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Top 5 Best Chainsaw Under $400 Reviews & Guideline For 2021

best chainsaw under 400

Day by day chainsaw is becoming a must essential household item for resulting in more output with less effort. Almost every family keeps a chainsaw along with their regular handicap items. But not all families can effort a chainsaw with a high price for which they have to go for the lower cost of the best quality.

Our effort ‘best chainsaw under 400’ is the arrangement of all the chainsaws for mid-lower income people. Besides, many of us do not like to expense more for such household items though having the capability to purchase. Few of us buy chainsaw twice or more for a different flavor of comfort in chopping wood or doing woodwork.

DEWALT MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless 16″ Cordless Chainsaw

Why is it better?
» Tool-Free chain tensioning
» Lightweight and ergonomic design
» Chain brake for kickback protection
» Auto-Oiling for continuous lubrication

Though less costly, many of our arranged chainsaws can perform better action rather than the high price chainsaw. A few of them excite the top price items and generate more output in the result. If you don’t like to break your savings to achieve a chainsaw, you don’t need for the expensive chainsaw.

There are thousands of chainsaws with fruitful features available in the chainsaw market, and among them, a few items can satisfy completely. Don’t be worried that the less you pay, the less you effort, sometimes it results well. For this, we gather here snap shoots of the best chainsaw under 400, which can help you to decide to effort it.

List of best Chainsaw Under 400 Comparison for 2021

Product Name Details   Price
DEWALT DCCS670X1 – 16 Inch » Cordless
» Battery-powered
» Auto chain lubrication system
Check Price
Makita XCU02PTX1 – 12 Inch  » Fast battery charging
» Low maintenance
» Automatic speed change
Check Price
Tanaka TCS33EDTP – 14 Inch » Easy start
» Two-stroke engine
» Automatic gear-driven oiler
Check Price
Oregon CS300 – 16 Inch » Quiet
» Auto chain oiling system
» Self-sharpening
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Husqvarna 450e-Series II – 18 Inch » Easy start
» Low fuel consumption
» High performance
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5 Best Chainsaw Under 400 Reviews 2021 Reviews

Without further ado, here is our hand-picked review of a few of the best chainsaw under 400 available in the market right now.

1. DEWALT DCCS670X1 Chainsaw


Battery-powered DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT electric chainsaw is the topper of the list of best chainsaw under 400. The chainsaw designs with different features and has become a surprise for chainsaw operators. A small chainsaw with high performance will make them smile with the perfection of using a chainsaw with complete satisfaction.

Long time rechargeable battery makes this chainsaw separate from other battery-powered saws. Another powerful feature of this chainsaw is its kickback protection. This feature has not yet provided in most of the chainsaws available in the market. Noteworthy to let you know that most accidents caused by chainsaw because of kickback.

The sixteen-inches chain bar is an ideal bar size the household use as well as for light heavy-duty operation far from home. The chainsaw has a tool-free chain tensioning feature and a bar tightening knob that enables the proper bar to fasten force.

The powerful 60V battery stores long time charge and deliver reliable fade-free power to the brushless motor performing heavy and long time duty. Once the battery fully charged, this chainsaw can perform up to 70 cuts of 6X6 inches pressure-treated pinewood!

The auto chain lubrication system built-in feature keeps the chainsaw doing the smooth operation. Everybody will love this robust and lightweight chainsaw for its multidimensional features.

Inside the Package

DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT chainsaw in a plastic case, Two 60V batteries, One rechargeable battery charger, Replacement Oregon chain (additional charge applicable)

Key Features:

  1. Auto chain lubrication system
  2. Chain brake and kickback protection
  3. Tool-free chain tensioning system and bar tightening nob
  4. Quick oil refill
  5. Driven with strong brushless motor
  6. Rechargeable, durable 60V battery
  • » Less noise
  • » Lightweight
  • » No emission
  • » Long battery life
  • » Kickback protection
  • » Not perfect for heavy-duty operation

2. Makita XCU02PTX1 Chainsaw

Makita XCU02PTX1

Makita, world-famous machine tools manufacturing company, will make you confused about choice its better chainsaw from vast of their productions. Almost all its products feature differently with many useful facilities. The version Makita XCU02PTX1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw comes to you at the lower price and will attract your full attention to love and it to be with you.

Average homeowners will love it for user-friendly features. Run with a robust brushless motor, the chainsaw featured with automatic speed change technology. The durable Lithium-Ion battery helps to work a long time and takes less time to charge. Makita XCU02PTX1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw can generate a maximum 1650 RPM steady, noiseless rotation to perform heavy-duty woodwork.

Auto chain oiling helps to make the operation smooth and no need to drain the fuel for storage. A comfortable cleaning facility allows you to perform in the home with just some simple home tools. Comparing to corded and gas-powered chainsaws, this version of chainsaw gives you comfort not less than any of its opponents. The saw is very easy to operate rather than any other.

Inside the Package

Makita XCU02PTX1 chainsaw, 2 pieces 18VLXT batteries, 1 dual-port battery charger, 1 brushless Angle Grinder, Makita 12″ Oregon Chain Saw Replacement Chain 36V Cordless, Models HCU02 HCU02C1 HCU02X2 XCU02 (9046) (Additional charge applicable)

Key Features:

  1. Maximum 1650 RPM brushless motor speed
  2. Low noise and null emission
  3. Tool-less chain adjustment
  4. Instant chain brake option in the front handle
  5. Automatic speed change in-built for changing speed and torque during operation as required
  6. Featured with Extreme Protection Technology(XPTTM) that provides dust and water resistance
  7. The battery charger features a LED level indicator
  8. Battery charges within 45 min max time
  9. Battery cooler inside the charger to protect the battery from overheat
  • » Quick battery charging
  • » Front handle safety brake
  • » Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • » Very lightweight and easy to handle
  • » Speedy and smooth operation process
  • » More than 4 hours run time with a single charge
  • » The battery charger is a little large

3. Tanaka TCS33EDTP Chainsaw

Tanaka TCS33EDTP

Pure fire engine driven Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw delivers an outstanding performance in many uses. Commercial users love to handle this saw for different woodworks, and it is specially designed for them to take out their best performances.

The 32.2 CC 2-stroke engine provides powerful performance achievable with a low price range. Though it generates high performance, the chainsaw consumes very less fuel. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 weights only 12.4 pounds, and the engine is built with a chrome-plated cylinder, forged still connecting rob and with heavy-duty gear-driven oil.

Its side mounting tool-less chain adjustment feature fastens the operation procedure for the user. All its components generate strong output for heavy-duty performance with a little chainsaw in the cheaper price range. Three types of warranty ensure the users have it without thinking twice.

Using the chainsaw in commercial use results in excellent cutting performance along with reliability. Spare parts of the chainsaw are also very available in the market. You can pronounce Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc a little monster and the best alternative in the category of ‘best chainsaw under 400’!

Inside the Package

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc, Operation manual

Key Features:

  1. 33.2 cc/1.6 hp two-stroke engine
  2. Less emission
  3. Commercial grade cutting performance
  4. Kickback protection
  5. Lightweight 12.4 lbs power-to-weight ration but higher performance
  6. Tool-less chain adjustment
  7. Easy starting by half throttle chock
  8. Automatic gear-driven oiler
  9. Built-in vibration system
  10. Offers 2-year Commercial use, 7-year Consumer use, and 1-year rental use warranty
  • » Less vibration
  • » Comfortable weight
  • » Low fuel consumption
  • » Achievable price range
  • » Heavy-duty performance
  • » Oil tank nob need 2/3 turn to open or close results emission

4. Oregon CS300 Chainsaw

Oregon CS300

Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw is the best-looking chainsaw you will ever found. The fabulous look is different from the other chainsaw available in the market. Its color combination and design make it a different one. Not only by its look but also with its performance drive to take it for your daily woodworks.

The strong brushless motor drives the chainsaw to perform solid chain rotation helps the operators cut trees at a glance, even the tougher job also. Not to mention that the manufacturer Oregon is the world-leading in its family and its production Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw is also the one that can take the lead.

With its 16 inches chain, you can perform woodwork like cutting trees and limbs very easily and quickly. Premium lithium-ion battery helps to deliver actual restless power for a long duration. With a single charge of the battery, 400 cuts can be done run time!

Very much differently, this chainsaw has a self-sharpening system by which the chain can be sharp within few seconds inside the bar. The feature minimizes downtime of the operators and is only present in the category of ‘best chainsaw under 400’. The chain also always stays oiled by a built-in Lubri-tec system and helps to reduce chain friction.

Inside the Package

Oregon CS300 Cordless Chainsaw, One 40V 4.0Ah battery, Battery charger

Key Features

  1. Very comfortable lightweight to handle
  2. Self-sharpening system
  3. In-built auto oiler Lubri-tec system
  4. Quickstart facility
  5. Built-in overload protection technology to shut off in case the chain push too hard.
  6. Very easy to assemble using the necessary household tools
  7. Almost no noise during operation
  • » Easy start
  • » No emission
  • » Self-sharpening system
  • » Auto chain oiling system
  • » Longtime stay-able battery
  • » Dust protector right behind the chain for the operator’s safety
  • » Chain installation is a little harder

5. Husqvarna 450e-Series II Chainsaw

Husqvarna 450e-Series II

The Husky 450e-series II is the second generation powerful chainsaw that will make you pleased with its all-round performance. People who like to add value in their professional quality will choose this chainsaw.

Its performance is introduced with an easy and slow pull start. It looks slim, but the body consumes heavy performance with its 50 cc X-Torq engine, which consumes very little fuel. The engine can generate a maximum up to 9000 RPM rotation, and idling speed is 2700 RPM! 7200 RPM maximum Torque speed can perform heavy-duty, which is the best in its category.

Featured auto-return switch and visible fuel level are its attractions by which the operator can handle it easily. Centrifugal air cleaning system keeps the air filter away from large dust and debris particles, thus improve engine life.

Both the rear and front handle designed to carry the chainsaw very efficiently and to operate in full pleasure. The inertia chain brake can stop the chain rotation instantly. For any kind of woodwork, even heavy-duty operations can be easily done by this powerful chainsaw with full comfort and added value. Professional operators must choose Husky 450e-series II (50CC) without thinking twice, and the chainsaw will return value in their work.

Inside the Package

Husq Model 450e-Series II (50cc) Chainsaw, Husq 18″ Bar, HLN250-72, .325, .050, Husq 18″ H30X-72, .325, .050 PIX Chain, WoodlandPRO 18″ Narrow Kerf .325″ chain loops

Key Feature:

  1. Lower fuel consumption and less emission
  2. Air injection
  3. Easy to open and close flip-up tank cap for refueling 
  4. Quick air filtering and replacement facility
  5. Auto return stop switch
  6. Visible fuel mark
  7. Very easy start option
  • » Easy handling
  • » High performance
  • » Quick and easy start
  • » Oil leaks very often

Standard Operation Procedure of a Gas Powered Chainsaw

Among the three categories, the gas engine chainsaw uses most and famous in the market. Its portability and strength make it the first of the users’ choice. Professional users don’t think any other without a gas-powered chainsaw. On the other side, a small machine with enormous power is not so easy to operate. Without previous experience or the presence of an experienced person, no one should handle this machine first. There are some standard steps to perform it smoothly should be maintained. A few of them are here for your support:

  1. Make all kinds of machine adjustment very first before the operation with power off position.
  2. Check the oil level/power level and make sure it is sufficient to finish the assigned job.
  3. Keep hands and body part 3 inches away from the margin of cutting line.
  4. Let the chainsaw reach to its full speed.
  5. Make a plan to relief cuts in advance very first.
  6. Give a good rehearsal before using a chainsaw operation.
  7. Immediately shut off the machine when the noise becomes hard. This may damage the chain and cause injury to the operator.
  8. Stop the machine and the blade before removing it from the scrap pieces.
  9. Never use the chainsaw to cut any metal objects.

Standard Safety Guide for Chainsaw Operation

Every chainsaw user, both the professionals and amateurs, should follow some vital safety guidelines while operating a chainsaw. A little mistake of the operator can cause substantial injury even can damage your life. Follow steps are few of them:

  1. Don’t operate a chainsaw while you are tired or sick or stop operation when you get tired. This rule should follow strictly.
  2. Always keep the surrounding area clean where you are standing to operate the chainsaw. Keep hanging cloths, climbers, ropes away from the chainsaw moving area.
  3. Before starting the operation of a chainsaw, wear eye protection glass, hand gloves, and hard cap. Your safety is your priority, and you are your best protection.
  4. Never wear loose clothes during the chainsaw operation.
  5. Use hearing protection for loud sounds if the chainsaw generates it.
  6. Always keep keen attention on the cutting objects and their surrounding area.
  7. Be aware of the fallen tree and move quickly, watching the falling movement of the tree.
  8. Never talk with observers during the operation of the chainsaw.
  9. During the operation, never let the moving chain come to the ground.
  10. Always activate the chain brake option before starting the chainsaw operation.
  11. Never do the operation alone. Keep someone in your area away from you as your company who can help you in any kind of accidental case.
  12. Be very careful about kickback. Take proper protection and safety for it.

Buying Guideline for the best chainsaw under 400?

To choose a gas-powered chainsaw, we should consider a few features. Very first, it will be the engine of the chainsaw. Different manufacturers deliver different chainsaw engines. Considering the brand value and strength of the engine, you should go for the chainsaw.

Secondly, the length of the bar should consider, and you have to choose it depending on what kind of operation you will perform.

A comfortable handling option should come thirdly. The comfort of the handles allows the lifting of a chainsaw and moving it at your best convenience.

As per your physical strength, the weight of the chainsaw should consider. In recent times, the instant chain brake feature is an important issue, and one of the essential elements is engine starting chock. Many chainsaws can be started very quickly with a single half or quarter pull. Modern chainsaws start running with a single or double pull stock.

Fuel consumption and emission should consider during the select of the best chainsaw under 400 for you.

What kind of chainsaw is perfect for professional users?

As we know, all kind of gas, corded and battery-powered chainsaw delivers heavy-duty operation. A gas-powered chainsaw is the best and ideal for professional users among the three categories. Though a little tough to operate, gas chainsaws’ performance cannot compare with the rest of the groups because of its power and durability.

How to avoid kickback during chainsaw use?

Kickback is the cause of almost all accidents during chainsaw operation. For an amateur user, a running chainsaw is like a removed pin grenade ready to blast. A single mistake can cause serious injury. Kickback happens because of the horizontal cutting position of the chainsaw. To avoid accidental kickback, here are a few steps:

» Position the running chain little away from the mark of the cutting object.

» Place the running blade to the mark very slowly. When it starts cutting, increase pressure very gently.

» Stop the machine while cutting ends and remove it from the scrap.

» To keep safe from kickback, never allow anyone to stay on-chain running side(i.e., if the chain runs from left to right, don’t let anyone on your right side).

How to maintain a chainsaw for long-lasting?

Few steps should follow to maintain a chainsaw and to help it to last long. Here they are:

  1. Always store the chainsaw in flat ground space. Keep it on a carpet or a thick cloth to keep your floor dusty from emission. Keep it in the horizontal position.
  2. For gas chainsaw, remove oil fully before keeping it in store for a long time. For battery-operated saw remove the battery from the machine and unplug the cord for corded saws.
  3. If possible, keep the chain separate from the bar and keep it oily.
  4. Remove the air filter and clean it properly and replace it in the machine before the store.
  5. Keep it away from dust and water, use a dust cover on it if possible.
  6. During operation, shut it off immediately if the noise of the chain becomes hard. This may cause damage to your engine and chain.
  7. Replace engine and chain oil in proper time.
  8. Sharp the chain before use if needed.
  9. Keep it away from children.

Final verdict

The manufactures and promoters are trying to reach you if you need a chainsaw. They are also empowering you to choose theirs though you have one. The best selector is you, and we tried to support you on this. A lower budget doesn’t mean less achievement.

Keep in mind that lower-income people are higher in number in the world, and the manufacturers work on it. They try to give you the best in your effort.

We wish our reviews on the best chainsaw under 400 will help you to effort it in your estimated budget. We are always with you to deliver the best choice option. Have a good time.

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