Best Top Handle Chainsaw in 2020

best top handle chainsaw

Cutting wood from the ground tree is possible using a heavy and regular chainsaw. But if you need to shape or trim the high wood branches climbing on a tree, then what will you do?

Using a ladder to cut high branches of the tree or to shaping the high portion of a tree needs to accomplish using such a wood cutting device, which you can easily carry with you when you are climbing on the tree.

A top handle chainsaw is such a chainsaw; you can use using your one hand and can climb on the tree.

Top handle chainsaws are relatively compact in design and light in weight, and the user can carry this device using only one of his/her hand.

Thereby they are most user-friendly chainsaw provides some outstanding woodcutting where any regular chainsaw cannot reach to do it.

A top handle chainsaw has a top handle at the top of the device, so therefore they offer more comfort and manoeuvrability features to the users.

So the topic which makes me write today’s article is- Best top handle chainsaw.

A best top handle chainsaw can be of gas-powered or battery-powered, and very often, they are referred to as an arborist chainsaw.

Today I will write the product review on the six best-rated top handle chainsaws top rated in the market.

So let’s start for the details-

Makita XCU02Z

Why is it better?
» Two 18V Lithium-ion batteries.
» Lower noise level.
» Tool-less chain adjustments.
» Zero-emission.
» Anti-vibration system.
» Auto chain oiler.
» Cordless chainsaw.

6 Best Top Handle Chainsaw (Table Comparison)

Product NameDetails  Price
BLACK +DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10 Inches (LCS 1020)Makita XCU02PT -12 Inch » Gas-powered
» No fuel consumption
» No vibration
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Greenworks 16-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Chainsaw DEWALT DCCS620P1 -12 Inch » Battery-powered
» No fuel consumption
» Automatic chain lubricator
Check Price
Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw
Tanaka TCS33EDTP -12 Inch
» Gas-powered
» Automatic oiler
» Low vibration
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Worx WG 305.1 Electric Chain Saw, One Size  Hitachi CS33EDTP -14 Inch » Gas-powered
» Light weight
» Anti-vibration system
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WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw, 16 inch Bar Length, Red  Echo Chainsaw -12 Inch » Light weight
» Anti-vibration system
» Adjustable chain oiler
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Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 Ah Battery And Charger Included 20262 Husqvarna 966997203 T435» Low noise
» Easy to use
» Auto adjustable chain oiler
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6 Best Top Handle Chainsaw Reviews in 2020

In this section, we have reviewed the 6 best top handle chainsaw for you. Let’s see:

1. Makita XCU02PT

Makita XCU02PT

This power supply of this chainsaw is the two most potent Lithium-Ion 18 V LXT batteries. So you will get a total of 36 voltage power using this device.

As two batteries are included in this saw, you may fall in confusion on how to charge the batteries efficiently using one charger.

So, we are here with the good news for you, this chainsaw featuring a duel port 18-volt charger, using which you will able to charge both your batteries fully within a short time.

An increase in the production output, or decreasing in the process downtime, all you will enjoy using this chainsaw.

It is a fantastic chainsaw capable of giving a gas-powered chainsaw performance efficiently.

The tool-less chain tightening system of this device makes it user-friendly by reducing the chain tightening process complexities.

This chainsaw has a 12-inch chain and chain bar. Along with the Makita-built motor this 12-inch chain bar, it can give a 1,650 FPM cutting speed to cut any light or moderate wood cutting in your wood demand.

This battery-powered chainsaw is so user-friendly; don’t produce any loud noise while running at high speed.

This device produces only 87 dB (A) noise in between any woodcuts. This low noise will never gonna disturb your neighbors, parents, or any children.

This device is free any fuel consumption; therefore, don’t emit any harmful emission to the environment.

Unlike any gas-powered chainsaw, you don’t have to use any engine fuel; don’t have to replace the filter paper, there is no hazard to empty the remaining fuel upon storage of the machine.

Even you don’t have to replace the spark plug of this device. Most probably, this is the easiest to use and easy to handle best top handle chainsaw present in today’s market.

Inside the Package

The package of this product comes with one Makita XCU02PT 18V X2 (36V) cordless chainsaw, two lithium-ion 18 voltage battery, one charger, one 12 inch chain, one chain bar, one user manual, etc.

Key Features:

  1. This chainsaw has two lithium-ion 18-volt batteries. You will get a total of 36 voltage power supply from two batteries.
  2. The 12-inch chain and chain bar, along with the Makita motor parts, provide the fastest cutting speed, i.e., 1650 FPM.
  3. This chainsaw has a Tool-less chain adjusting system which ensures a convenient chain and bar tightening.
  4. This device has the characteristics to produce low noise, i.e., 87 dB (A) only.
  5. As no fuel is using in this device, there is zero emission we get from this device.
  6. Including a top handle onto the device helps the user to handle this machine using one hand only.
  7. Unlike any gas-powered chainsaw, this chainsaw gives almost no vibration while running the machine. Furthermore, it is a device with low weight, so the chance of user fatigues practically zero here.
  8. This device is free from any filter changing, any spark plug changing necessities. When it comes to storing of this saw, you don’t have to drain any remaining fuel from this chainsaw.
  • » Two 18V Batteries.
  • » Noise-less wood cutting.
  • » No vibration.
  • » No fuel consumption.
  • » No emission.
  • » Best top handle chainsaw.
  • » Tool-less chain adjustment.
  • » No need to change the spark plug.
  • » 1650 wood cutting speed.
  • » Not eligible for a large woodcut.



It is a battery-powered chainsaw and runs on one 20V battery. This battery power delivers a chain speed up to 25.2 feet/second to cut the wood effectively.

Including the12 inch Oregon bar along with the auto chain braking system works to deliver the chain performance at a reduced kickback.

A reducing kickback feature can offer you to enjoy the machine performance more elegantly.

Whenever the machine faces some misplacement of the teeth biting onto the wood, it can automatically stop the saw and can prevent the kickback towards the user.

This chainsaw has a brushless motor that can maximize the machine run time for a long time.

Dewalt manufacture this saw with a Tool-free chain tensioning knob, using this knob user can easily adjust the chain and chain bar tightness facing directly no complexities.

A manual bar clamping force adjustment is such a complex process; users often may need to repeat it to gain the perfect tightness. However, this chainsaw has overcome this issue.

The compact design, light in weight features makes this machine eligible to control and handle it comfortably.

The automatic oiling system hence makes this wood cutting device more elegance to become one of the best top-rated professional chainsaws nowadays.

The automatic oiler with oil level indicator helps the user to lubricate the chain and chain bar automatically.

Users can notice the oil level from the outside of the tank through the oil level indicator.

Users can easily remove the battery of the saw and can easily refill the oil tank whenever the oil level reduced below the quarter full.

Unlike any gas-powered chainsaw, this machine produces relatively no vibration while running it.

It also has the characteristics of producing low noise in between each woodcut.

The zero-emission nature, sturdy construction body, several safety features make this chain feature worthy of your money from all angles.

Moreover, this chainsaw grabs a lower maintenance form the user. Only proper lubricating of the chain and chain bar and keeping the battery full-charged, you will enjoy the super performing chainsaw for a durable time.

Inside the Package

The package of this product comes with one DEWALT battery-powered chainsaw, one 12 inch chain, one chain bar, one 20 V lithium-ion battery, one charger, and one user manual.

Key Features:

  1. This machine has a 20 V lithium-ion battery as its power source. This battery will deliver a 5 Ah power to provide a chain speed of 25.2 feet per second.
  2. The 12 inch Oregon chain and chain bar included in this device to prolong the wood cutting activity progressively.
  3. It is featuring an updated anti-vibration nature in-built with the machine.
  4. Unlike a gas-powered chainsaw, this machine doesn’t produce any loud noise while doing the wood cutting job.
  5. DEWALT DCCS620P1 20V MAX Lithium-Ion XR Brushless has a side tension adjustment knob, which gives a tool-less chain tightening job solely at a rapid time.
  6. As this chainsaw doesn’t have to consume fuel to run the motor, it is featuring an emission less activity keeping the environment safe.
  7. Presenting an auto oil tank inside the saw helps to lubricate the chain and chain bar consistently throughout the whole machine life.
  8. Oil level indicator presents onto the oil tank of this chainsaw.
  9. It is a chainsaw of compact design and light in weight.
  • » Compact design and light in weight.
  • » 12 inch Oregon bar with low kickback features.
  • » Low maintenance.
  • » No fuel consumption.
  • » Automatic chain lubricator.
  • » Tool-less chain tightening.
  • » Brushless motor parts.
  • » The best cheap chainsaw.
  • » Contain a lot of safety features.
  • » A 12-inch chain bar is not capable of cutting any more significant thickness wood slice.

3. Tanaka TCS33EDTP

Tanaka TCS33EDTP

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw is one of the top-handle chainsaws manufactured thinking of the commercial need of pruning, slicing, shaping of the wood.

Though it was intended for commercial use, the user can use it this device for their hobby work also.

This device features an industrial graded PureFire engine, which has a capacity of 32.2cc power. A PureFire engine has two cycles, and it produces very low emissions without modifying any of the internal machine parts.

The 12-inch chain and an Oregon sprocket nose bar into the chainsaw, deliver a more controlling power to the user. Thereby the user can efficiently control the woodcut also can reduce the kickback possibilities smoothly.

This machine also has one automatic gear-driven oiler tank. This auto oiling system helps to auto lubrication of the chain and chain bar continuously.

So, consistent oiling of the chain and chain bar not only helps the chain to spin correctly, but it also ensures the accurate lubrication of the chain and bar and thereby prevents any sudden breakdown of these parts.

Including the half throttle choke along with the purge primer bulb works to give the user easy warming up the engine along with the rapid and straightforward starting up the chainsaw.

The easy access to the rear air filter of this device helps the filter to give service for a longer time.

It also enhances the engine durability very potentially. Though it is a gas-powered machine, it is featuring the ability to produce lower vibration feelings during the machine operation.

Moreover, the presence of the top handle onto this device makes it worthy of handling using one hand, even climbing on the tree.

This device has a built-in lanyard ring, which will help to easy climbing onto the tree.

The fantastic power-to-weight ratio works better to reduce the fatigue of the user and contributes to the comfortable operation of the device anywhere.

A side-access chain tensioning system helps to adjust the chain and bar tightness easily in a few seconds.

Besides this, depending on user choice, a 14-inch chain and chain bar also can set into the device and can proceed further to an effective woodcut.

A 7-year consumer warranty also included with this chainsaw.

Inside the Package

The package of this product comes with one Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw, one 12 inch chain, one chain bar, one user manual, etc.

Key Features:

  1. This device has a 32.2 cc PuriFire two-cycle gas-powered engine.
  2. A 12-inch chain and chain bar are included in this device, but based on your preference; you can also choose a 14-inch chain and chain bar to set into this chainsaw.
  3. The automatic oiler included in this device works consistently to lubricate the chain and chain bar and thus reduce the chance of any accidental machine breakdown.
  4. Tool-less access to the rear filter increase the filter durability and efficacy, also increase engine efficiency.
  5. This chainsaw has a combination of half throttle choke and the purge primer bulb. This combination works better to give you more control over the woodcut. You can simply cut the wood very smoothly.
  6. The fantastic power-to-weight ratio of this device helps to reduce user fatigue.
  7. The sprocket nose bar and the aggressive chain teeth work accordingly to cut even the last inch of the wood log.
  8. Including a built-in lanyard ring into the saw, helps the user to cut the wood climbing onto the tree also.
  9. It is one of the best top handle chainsaw which can cut the wood even using one hand also.
  • » Top handle.
  • » 32.2 cc PuriFire two-cycle engines.
  • » Automatic oiler.
  • » In-built lanyard ring.
  • » Power-to-weight ratio.
  • » Sprocket nose chain bar.
  • » Side access chain tensioning.
  • » Lower vibration.
  • » Not included a bag or case.

4. Hitachi CS33EDTP

Hitachi CS33EDTP
Best Top Handle Chainsaw in 2020

Hitachi CS33EDTP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine is ideal for pruning, trimming, and shaping of the wood in the upper portion of a tree.

It is a top-rated chainsaw, and several factors make this chainsaw to come in the list of the best top handle chainsaw.

The power supply of this chainsaw is one of Hitachi’s 32.2cc, 1.6-horsepower Pure Fire low emission two-stroke engine.

This 32.2cc engine is a super acting engine giving you some fantastic demand woodcut in very rapidly.

The key feature of a PureFire engine is that it can provide a superb production output relatively at a lower emission.

The chrome-plated cylinder, forged steel connecting rod and heavy-duty, gear-driven automatic oiler present into the saw, makes it worthy to automatically and consistently lubricating the chain and chain bar thoroughly over the whole life of the saw.

Automatic lubrication not only gives you relief from the manual oiling of the chain parts, but it also helps the chain for an accurate spinning, also prevents any corrosion or rust of the chain and chain bar.

Like any other best top handle chainsaw, this saw also has an impressive power to weight ratio, which always reduces user fatigue also improves user comforts.

The advanced anti-vibration features make this machine very reliable by reducing the machine vibes while it is running.

This chainsaw is equipped with one 14 inch chain and one chain bar. The sprocket nose bar and the side access chain tensioner designed to adjust the chain and chain bar tightness at a convenient time.

The chain adjuster helps to stay the chain teeth in the maximum cutting efficiency with a reduce kickback.

Including the half throttle choke and purge primer bulb inside the chainsaw helps to easy start-up and warm-up of the saw.

Some other features like in-built lanyard ring, including the top handle, etc., help the user to climb on the tree and cut the wood.

Inside the Package

The package of this product comes with one Hitachi CS33EDTP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chain Saw, one 14 inch chain, one chain bar, one user manual, etc.

Key Features:

  1. This saw has a32.2cc, PuriFire engine with1.6-horsepower power supply.
  2. The two-cyclePuriFire engine’s CARB compliant and is ideal for pruning, trimming, and shaping of the wood. This also saw ideal for hobby work.
  3. It includes a 14-inch chain and one chain bar. The sprocket nosed chain bar and the Oregon chain helps the saw to go for a quality cut in a secured way.
  4. The advanced anti-vibration system including in this device improves user comfort, also enhances machine durability.
  5. This saw includes a chrome-plated cylinder, forged steel connecting rod and heavy-duty, gear-driven automatic oiler in-built with the machine.
  6. A side-access chain tension adjustment system incorporated into this machine works to adjust the chain tightness more conveniently.
  7. This machine has a half throttle choke and Purge primer bulb to get comfortable warming and easy starting.
  8. This is a top handle chainsaw and ideal for cutting wood climbing on to the tree.
  • » Fantastic power-to-weight ratio.
  • » The advanced anti-vibration system.
  • » Light in weight.
  • » CARB compliant
  • » Top handle.
  • » Side access chain tensioning system.
  • » 32.2 cc PuriFire two-cycle engines.
  • » Automatic chain and bar lubricator.
  • » 7-year consumer warranty.
  • » Compared with other Top handle chainsaw, it is heavy in weight.

5. Echo Chain Saw, Gas, 12 in. Bar 26.9CC

Echo Chain Saw, Gas, 12 In. Bar 26.9CC

Echo manufactured this chainsaw with a capacity of 26.9 ccs gas-powered gas engine.

The 26.9 cc engine power can help you to find your demand woodcut rapidly in an effective way.

This gas-powered chainsaw use gas to run its engine, thereby there is no need to handle the dangerous electric supply cord like an electric powered chainsaw.

Electric chainsaw and battery chainsaw have limited power and limited using scopes.

Compared with them, this chainsaw gives a superb performance either in your home garden or in any deep forest.

The chain bar length of this saw is 12 inch which even can give you a double thickness of wood cutting.

This 12-inch chain with an inertia chain braking system allows the user to enjoy more control over the chain effectively.

An auto adjustable chain oiler included in this chainsaw, which ensures a consistent oil supply of the chain and chain bar.

Whenever your chain and chain bar get enough lubrication, it will ensure an accurate spinning of the chain around the saw.

Besides this, continuous lubrication of these parts also works to make durable the machine by reducing ant premature wear and tear.

A lanyard clip included in the saw helps the user to cut high wood branches climbing on the tree.

A side tensioning system included in this device helps the user to adjust the chain and chain bar tightness just in a while by not dissembling the chain and chain bar from the saw body.

This chainsaw is a perfect device for any shaping, trimming, or cutting high branches on the tree. You can also use this top handle chainsaw to cut any of your ground-wood also.

Including a throttle lockout and i-30 start system, a digital ignition, including a purge bulb, helps the chainsaw to be more worthy of any effective wood cutting use.

Inside the Package

The package of this product comes with one Echo gas-powered Chainsaw, one 12-inch chain, one chain bar, and one user manual.

Key Features:

  1. It has a 26.9 cc powerful gas-powered engine as its power supply.
  2. The top handle included in this device makes it worthy of use in climbing and curving.
  3. A throttle lockout, auto chain braking system, are the safety features of this chainsaw.
  4. It has upgraded anti-vibration features to provide fatigue less chain operation.
  5. A side-access chain tension tightening system helps the user to tighten the chain and chain bar solely in a while.
  6. This chain is featuring the capacity to cut wood using a 12-inch chain.
  7. The auto and adjustable chain oiler in the clutch driven helps the chain to lubricated on time. It also ensures that the chain would not become too hot or not binding up in a cold environment.
  8. The 6.6 lbs weight of this device, along with a five years warranty of this device makes it an elegant product for cutting wood.
  • » Best top handle chainsaw.
  • » A side-access chain tightening system.
  • » Adjustable chain oiler.
  • » Anti-vibration feature.
  • » Light in weight.
  • » Powerful and durable.
  • » Ideal for climbing and curving.
  • » Clutch cover is not included.

6. Husqvarna 966997203 T435

Husqvarna 966997203 T435

The Husqvarna 966997203 T435, top Handle, Saw present into the chainsaw market with a 21 x 10.5 x 10-inch dimension and 7.5lbs body weight.

It is a gas-powered chainsaw and delivers a super performance consuming a low fuel and emitting a low emission.

This chainsaw includes a Husqvarna new x-cut chain & x-force chain bar, which ensures efficient cutting for a longer time.

Chain break windows included in the chain bar tip allow for more efficiently controlling the chain function.

This chainsaw has an upgraded anti-vibration technology, so it can reduce user fatigue also can enhance a comfortable chain saw operation.

The machine contains a low kickback features, which ensures your chainsaw, will stop automatically if any sticking of the chain teeth onto the wood is causing.

A side chain tensioning system offers the user to adjust the chain and chain bar tightness more conveniently.

This saw got the world´s most stringent environmental regulations approval as this device reduced the exhaust emission in a standard and positive way.

The Rope attachment, along with this device, makes it’s to come in the list of the top-rated chainsaw in 2020.

Using this rope, a user can efficiently operate this saw climbing onto trees.

Inside the Package

The package of this product comes with one Husqvarna 966997203 T435 top Handle chain Saw, one 12-inch chain, one chain bar, and one user manual.

Key Features:

  1. This saw features a Husqvarna new x-cut chain & x-force chain bar along with it.
  2. This device runs on the power supply from a 35.2cc engine included in this device.
  3. The adjustable chain oiler included in the device helps to lubricate the chain and chain bar consistently.
  4. The vibration-reducing feature, along with the machine, helps to reduce user fatigue.
  5. The Quick-release air filter included in this device helps to enhance the filter quality and engine durability.
  6. This chainsaw contains a top handle at the top of the saw.
  • » Easy to use.
  • » Light in weight.
  • » Low noise.
  • » It is constructed from durable plastic material.
  • » Vibration reducing capacity.
  • » Auto adjustable chain oiler.
  • » 35.2 cc gas-powered engine.
  • » Quick-release air filters system.
  • » 12-inch Oregon chain bar.
  • » Less powerful.
  • » A little bit slower.

How to buy the best top handle chainsaw?

Type of the chainsaw

It is the critical consideration you need to fix before purchasing any chainsaw from the market.

A top handle chainsaw may be battery-powered or gas-powered. So decide yourself which chainsaws you want to select for your wood cutting operation.

A gas-powered chainsaw will give you more cutting time with a heavy-duty wood cutting. In contrast to this, a battery-powered chainsaw will provide you with a light to the moderate wood cutting job for a limited time.

Power of the Chainsaw

The power of the saw is the mandatory fact to select any top handle chainsaw from the market.

If you want to shape any hard and heavy high tree branch, you will need a more powerful gas-powered chainsaw.

If you need a light wood shaping or trimming, a battery-powered chainsaw will be perfect to accomplish these jobs.

Work station where you will use the Chainsaw

A gas-powered chainsaw can use anywhere to cutting the wood. As it is run over gasoline-based fuel, so upon fully refilling the fuel tank, you can take this saw along with you and can cut wood far from your home.

A battery-powered chainsaw is manufactured intending to accomplish some light and moderate wood cutting jobs.

Using a battery-powered chainsaw far from home will not sufficient for any large woodcut.

If the battery charge finished suddenly, you could not charge the battery far from your home.

Weight of the Chainsaw

As you will carry a top handle chainsaw climbing on a tree, so the lightweight will your chainsaw be, the good, it will be for you.

In that case, battery-powered chainsaws are light in weight compared with a gas-powered chainsaw.

However, if you have good physical strength and if you need to cut any heavy high tree branch, you can go for a gas-powered chainsaw.

Size of the Chainsaw

A cheaper chainsaw always gives you a broader saw structure.

As technology improved regularly, more technical features are including in the saw, and the size of the saw also reducing.

If you are concern about a narrow saw body, you have to effort a relatively high price.

Easy to use and low maintenance chainsaw

A chainsaw with an easy to use and easy to maintain features not only will reduce your cutting process time also will reduce many hassles by lowering the possibilities related to repeated maintenance.

A tool-less side tensioning system, tool-less access to the rear filter of your chainsaw, reduces the repeated maintenance of the saw.

Features of the Chainsaw

A more upgraded chainsaw will give you more features.

Features like-

» Anti-vibration nature,

» Low kickback property,

» Automatic oiling to the chain and chain bar,

» Side access chain tensioning system,

» Tool-less access to the filter system, etc. are some examples of those features, the presence of which into one chainsaw, increase the user comfort also increase the product output.

» Do not forget to see the safety features and safety instructions before selecting one top handle chainsaw from the market.

» Including more safety features will make safe the chainsaw while it is using.

Warranty of the Chainsaw

An extended time of warranty makes one chainsaw durable for a long time. Check the guarantee of your chainsaw before buying it.

1. What is the use of a top handle chainsaw?

Answer: A top handle chainsaw is used by any professional foresters, arborists, tree surgeons, or any hobby woodcutter.
However, a homeowner also can use this top handle chainsaw to cut a high wood brunch for his/her personal wood cutting demand.

2. Can a top handle chainsaw cause a severe accident?

Answer: Actually, each chainsaw can cause severe accidents if you are not using it properly.
A top handle chainsaw has a short chain and chain bar, and the bodyweight of these chainsaws are relatively lighter than any other gas-powered chainsaw.
Compared with other heavy chainsaws, a top handle chainsaw are less prone to causes a severe accident.

Final Verdict

Factors like power, bar length, size, weight, safety, design, and price of the chainsaw are some key ingredients that determine how your chainsaw should be!

Follow our product list, which described the best top handle chainsaw elaborately. I hope this list would be enough to be the guideline for your chainsaw purchasing.

Using a top handle chainsaw not only resolves your woodcut by climbing on a tree; it is the best choice chainsaw for many Arborists, landowners and, also homeowners as well.

If you could peak the quality top handle chainsaw, it will be the best device to pruning, Limbing, or shaping of any high tree branch climbing on the tree.

Hope soon you will get the best top handle chainsaw available into the market and will enjoy the powerful wood cutting climbing on the tree.

Thank you.