180 240 400) (additional charge required)
  3. M-jump 12 Pcs 4 x 36 Inch Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt (additional charge required)

Product Specification

Product Weight39.8 lbs
Product Dimension23 x 20.5 x 10 inches
Motor Power3/4 HP, 120V, 60HZ, 5.0A
Disc Speed3450 RPM
Belt Speed2161 RPM
Disc Diameter8 inches
Belt Size4 x 36-inch
Disc Table Size10.4 x 5.9-inch Aluminum table base
Belt table size6.3 x 7.5-IN Aluminum table
Disc Table Tilt0-45 degrees


  • » Directly motor-driven
  • » Powerful motor
  • » No belt adjustment
  • » Dual miter gauge
  • » Aluminum base
  • » Easy belt replacement
  • » Little Expensive

3. WEN 6515T 1 in. x 30 in. Belt Sander with 5 in. Sanding Disc

WEN 6515T 1 In. X 30 In. Belt Sander With 5 In. Sanding Disc

WEN is one of the best manufacturers that deliver high-quality and affordable power tools. For the last 50 years, they cover a wide variety of products, including drill presses, tool chests, bench grinders, nailers, miter saws, hand tools, generators, and air compressors. For beginners, WEN introduces its popular tabletop 6515T grinder at affordable prices.

The two-in-one sanding machine has 1” by 30” belt and 5” disc. The tool drives with a 2.3A motor, which runs the belt at 3150 RPM speed and the disc at 3450 RPM speed.

The heavy-duty base of the grinder delivers more safety to the beginners by preventing walking and wobbling during operation. Two separate dust ports also maximize the vacuuming efficiency of the grinder.

The grinder includes a miter gauge, an 80-grit sanding disc, a 100-grit sanding belt as a unit for the angled workpiece. All the components make a perfect sanding machine for home use and ideal for the beginners.

Key Features

  1. The grinder has 1-by-30 inches belt and 5 inches disc.
  2. The tool is driven with a 2.3A motor run the belt at 3150 RPM speed and the disc at 3450 RPM speed.
  3. The grinder is built with a sturdy heavy-duty base, which prevents walking and wobbling during operation.
  4. For maximum vacuuming efficiency, the grinder has two separate dust ports.
  5. Includes a miter gauge that adds precision during sanding operations on the 5” disc.

Inside the Package

Disc Table-1, Belt Table-1, Miter Gauge Assembly-1, 3mm Hex Wrench-1, Belt Table Locking Lever-1, Washer, Locking Lever -1, Washers, Disc Table Knob-2, Screws, Disc Dust Port-3, Disc Dust Port-1, Belt Dust Port Adapter-1, Disc Table Locking Knobs-2

Product Specification

Product Weight16 lbs
Product Dimension11.5 x 11.5 x 15.5 inches
Motor Power2.3 A, 120V, 60Hz
Disc Speed3450 RPM (no load)
Belt Speed3150 RPM (no load)
Disc Diameter5 inches
Belt Size1 x 30 inches
Belt/Disc Dust Port Size1.7 inches (outer), 1.5 inches (inner)
Dust Port Adapter Size2.25 inches (outer), 2 inches (inner)
Included Sanding Disc80 Grit
Included Sanding Belt120 Grit
  • » Lightweight and space-saving
  • » Top speed motor
  • » Belt and disc sanding
  • » Domestic power
  • » Maximum safety
  • » Miter gauge
  • » For light operation only


4. Palmgren 2″ x 42″ Belt, 6″ Disc bench finishing machine

Palmgren 2" X 42" Belt, 6" Disc Bench Finishing Machine

Palmgren’s brings their best knife grinder for beginners at a very affordable price range. The bench grinder is a combination of belt and disc finishing. The power tool is an ideal machine for general purpose sanding and finishing on metal, wood, plastics, and other materials.

The grinder is made of heavy-duty materials and delivers long life. The 1/3 HP capacitor motor of the grinder runs at 120/240V, 3.5/1.75 amp domestic power source. The motor runs at a top speed 3500 RPM during start-up and running under load. It supports better finished parts and operator safety.

The 2” x 42” abrasive belt can be positioned either vertically or horizontally with a full belt guard. The tables tilt as a graduated scale for precise settings. A simple belt tensioning allows easy belt changes.

Added miter gauge and 1-1/2” dust collection port on the disc operation help to shape the knife according to the user’s requirement.

Key Features

  1. Heavy-duty 1/3 HP power capacitor motor runs at a top 3500 RPM speed.
  2. The exclusive added benefit of using the belt in both the horizontal and vertical position.
  3. The 2-Inch x 42-Inch size belt runs at a top 4400 SFPM speed allows faster sanding.
  4. The grinder is made of heavy-duty material that ensures long durability.
  5. The machine is also featured a miter gauge and 1-1/2” dust collection port on the disc operation.
  6. The grinder has a full belt guard for the user’s safety concern.

Inside the Package

  1. Palmgren 2″ x 42″ Belt, 6″ Disc bench finishing machine
  2. Sackorange 12 PCS 2 inch x 42 inch Abrasive Sanding Belts – 2 Each of 60 80 120 150 240 400 Grit (additional charge required)
  3. 2 X 42 Inch 120 Grit Metal Grinding Zirconia Sanding Belts, 6 Pack (additional charge required)

Product Specification

Product Weight36 lbs
Product Dimension11 x 20.5 x 22.25 inches
Motor Power1/3 HP, 120/240V, 3.5/1.75 amp
Disc Speed3500 RPM
Belt Speed440 SFPM
Disc Diameter6 inches
Belt Size2’’ x 42’’
Disc Table Size5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches
Belt Table Size6-3/4 x 9 inches
Cord Length72 inches
  • » Powerful motor
  • » Large disc size
  • » Muti-positioning belt
  • » Miter gauge
  • » Heavy-duty base
  • » Dual dust port
  • » Specific belt required

5. Grizzly Industrial H6070 – 1″ x 30″ Belt/5″ Disc Combo Sander

The tabletop Grizzly H6070 grinder is a combination of 1” wide, 30” long belt and 5” disc sander in a single unit. This tool is ideal for sanding intricate parts, contour sanding, and dry sharpening. Both the belt and the disc sanding tables tilt 450, which helps to remove the belt very easily. The feature also allows maximum safety for the beginners to do grinding and contouring the knife easily.

Only 20 lbs weight of the grinder allows easy portability to set anywhere for job comfort. The grinding job can also be done without attaching it with the table. It drives with a 1/3 HP power motor, which can run with domestic power 110V, single phase. The motor can run at a top speed of 3450 RPM very perfect for faster grinding.

To deliver perfect shaping of the knife, the grinder has a tracking adjustment. The grinder can assemble to a single unit within 15 minutes.

Key Features

  1. Powerful 1/3 HP motor run with 110V, single-phase power supply at 3250 RPM speed.
  2. Standard 1″ X 30″ Belts and 5″ discs.
  3. The belt and the disc sanding table title 45 degree facilitates easy grinding.
  4. Easy operating manual belt tracking adjustment.
  5. Rubber foot mounting for quick adjustment and universal positioning lock levers allows comfort in operation.
  6. Dual dust ports allow, removable safety key, and safety guards allow maximum safety during operation.
  7. The lightweight aluminum table makes less weight of the total unit.

Inside the Package

  1. Grizzly Industrial H6070 – 1″ x 30″ Belt/5″ Disc Combo Sander
  2. 1 X 30 Inch Premium Silicon Carbide Fine Grit Sanding Belts 400, 600, 800, 1000 Grits, 12-Pack (additional charge required)
  3. 1 x 30 Knife Makers Coarse Grit Sanding Belts, 6 Pack Assortment(Additional Charge required)

Product Specification

Product Weight20 lbs
Product Dimension12.5 x 16.7 x 11.5 inches
Motor Power1/3 HP, 110V single-phase
Motor Speed3450 RPM (max.)
Tables tiltLeft 0°, Right 45°
Belt sander table size5-1/8″ x 5-1/8″
Disc sander table size4″ x 7-5/16″
Platen size1″ x 3″
Dust ports1-3/4″ and 1-13/16″
  • » Easy assembly
  • » Lightweight
  • » Both the belt and disc sanders
  • » Contour sanding
  • » Space-saving
  • » Domestic power
  • » Maximum safety for beginners
  • » Not much powerful

Buying Guide of Best knife grinder for beginners

It is not always an easy task to select the best item among a vast collection of the products. One should have sound knowledge of the product to select the required product. Besides, grinding machine is not a commonly used tool everywhere, therefore, bringing out the best knife grinder for beginners is a tough job. To do you the support, our experts use a few parameters which cover all the benefits of the tools.

Grinding Belt and Disc Size

The main things we should consider during the purchase of a grinding machine are its belt and disc size. The size depends of the job nature. Big size belt grinder takes more space but works efficiently on the other hand. Generally, the standard size of the belt is 2inchesx72 inches for the professionals. The belt size also depends on the working space and type of job. For the beginners, the best budget and belt size is 1inchesx24 inches grinder.

The disc size is also an important issue to select the grinder. The disc is a must needed tool to bring curve shape to the knife. The sizes of the discs are available 5 and 8 inches. The 5-inch size disc is good for the beginners and 8-inch size is used for professional grinding.

Grinding Motor

The motor of the grinder is the heart of it. The performance of the grinder mainly depends on the power of the motor-driven by the power. ⅓ or ½  HP motors are not a heavy-duty performers, but those are ideal for the beginners. 1 to 1½ HP power motors are very powerful and perfect for heavy-duty operation.

The power source of the motor should consider during the purchase. As the grinder set up in the home, the motor should run in the domestic power source 110V, 60Hz.

The speed of the motor is very important for the selection process. Generally, the motor of the grinder generally runs at 3450 RPM top speed.

The speed variable added to the motor is a considerable issue to perform required grinding. The feature helps the beginners to do their grinding perfectly.

Basement of the grinder

The base of the grinding machine should make of heavy-duty materials. There are also low-quality frame but not safe for any user level. There is steel frame basement little heavier. A few grinding machine’s basement are made of aluminum and lightweight.

Assembly of the grinder

A grinding machine needs to assemble at home manually. For packing, the tools of the grinder are set in the package separately. Therefore, the assembly of the grinder should be easy.


The price of the grinder is the top required issue. Everyone wants the best thing in their best budget. Grinders for the beginners should be available in the best budget price.

Other Considerations

Different added features should consider during the purchase of the grinder.

  1. One of the added features of the grinder is its size to set it at a suitable place.
  2. During its operations, the grinder vibrates. To prevent this vibration, the grinders use rubber feet at the bottom of the base.
  3. The operation procedure of the grinder should be very easy for beginners.
  4. The power cord of the grinder should be as long as required. A long power cord allows the grinder to set up at any suitable place.
  5. Tracking, dust collection, gripping are also considerable issues during the purchase of a grinder.

General Safety Rules during Grinding

Operating a power-driven tool is always a risky task. Proper safety rules must follow during the operation. Safety is a combination of common sense, sound knowledge on operation procedure, and safety alert. Applying proper safety rules reduces accidental injuries. We should follow a few safety guidelines during the operation of a grinder.

Work Area Safety

  1. Keep the surroundings of the work area clean and well lighted.
  2. Never allow any explosive or flammable objects around the work area. Grinder creates sparks that may cause fire or explosion.
  3. Never expose the power-driven tools to rain or wet condition.
  4. Keep children, pets away from the power-driven tools.

Electrical Safety

  1. Always use the recommended power source to run a power-driven tool.
  2. Never modify the plug by anyway.
  3. If required, use the recommended extension cable to connect the grinder to power.
  4. Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces.
  5. Never abuse the power cord. Avoid the cord to carry, pull or unplug the cord.
  6. Keep the power cable away from heat, oil, sharp edge metals.

Personal Safety

  1. Stay alert during the operation of the grinder.
  2. Use common sense to avoid any accidental injury.
  3. Always use personal protection equipment (PPE) such as dust mask, eye-protecting glasses, power resistant gloves, shoes during operation of a grinder.
  4. Never wear loose clothes during grinding.
  5. Keep your hairs and cloths away from the moving parts.
  6. Avoid sudden and unintentional starting of the tool. Switch-on the power switch while completely ready to work.

How to maintain a grinding machine?

Proper maintenance gives the long durability of any tool. The power-driven grind machine requires regular maintenance to have maximum output from it. We arrange here a few maintenance rules that will help the grinder last long and deliver the best output.

  1. Before every operation, check all the tools of the grinder properly. Repair any damned item before starting the grinder.

2. Do a routine check-up at regular intervals. Check for –

» Loose hardware or improper mounting

» Damaged cord or electric wire

» Cracked or broken parts,

» Any condition that may affect safe operation. 

3. Clean all the parts of the grinder after every use. Remove all the dust from the body of the grinder. To have the best result use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the grinder.

4. Wipe the tool surface with clean, soft cotton cloth or brush. Never allow water to enter into the tool.

5. Always keep the tool in a clean and dry place.

6. Check all the ball bearing properly lubricated or not. Use the recommended lubrication if required.

7. Replace the belt and disc with the recommended belt and disc.

Final Verdict

The benefits of a grinder are almost endless to the homeowners. The machine allows us to sharp and shape the favorite knife, saw at home. Our selected best knife grinder for beginners delivers satisfactory service to meet all the requirements of homeowners.

We warn grinder users of every level about safety rules. Any negligence during use may cause fatal injury. During every operation, the user should take proper safeguards to avoid injury.

We believe our selected best knife grinder for beginners will fulfill all the requirements of the users, and the guidelines help you to purchase the tool from the trusted source.