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Best Gas Chainsaw Under 200 Reviews & Advice For 2021

Best Gas Chainsaw Under 200

If you are new in the market to buy a brand new chain saw, the first thing which may fall into confusion, which brand you should buy actually?

A good chain saw is not only defined by a good blade, an easy handling or a low maintaining.  So what are the parameters which make a chain saw to become worthy of your choice?

Follow our article, we have captured the best gas chainsaw under 200 in 2020. Also, we captured a brief buying guideline into this article for your buying convenience.

We believe in customer demand and choice, hereby we always try from the bottom of our heart to make a standard product list and guideline to satisfy you.

Let’s start-

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Why is it better?
» Automatic oiling system
» Full wrap-around handle
» 12″ premium bar and chain
» Suitable for pruning branches
» 40 Volts MAX Lithium-Ion Battery

List of Best Gas Chainsaw Under 200 for 2021

Product Name Details   Price
BLACK+DECKER Cordless – 12 Inch » Cordless
» Battery-powered
» Automatic lubricating system
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Greenworks 12-Inch » Light weight 
» Battery-powered
» Automatic oiling system
Check Price
Oregon CS1500 – 18 Inch » Battery-powered
» Less noise
» Superfast self-sharpening
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Worx WG322 – 10 Inch » Battery-powered
» Automatic oiling system
» Auto-tension chain system
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Remington RM4216 – 16 Inch » Gas-powered engine
» Anti-vibration system
» Low kick-back system
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the 5 Best Gas Chainsaw Under 200 Reviews

Without further ado, here is our hand-picked review of some of the best gas chainsaw under 200 available on the market right now.

1. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw


BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw features a lithium-ion battery that can sustain for the long term. This battery can hold a charge up to five times longer than any other. This chain saw has a 12 inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain.

It includes a tool-free chain tensioning by which you can run this machine very rapidly and smoothly. This machine also is capable of offering you a rapid and easy adjustment without any hassle. The lightweight design of this chain saw allows its users to handle it efficiently and maneuverability.

The automatic oiling system of this machine allows a secured and constant lubrication of the chain and the bar. The handle of this chain saw is wrapped; therefore, it can increase smooth control and efficient handling this handle in various orientations.

A capable charger present with this cordless chainsaw. It has the capacity to charge within 4 to 5 hours fully. Even the completion of charging can indicate here with a green flash LED light.

Inside the Box

One Battery, One rechargeable Charger, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Ideal for

» A small and large amount of pruning branches.

» Small and large amounts of cutting fallen limbs.


  1. 40V Max (2.0 Ah) lithium-ion battery back-up.
  2. Can provide over 60 4×4 pine lumber cuts on one single charge.
  3. Featured to an automatic lubricating system for the bar and the chain.
  4. It gives a fast and easy adjustment with a tool-less tensioning.
  5. The handle is fully wrapped to offer a comfortable cutting in various orientations.
  6. All parts are features for outdoor use.
  7. The LCS1240 run by a 40-volt battery, which is equivalent to 45 ccs gas-powered engine.
  8. Features to bear a safety feature.
  • » Easy to handle
  • » Powerful and convenient
  • » It has a 12″ bar and chain
  • » It offers a smooth and fast cut
  • » Don’t need any gas or electric power
  • » Suitable for both small and large works
  • » Works with a maximum battery voltage of 40 volts
  • » Use huge fuel
  • » It cannot work fast as a gas-powered chain saw

2. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless

The Green works 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw is one of the most powerful chainsaw which can be used to cut the small dried trees, logs and branches very effectively. The size and weight of this saw are very standard and make this saw very handy for its users.

This saw includes a 40V Lithium-Ion Battery, which can deliver you up to 70 cuts of the woods. A robust 12-inch steel chain makes the saw capable of an easy and effective cutting process by this saw. It has also a chain bar containing a tool-less tensioning system.

A 3/8-inch chain pitch attached with the chain can make the machine suitable for an extreme trimming and with a minimum kick-back.

The automatic oiler presents into the machine, delivers oil timely to the chain and bar to makes the machine durable and capable of optimal usage. The translucent oil tank present into the machine can ensure you to observe whether the oil level is going to be finished or not.

Wrap around the handle makes the saw capable of easily handling the machine at various angles.

Inside the Box

Charger Included, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Ideal for

» Better for cutting of small trees, branches, and logs.

Top Features

  1. This chain saw is features to contain an automatic chain tensioning.
  2. It is features to contain an automatic oiling system.
  3. Contain a 12-inch bar.
  4. Total weight only 6 pounds.
  5. Handy to handle can cut almost all wood.
  6. Battery capacity up to 70 cuts.Features to multiple safety and convenience.
  7. Features to a translucent oil tank.
  • » Wrap-around handle
  • » It is capable of cutting all woods
  • » Contain an automatic oiling system
  • » Easy and effective to use and handle
  • » It has an automatic chain tensioning
  • » It has its battery, one charging life up to 70 cuts
  • » Bar length is 12 inch and the total saw weight is 6 pounds
  • » Not so capable of cut any large wood cutting
  • » Battery life is relatively less than other chain saw

3. Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500

Oregon’s 15 Amp CS1500 chainsaw is only the electric chain saw present nowadays in the market, which can sharpen itself. It is a corded chain saw and bears all the traditional features of any renowned electronic chain saw.

It can start only with a pull of a trigger, it has low maintenance hassle, and it also has low noise between the two cuts. Besides this, it is one step more than any conventional chain saw, and that is, it includes the built-in PowerSharp chain sharpening system.

This chain saw is capable of producing low vibration and low noise. It has an Over-mold comfort handle by which you can easily move the machine from different angles and orientations.

It is a corded electric chain saw including an 18 inch reduced kickback bar and chain.

Inside the Box

15 Amp electric supply cord, Charger Included, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Ideal for

» Best for trimming branches and limbs.

» It is best for big or small cutting.


  1. It can instantly start only with a pull in the trigger.
  2. Features to contain a superfast self-sharpening system.
  3. Contain a high power motor, 15 Amp with an 18 (45 cm) reduced-kickback guide Bar and chain.
  4. Contain a tool-less chain tensioning system.
  5. It contains a user-friendly design with a light and balanced-weight, low vibration.
  6. This saw has an over-Mold handy handle.
  7. Included an Integrated chain brake to ensure your safety
  8. Offer a low maintenance cost.
  9. Offer a 2-year consumer and 1-year professional Warranty.
  10. User-friendly design.
  11. Tool-less chain tensioning system.
  12. Includes an automatic oiler.
  • » Produce less noise
  • » Produce low vibration
  • » Low maintenance hassle
  • » Less prone to breaks down
  • » It has an Over-mold comfort handle
  • » Handy to use tensioner and blade sharpener
  • » Comparatively better than any smaller gas chainsaw
  • » The Oregon CS1500 always maintains top quality
  • » It can instantly start simply with one pull in the trigger
  • » It is light in weight but not portable
  • » Plastic construction may reduce machine durability

4. WORX WG322.9 Cordless Chain Saw

Worx WG322

This chain saw is features to work fast and cut clean cuts. The greatest fact of this cordless chainsaw is that it has an optical extension pole, by which you can cut the tree portion, which is usually cannot possible to cut by the blade.

The automatic cooling system of this chain saw helps to secure the chain bar and the chain from any premature tear and wear. The oil tank also has an oil level indicator, which can help you easily notify the oil level so that you don’t have to observe it manually.

This smart chain saw has an automatic tension system capable of adjusting the chain easily with the saw for a smooth and comfortable cutting operation. The battery present in this saw charged very rapidly, and the LED indicator helps you to monitor the battery life so that you can charge it on time.

This saw has a weight of 6.19 pounds, which is very easy to carry and control. The bar length of this machine is 10 inch which ensures that it is the most powerful brand among the smallest cordless chainsaw available now a day.

The handle attached with this machine offers a suitable grip so that it can reduce the fatigue at your peak operation.

It has a 20V battery, including itself, which offers you also a suitable work environment. 20 V batteries are a common power supplier in many cases, so you also can use a 20 V battery from elsewhere you already have to save your money.

Inside the Box

One Battery, One rechargeable Charger, One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Ideal for

» Large or medium type cutting process.


  1. Features to an automatic tool-free chain tension system.
  2. Offer an automated chain lubrication system.
  3. Comes with a cordless 20V battery.
  4. Automatic oiling system to secure the chain and bar from any type of unwanted wear and tear.
  • » Light in weight
  • » Easy to carry and handle
  • » The handle is very handy to grip
  • » It has an automatic oiling system
  • » Battery and charger use here also can use with other power tools from work
  • » Its chain can loosen suddenly
  • » It has the possibility of oil leakage

5. Remington Gas Powered Automatic Chainsaw

Remington RM4216

It is one of the top chainsaws in 2020 for the suburban homeowner. It has a 42 cc engine, including a sprocket-tipped 16-inch chain bar. It is features to offer you a low kick-back during the cutting operation. This chain saw has an automatic oiling system. So your chain and chain bar will automatically be lubricated from the oil tank and will give nice security to stay safe from any type of corrosion.

This chain has a very comfortable handle, along with a nice storage case. So you will enjoy the nice handling of this machine without getting being tensed. It is the best budget-friendly cordless chainsaw under 200

Inside the Box

One Bar + one Chain, One Scabbard

Ideal for

» To cut the medium to large-sized branches.

» Perfect for the suburban homeowner.


  1. Features to contain a 42cc 2-cycle gas-powered engine.
  2. It has a low kick-back facility with a 16-inch chain bar.
  3. It has a 5-point anti-vibration system. So you can enjoy a noise-free less vibrant cutting operation.
  4. It has a cushion wrap handle, which allows more balanced and smooth handling of the chain saw at a different orientation.
  5. Features to quick start technology. Just pull on the trigger, it will start automatically.
  • » Has a cushion wrap handle
  • » It has a low kick-back system
  • » Produce relatively low vibration
  • » It has a 5-point anti-vibration system
  • » It has a safety and a comfortable grip
  • » Produce less leakage of the storage oil in the tanker
  • » It is the perfect chain saw both for the amateurs and professionals
  • » Slow for any fast work
  • » Not contain a suitable weight
  • » Leak excessive oil upon storage

Buying Guideline for the best Gas Chainsaw under 200

Put your valuable concentration on the below-listed things, it will ensure you buy the most efficient chainsaw under 200.

1. Power

The power of the chain saw is directly related to the cut of the wood. The more power you have in your chain saw, the more you will able to cut the woods. So if you need to cut the woods for a bigger use, you can choose a chain saw with a bigger power supply. 

Power of the battery-powered saw is in volts; the more your battery will have, the more you will able to cut the woods.

The important thing is that a cordless battery oriented chain saw is unable to cut the wood if it has a thickness of 9 inches. In that case, electric or gas chainsaw put their performance better.

2. Speed

Power is related to the power of the chain saw. The more power will contain a chainsaw; it will be faster more. A high-speed chain saw is better always; it will never compromise with other qualities of your chainsaw as well.

3. Runtime

Runtime is mandatory if you already have decided to buy one battery oriented chain saw. The total amount of work you can run with one charge is defined as the run time of a battery-powered chain saw. However, see the battery details with its charging time, capacity, and service time prior to buying a battery oriented chain saw.

4. Noise and Vibration

You may already know that; a noise over 85 decimals may damage your ear. So it is wise to buy a battery-powered chain saw. They are capable to run quietly and they don’t produce any high vibration. The- frequency whirring sound they produce; will not so disturb you at all.

5. Mobility

Battery-powered cordless chain saws are portable and durable. You can use them anywhere you want. But you have to count the back-up charging time and the distance where you are going to cut the trees. The electric chain saw is not capable of mobile use.

6. Safety

Electric or gas powered chainsaw are more prone to be dangerous than a battery-powered chain saw. Choose the chain saw, which has a feature to supply a low kick-back or an anti-kickback facility.

7. Features

A chain saw with the following feature will ensure you to have a chain saw with the best quality and faster operation. Buy a chain saw with this below-listed facilities.

» Trigger facility

» Reduced kickback chain

» Chain brake facility

» Chain catcher facility

» Automatic oiler

» Ease of adjustment

» Bucking Spikes

» Anti-Vibration facility

» Tool-Free Chain Adjuster

8. Design

Design is an elegant thing which may take your attention to impress a lot. A good design always motivates the customer to buy the product. So don’t forget to put your importance on the design of your chain saw.

9. Warranty

Warranty is also an essential parameter to buy any countertops. Most of the chainsaw brands give an average warranty to their customers. Battery oriented chainsaw provides a minimum of 2 years of warranty. The more warranty you will get from your chain saw, the more you will get a durable and stable chain saw; keep it in your mind.

10. Price

The battery-powered chainsaw is more expensive than other gas chainsaw or electric-powered chainsaw. But they have an advanced battery technology by which you can enjoy the difference between the battery chainsaw and the corded powered eclectic chainsaw. So before any chainsaw, think twice which brands at which price you should buy.

Chainsaw Safety Tips

There are safety tips; never forget to ensure them prior to start any cutting process with your chainsaw.

  1. Don’t wear any loose clothes during the wood cutting process.
  2. Wear sturdy work boots.
  3. Never forget to wear chainsaw chaps into your legs. It will protect your legs from cutting.
  4. Wear protective hand gloves.
  5. Wear a head protective helmet.
  6. Noise above 85 decimals may damage your ears, so wear ear protection.
  7. Use a chainsaw that has a preventive measure to any kickback.
  8. Grip the saws handle properly and tightly.
  9. Before starting your cutting process checks, the chain is properly sharpened and tensioned or not.
  10. Never use your chain saw when the oil level from the oil tank comes at an empty level.
  11. Machine lubrication is very much important to prevent any premature wear and tear, mind it.
  12. Use only manufacturer recommends oil.
  13. If any spilled oil remains at the workplace, clean it vigorously.
  14. After each use, never forget to empty the oil tanker.
  15. Don tries to be hurry during the cutting process or during the handling of this machine. A hurry handling of this device may cause a severe accident.
  16. Don’t be unconscious.
  17. Keep this machine very far from children.

Final verdict

The battery-operated chain saw is durable and portable, but the main problem with them is that they are not as powerful as the electric or gas-powered chainsaws.

However, most reviewers on Amazon have been given their valuable review using the battery chainsaw. 

So by considering all of this fact today, our top pick is BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw. It is a brand that can give you some excellent woodcuts with the maximum power, speed, and pinpoint accuracy more than any other battery-powered chainsaws.

Although you will not find many renowned brands in this list, it happens because we cover a top 5 list in this article. If we had made a list up to the top ten or top twenty, many other excellent brands would come on our list.

So, this is all about today. I hope you will find the best chainsaw in your choice so soon.

Never forget to maintain the safety issues if you want to enjoy a durable product for a long time.

Start happy woodcutting with the best gas chainsaw under 200 in 2020!

Thank you.

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