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Comprehensive Guide on How to Unlock a Miter Saw?

How To Unlock A Miter Saw

Is a miter saw a must-have in every home? Some may think it is not. But for others who have plans on cutting door frames, picture frames, or crown mold, it is a must have tool.

Some think that it will cost you a fortune if you buy one. These people are not aware that some models are sold at an affordable price.

If it is your first time to buy a miter saw or have plans to buy one, read this post first. This guide is written to teach the new users how to unlock the tool.

Included in this article are some tips and tricks on using the device. This how to unlock a miter saw guide would help you use the tool safely and cut woods accurately.

What is a Miter Saw?

A miter saw is a cutting tool that is usually used in making crosscuts on woods. It has a circular blade that cuts through the material. In cutting the wood, you need to push down the circular blade to cut the material.

Choosing the right size of the blade is vital as the size of the material for cutting varies. The larger blades cut the bigger pieces of material. Your choice of miter saw will also depend on the number of teeth.

The tool is very helpful in cutting into odd angles like 45 and 90 degrees. It has a fence that holds the material. Miter saws are available in different types, but all types have circular blades. But, each type has unique features.

A reliable miter saw is portable and easy to set-up. When not in use, you can fold it conveniently. It has two different locks keeping the saw safe and works efficiently – locks the up and down movement of the blade and the one that locks the angles of the front control.

Three Different Types of Miter Saws

You can choose from three different types of miter saws available in the market. Each type differs in capabilities and fits various types of saw users. Below are the three types of miter saws.

Standard Miter Saws

Among the three types of miter saws, the standard miter has less complicated features. The blades are mounted on the saw arm. Install the miter saw on a base to make cutting angles below or over 45 degrees much easier. This type of miter saw is recommended for new users.

As compared to other miter saw types, this type is quite affordable. You don’t have to be an expert or master in using the miter saw. The tool is very easy to use. Because of its weight, carrying it from one place to another is not a problem at all.

Compound Miter Saws

If you need a saw to make compound cuts, miter cuts, angled crosscuts, and bevel cuts, the compound miter saws are perfect for you. With a compound miter saw, you can adjust cutting angles easily. The blade can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees right and left. This type is also available in the double or single bevel. The double bevel blade can be tilted to the right and left.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws

The sliding compound miter saw is the better version of the compound miter saw. This type has a sliding saw blade that is not entirely fixed. The arm and blade are connected in a sliding technique. If the standard miter saw blade could cut up and down and in and out, the sliding compound miter saw will let you cut materials in various widths.

Steps on how to unlock a miter saw?

The miter saw you choose will depend on your purpose of using it. You can choose the one with a pin or prefer the one with a knob. The knob or pin is situated at the blade’s right back. Remove the pin as you apply some pressure on the miter saw head. It will unlock the head instantly. If you have a sliding miter saw, loosen the lock, and you can start cutting the material.

Bevel Locks

Bevel locks are present in different kinds of miter saw that can do bevel cuts. In unlocking the bevel lock, you have to hold the level down, press, and release upon reaching the needed angle. Another way of unlocking is by removing the bevel pin.

Swivel Lock

You can unlock the blade with the swivel lock with the use of a knob. By unlocking the blade, you can easily change the cutting angles. Lowering the saw bar, rotating, and releasing upon reaching the best angle is the right way to unlock the swivel lock.

Down Position Lock

Knowing how to carry the miter saw properly is a must. This is the purpose of having down position locks. The upper part blade is protected with guard shields. Under the miter saw table, you will find the blade’s teeth and the lower part that locks the blade’s pivot back. You can unlock them using a knob.

Blade Lock

The blade lock is a pin located at the backside of the saw. To unlock it, apply pressure on the head down as you pull the pin.

Push or Pull

Another way of unlocking the miter saw is by pushing or pulling the knob. Upon releasing the pin, the blade lifts, and the shield covers it. Make sure the guard is free of any dirt.

Preset Angle Lock

In unlocking the preset angle lock, lower the lever and release once you reach the preset angel. Use the middle of your index finger to lower the lever.

Rail Lock

The knob found at the blade arm is the one used to unlock the rail lock. This lock helps keep the milter’s saw head secured when you transport it.

Knurled Knob Lock

You will see the knurled knob lock in slide miter saw that lets you change the blade’s cutting angle. Rotate the knurled knob clockwise to unlock the swivel features of the blade.

The Angle Locks

You will find two locks at the front part of the miter saw that you use to adjust the angles. In unlocking the miter saw, loosen the knob. Another way to unlock is to lower and release the lever.

Unlocking the Table or Base

To unlock the table, all you need to do is to loosen the knob at the base of the miter saw. Look for the angle by adjusting the base.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

You probably know by now how helpful miter saw is. So, if you want it to last longer, you need to take care of it. Just like other tools, a miter saw also needs proper care and maintenance. Sharpening the miter saw blade is a must, so you will have a smooth and easy cutting.

One way of maintaining a miter saw is by applying saw lubrication. It can help in restoring the tool so it can perform well. You need to clean the miter parts regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris. If you need to cut small pieces of wood, it is best to make an additional wood fence. Then hold the piece on the wood fence so you can do the cutting smoothly.

There are two rules when it comes to locking and unlocking a miter saw. When transporting or storing, you need to keep it locked. Follow the instructions in the miter saw manual when it comes to unlocking the miter saw parts.

Safety Tips

As you already know by now, a miter saw has lots of benefits for woodworkers. But, you need to be cautious of the dangers involved in using the tool. You need to know these safety precautions to prevent the risks. The device has its safety features, but you need to be very careful on your own on using it.

The blade is the most dangerous part of the saw, so you need to be very careful when handling it. Wearing gloves can reduce the risks of getting blade injuries. And since you are working with wood materials, you may scratch your hands if you do it without wearing gloves. To protect your eyes from dust and debris, work with goggles on.

Do not forget to turn it off after using the miter saw. Store it in a safe area away from your kids’ reach. Storing it in the garage is a good idea. But if you do not have one, you can keep it somewhere safe. Make sure to lock all the miter saw parts, including the blade guard.

The most vital safety precaution is to follow the instructions thoroughly. Many miter saws include a manual. You will found the answers to your questions in the manual. To troubleshoot your miter saw in case of problems when using it, you can always consult the manual.


If this is your first time to use the miter saw, make sure you read this guide first before using the tool. We recommend that you use the standard miter saw as it is less complicated to use for beginners.

Unlocking the tool is also easy. It is best to have a better understanding of how to deal with it. If you follow this how-to unlock a miter saw, you will not have any problem in unlocking the tool.

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