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How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain?

how to untangle a chainsaw chain

Untangling a chainsaw chain is not a too hard job you are assuming. It is also not that much easy as you are expecting too!

The metal teeth present on the chain on a chainsaw are prone not to obey your command always. The problem is that the blade containing on each of the metal teeth may cause severe harm to your hand when you want to untangle them without following the proper procedure.

Surprisingly we have some tricks to untangling any new or old chain so, if you know them now, provably you gonna ask me why I have not published this article earlier!

Whether you are using a gas-powered chainsaw or an electric chainsaw, you cannot run your chainsaw without a chain.

It is a pervasive problem many chainsaw users have to face very often, the chain itself becomes tangled when you store them separating from the chainsaw. A new chain also may have to face the same problem.

So, how to untangle a chainsaw chain?

Let’s know some easy tricks to untangle your chain.

Tools you need to untangle your chainsaw

Several accessories you will need to untangle the chain. They are as followed-

  1. A sturdy table
  2. Chainsaw gloves
  3. Toolset
  4. Chain lubricating oil
  5. Protective goggles

How to untangle a chainsaw chain?

Let’s see the untangling process in following steps-


So, you are going to untangle your chainsaw chain. Okay, fine, so what type of chain are you going to untangle?

Is it a new chain that you didn’t use even for once, or is it an old chain that becomes very old and tangled after you store it at your storeroom?

You also can untangle such a chain which is still engaged onto the chainsaw and cannot give any smooth function because of the tangling of some loops of it.

No problem, we can untangle any types of a chainsaw from them. So please turn off your chainsaw, perhaps you already have switched on your chainsaw unconsciously!

Place the chainsaw onto a sturdy and hard table. A smooth surface will help you to spread your chain more accordingly.

Remove the chain, chain bar housing of the chainsaw using a wrench and screwdriver.

If the chain is new, be careful from the sharp blade presenting on the teeth of the chain. If you want to handle those sharp blades even a little bit of your unconsciousness, it may cut your body.

For untangling the old chain, you have to use chain lubricating oil so that it will work to remove any stick or rusted chain.

Scattering the oil onto the floor may cause a severe accident, so carefully try to avoid the splitting of any oil on the floor.


Once you have taken all your initial preparations for untangling your chain, find the two opposite loops from your tangled chain.

After then, hang the whole chain by holding these two loops by both your hands. Ensure your chain is hanging from the chain loop; it will help to remove the chain slickness to each other.

Step- three

Try to make the loop bigger as much as possible. Once one loop is enlarging try to enter the opposite loop into this bigger loop.

As a result, it will help to centralize the whole chain tension against gravitational force.


It is the paramount step for untangling any chain. So, don’t remove your hand from the loop you have just selected a few seconds earlier. Now through the chain upward against the gravitational force.

As you are forcing the chain from one central loop of it, and as you are giving extra energy against the gravitation, so gravity will let your chain to release the twisted portion automatically.

So, after doing this, if still, your chain contains some tangled portion, repeat step-four twice or thrice selecting some other opposite one or two pairs loop.

Step- five

If all the above procedure is failing to untangle the chain, follow this part.

Untangle the chain from each loop/tangle.

After that, spread the chain as much as possible. Provably, this step is going to help you dramatically.

So, these five steps are all about- how to untangle a chainsaw chain. If you can follow them properly, you will able to untangle your chainsaw chain.


The blade inside the teeth of a chain is too sharp. To ensure your security at first, wear one pair of thick hand gloves during start the untangling process.

Wear safety goggles so that any oil split or any sawdust cannot blink into your eyes from the chainsaw.

Don’t try to twist your chain during the untangling procedure. If you do this, it will break your chain suddenly.

Some mandatory advice for your chain

how to untangle a chainsaw chain

Your chainsaw is only for cutting wood, so don’t try to cut anything else with this chainsaw, it will damage the chain and chain bar even the whole machine in severe case.

An unsharpened chain will give you some fine dust instead of giving you some excellent pieces of wood. So sharp your chain on time.

Maintaining a fine tensioning adjustment into your chain and bar will increase your chain longevity.

Use some quality oil to lubricate your chain and bar.

If you are an entry-level or medium-level operator of your chainsaw, perhaps you cannot handle the kickback nature of your chainsaw.

So, it is better to use a low kickback chain for you. There are so many low kickback chain available into the market, pick one of them.

Before going to start the first procedure, clean your old chain by spraying some cleaning solution or lubricating oil. It will make your old chain get free from old debris

Final verdict

In the case of untangling the chain, never forget to wear mandatory protective gear. Don’t repeatedly try if you cannot untangle each loop of your chain using any lubricating oil.

You must have to know the method and techniques on how each loop can untangle quickly and effectively.

So, if this article- How to untangle a chainsaw chain will not going to help you only untangling your chainsaw chain. Surprisingly, you can use the above methods to untangle your bicycle’s chain as well.

However, do you know any other way to untangle your chainsaw chain? If you think you know a better trick to untangling the chainsaw, please don’t hesitate to share it into our comment box.

Happy tangling! Opposes…..!!! Happy untangling…!!

Thank you.

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