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Are Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

Are Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

Are Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

The first thing is that you cannot say yes or no as an answer to this tricky question. To get a perfect explanation of this question, you need to think as an all-rounder about chainsaw handling. So, start to take your preparation to be a chainsaw all-rounder!

The second thing is that, yes, chainsaw bars are interchangeable. But it is a complicated process and whether it is possible or not depends on various factors.

Factors which determine the interchangeable facility of the chainsaw bar

Many people may often think that buying of reputed brand’s chain bar can ensure the interchangeable capacity of itself into any other chain. The bad news is that they are feeling 100 percent wrong.

And the good news is that the interchangeability of any chain bar onto any chain is determined upon various parameters. So, what are those parameters?

Let’s take a look into these-

Size of the bar

chainsaw bar size is the main thing that can initiate the interchanging process. You are trying to use the same bar for two different chainsaws; each of them must have to run by the same bar size.

You can measure the bar visually, but when you want to go for the interchanging process, measure the width and length of the bar with a measuring tape. 

Once you have measured the bar if this measurement matches the bar, which means you cannot go-ahead for the interchanging process.

If they match up correctly, it doesn’t indicate you can surely use the bar interchangeably. Some other factors also fix whether you can make this interchange or not.

Tensioner hole

The tension hole is the piece of metal parts that needs to adjust the whole chain onto the chain bar. If you want to use your chain bar on other chainsaws, both the chain and the bars Tensioner hole should be appropriately matched with each other.

Volt slot

Like the Tensioner hole, the Volt slot is another metal piece that holds the bar on the chain. So, if both the bar and the chain have a similar Volt slot, your chain bar from another brand or model may attach here.

Oiler hole

There is no more scope to think that every chainsaw has an automatic oiler from which automatic oiling of the chain and bar are occurring. Still, in some models, the automatic oiler is not included. Hence, this model is constructed, including the manual oiler hole.

So, see at first which model or brand’s chainsaw you are going to interchange. For any manual oiler hole containing chainsaw, if you want to use another brand’s chain bar, similarities between both of them are mandatory.

Changing the Bar

Confirm a tight-fitting of the chain bar on the newly placed metal post so that it does not sway the setting. If the chain bar becomes too small or too big, it can force it to create a dangerous condition for the chainsaw.

However, ensure a proper adjustment of the bar within the oiler nipple. If the bar set away from the oiler opening, you will be unable to lubricate the chain and the bar on time, which may create a sudden stop and breakdown of the machine.

Changing the Chain

Changing a chain bar also needs to change the chain as well. You can set the bar onto the chain in two different ways.

Firstly, the diameter of the chain bar and the sprocket must be precisely and properly tightened. And the second thing is that; confirm the proper setting of the drive links in between the volt slot.

One thing keeps on your mind; if the guide links are too small, the chain will go through repeatedly. And if your chain becomes too large, you have to exert extra pressure continuously. Both these two scenarios can put in danger.

The pitch and the measurement of the chain bar are placed on the heel. And the pitch and size of the chain depend on the box it is packaged it.

Both the measurement you have to match before starting the interchanging process. If both of them don’t match anyhow, don’t try to interchange the bar onto another chain, it may create a dangerous situation both for you and the chainsaw.

Changing the Sprocket

Changing the sprocket is mandatory to change the bar into a new chain. The drive links on the chain tightly should fit onto the grooves on the drive sprocket. The driver sprocket works to transfer power from the engine to the chain. That’s why it is mandatory to slipping the chain around the gear properly. 

When the guide links become too small, then the sprocket and the drive link it may grind them suddenly. And when the guide links become more massive than the desired size, the machine chain can bind the user’s leg and causes a severe accident. 

Our Explanation

are chainsaw bars interchangeable?

If the size of the chain bar, tensioner hole, volt slot, and the manual oiler matches between the chain and bar, you can set the bar on the chain. So, go for the next step- remove the existing chain bar from the chainsaw and replace it on the other chainsaw’s chain.

So, it’s not the finishing let’s tell me something more important-

After setting the chain bar into your chainsaw from another one, observe whether your chainsaw with the replaced bar is working correctly or not.

Once your inspection is over, watch the result- If you got a satisfactory result with the replaced chain bar into your chainsaw, it is an excellent opportunity for you. You know what you can do now. You have an option to use the chain bar interchangeably from one brand to another. 

And secondly, if you are not satisfied with the work potency of your newly places chain bar, stop to interchange again with the same chain and bar. 

Perhaps you need a chain bar with another brand or model. Or you can recheck all the setting parameters either appropriately matched or not. 

For example, see from the start and watch if the tensioner hole correctly lines the bar is not if the volt slot and the oiler hole match precisely, or they have a little bit of deviation!

However, a successful interchanging of a chain bar on another chain sometimes may need a little bit of your previous experience and also your full concentration.

Final Verdict

So before you are facing a severe accident, you should seriously know the in details process and cautions of interchanging a chain bar into another chain.

Doing anything which is not suggested into your machine manual, it may cause injury onto your leg and hand even you are wearing chainsaw protected equipment.

To avoid any risk of your body and the machine’s chain, clutch, and crankshaft user manual twice at first.

One thing bears on your mind; if your device is damaged, you may recover it anyhow. But if your body got damage, you might not improve it by any means.

So that’s all about on –are chainsaw bars interchangeable. If this article can help you even a little bit, it will make us happy.

Take care of your machine and yourself.

Thank you.

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