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How to Put a Chain Back on a Chainsaw?

how to put a chain back on a chainsaw

A chainsaw is features to hold its chain correctly onto the chain bar, ensuring an adjustable chain tension.  

If suddenly the chemistry between the chain bar and the chain gets out of the track, this chain tension may decrease or release. Finally, the chain may leave the guide bar track and comes out from its placement.

However, it is a very regular natter to falls the chain from its place due to some defined reasons. If you also face falling out of your chain from the chainsaw, don’t worry at all.

Despite being worry unnecessarily, know How to put a chain back on a chainsaw.

Let’s start for the details process-

Why may chain fall-out from its place?

Several reasons are causing an unwanted falling off the chain from its place. Let’s identify some of them-

1. After the long term running of a chainsaw, it becomes sweltering. According to the thermodynamics law, an increase of the heat also causes an expansion of the metal.

Upon the expansion of the hot chain, it may loose and falls from its adjusting place suddenly.

2. The other reason which may cause falls down the chain from its location is- storing of excessive wood debris into the chain teeth. 

This wood debris gives a leading to falls out of the chain from the plate. The wood dust stored in the chain teeth makes unable the chain to move through the guide bar rail.

3. Any mechanical damage to your chain and chain bar also may force to fall out of the string from the chain bar.

If, for any reason, the chemistry of the chain bar groove and the chain teeth damaged for any reason, the chain can lose the rail track in between it moves smoothly, and ultimately, the chain can fall out from the route of chain bar guide rail.

4. If your chain has relatively low tension, it may fall out from its position suddenly in the middle of its running. It is a dangerous reason for which a chainsaw user can face severe accidents also.

5. A low-quality chainsaw containing a low graded chainsaw and chain bar also may cause falls down the chain from the chain bar.

How to put a chain back on a chainsaw?

Here I am writing the chain back process in following steps-


how to put a chain back on a chainsaw

It is the first step of back your chain in its previous position.

As you got a chance to clean your chain bar and chain, so gently grab this chance. Clean the chain and chain bar using a sprayer of suitable cleaning solvent. 

Please make sure each tooth of the chain bar and each drive link of it carefully cleaned up from all wood dust, oil grease, and wood debris.

Once you have cleaned well these two parts, wipe these with a dry cloth. If you wish, you can rub some lubricating oil onto your chain and chain bar using a rejected paintbrush.

Remove the relevant parts

how to put a chain back on a chainsaw

Now you have to remove some other elements from the chainsaw to successfully back your chain on its place.

A wrench or soccer will help you to remove the housing and other base parts of this chainsaw, which needs to disassemble during the setting of the chain on its back position.

Disassemble the tension adjust screws; also remove the set of bar nuts carefully.

Keep all screws and saw housing etc in a safe place. So that when you again will need these, you don’t have to find around.

Back your chain on back

So it’s the time to back your chain in its place. This process is almost the same as the replacement process of a string on its chain bar. 

However, set the chain around the bar sprocket; be sure the chain nose is standing straightforward in contrast to you.

Tight the side plate nut so that your chain can properly engage onto the chain bar. 

A combination of the proper facing of the chain and an accurate tightening of the side nut will eventually allow you to set your chain well at the chain bar.

Adjust the proper tension

After you set the chain on the chain bar, adjust the chain tensioning screw to maintain an appropriate pressure of chain into your chainsaw.

A too loose or too tight chain is an excellent obstacle for your chainsaw to smoothly doing a wood cutting job.

Turn the tension screw clockwise or anti-clockwise and set a balanced tensioning for your chainsaw.

Once you have completed the tension adjustment, place the housing back on its place; properly place all screws which were dissembled during removing of the plastic shelter.

So now, go for the re-checking step.


Be ensuring you have tightened all screws properly before you are going to take some tests from your chainsaw.

Once your physical observation is over, run your chainsaw for a few seconds for a test purpose. If you find your chainsaw is cutting the wood in the desired way, that means you have successfully back your chain on the chainsaw.

If you find still your chain is loose, again remove the chain bar, chain, and housing of your chain saw and be prepared to repeat the setting procedure of your chain on to the chain bar with proper tension. 

After setting the chain, if you can lift the chain about one-fourth inches from the bar without moving the drive link little a bit, that means your chain is adequately adjusted with proper tension to spin targeting the wood piece.

Final Verdict

Before starting any wood cutting operation, we suggest you check your chainsaw carefully is there any sign of losing the chain from its place or not.

Finally, before I end up my article, I would like to say one more thing-

Try to be more technical to choose the chain backing workplace. Working in a spacious area with proper lighting will protect your chainsaw’s screws and housings to lose.

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Thank you.

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