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5 Best Chainsaw Under 250 Reviews & Buyers Advice In 2021

Best Chainsaw Under 250

Why do we need to buy one of the best chainsaw under 250 dollars? Let’s know the details guideline with five excellent product reviews-

A good chainsaw is essential equipment that you need to complete some of your wood related outdoor works.

Whether to trim the overgrown trees or to store the log for the upcoming winter or for the rainy season, an automatic woodcutter machine can help you to accomplish all the tasks very swiftly and in an organized way.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 435e II Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Why is it better?
» 40.9 cc engines.
» 16-inch chain bar.
» 2- stroke engine.
» 9000 rpm work speed.
» Automated chain brake.
» Side-mounted chain tensioning system.

A chainsaw with maximum power, extreme capacity, and with using versatility is a friend of your cutting wood needs.

So what is the prime concern you are looking after into your chainsaw?

The versatility of a right chainsaw depends on the engine size of the gas chainsaw, voltage power for the electric cordless chainsaw, etc.

The cutting blades length, fuel consumption capacity, carbon emission way, the auto lubricating features, and the auto vibrating features are some other vital parameters that you should look into your chain saw.

Best chainsaws under 250 USD, offer you a cutting blade with a length up to 12 or 18 inches. 

However, finding the right chainsaw at a fixed price is a pretty complicated and time-consuming process. There are so many brands, and so many offers are available into the chainsaw market, you may fall into a deep confusion about which brands you should choose and buy.

So we are here to reduce such confusion and thinking- we are giving a top list of the best chainsaws under 250. Our list will help you manage your chainsaw buying without breaking your savings and obtaining the versatile saw from the market.

List of Best Chainsaw Under 250 for 2021

Product Name Details   Price
Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 4.0 AH Battery Included 20312 1. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Chainsaw » Battery-powered
» Easy to maintain
» No noise
Check Price
Husqvarna-16-Inch-435e-II-Gas-Chainsaw 2. Husqvarna 16 Inch 435e II » Consume low fuel
» Quick-release air
» User-friendly
Check Price
Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw with Carrying Case 3. Poulan Pro PP5020AV – 20 Inch » Two-stroke engines
» Anti-vibration
» Light weight
Check Price
Makita XCU02Z 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 12″ Chain Saw 4. Makita XCU02Z – 12 Inch » Battery-powered
» Low maintenance
» Portable
Check Price
EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw – Battery and Charger Not Included 5. EGO Power+ CS1600 – 16-Inch » Battery-powered
» Less chain tension
» High performance
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Best Chainsaw Under 250 Reviews

Without further ado, here is our hand-picked review of some of the top chainsaws under 250 available on the market right now.

1. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 4.0 AH Battery Included 20312

Green work cordless chainsaw move one step further from using Lithium-ion batteries. It is such chainsaw that is comparable with any gas-powered chainsaw.

This chainsaw is capable of producing a 30% more efficient Torque and 70% less vibration than any gas or battery-powered chainsaw.

This chainsaw featuring the latest upgraded technology, and that is- the brushless technology that can extend the machine durability can smooth the cutting process with an ability to produce less noise relatively to any gas chainsaw available in the market.

This chainsaw is the first and only one electric cordless chainsaw, which can compare with any gas chainsaw. 

This chainsaw includes a heavy-duty Oregon bar, a chain, .0375 chain pitch, chain brake, metal bucking spikes, and an automatic oiler along with the machine.

All these features work together to make capable of this chainsaw so that it can accomplish the cutting process very quickly and effectively.

So once if anybody tried our product, we can guarantee, he/ she would never like to go back to mix the oil and fuel consumption.

This chainsaw is a fantastic lawn tool for any lawn enthusiasts.

Inside the Package
16 inches chain bar, one Oregon chain bar, one 40 volts 4.0 battery, and one user manual.

Top features:

  1. It includes a 40-volt battery, which is capable of providing you up to 100 cuts in one single charge.
  2. It is light in weight machine.
  3. Produce less harmful byproducts and emits less hazard in the air.
  4. It includes a chain brake mechanism with an anti-kickback option.
  5. It includes a 16-inch chain bar.
  6. The Brushless Motor containing into this machine, ensure noise-free efficient woodcutting.
  7. A tool-less Chain tensioning adjust system makes the user save a lot of time also a smooth chain operation.
  • » It has a 40-volt battery.
  • » Easy to use and maintain.
  • » Produce almost no noise.
  • » Includes a 16 inches chain bar.
  • » This chain saw is light in weight device.
  • » It is not capable of doing a heavy-duty job.
  • » The life of this machine is only for four hours.

2. Husqvarna 435e II Chainsaw

Husqvarna 435e II

This gas chainsaw has a chain bar with a 16-inch size. Husqvarna 16 inch chainsaw has the quick start of technology, which allows a smarter and sharp starting of the cutting process.

This machine is gas-powered so that you can have enough power into your device, and you can complete that’s task efficiently.

With this chainsaw, you can prune your trees, limb it, or cut it for your fireplace. 

The x-cut designs initiate a professional starting of woodcutting. You can enjoy a quality cut wood cutting as per your demand.

The ergonomic design, professional competency, and overall, the gas chainsaw features of this chainsaw makes this device durable, practical, easy to use.

It includes some extreme qualities x force chain bar, which is durable, light in weight, and takes less maintaining hassle from its.

The centrifugal air cleaning system keeps all the large debris and wood splinter far from the air filter so that they cannot go in contact with the machine engine. It can ensure the engine stays safe for a long time and provide optimize productivity. 

Like all the best chainsaws, this chainsaw is features to the anti-vibration facility. This facility can reduce machine vibration when it is operating. So it can prevent the possibility of any unwanted slip down of the machine from your hand.

It also can block any discomfort feeling into both your arm, which initially may create due to the excessive machine vibration.

Inside the Package
Chainsaw with a 40.9 cc engine, one 16 inches chain bar, one chain bar, one orange chain bar cover, 2. 6 ounces 2 cycle fuel, and one user manual.

Chain and bar oil are not included here. You can separately buy some safety items like-Chaps, Gloves, Helmet separately from Husqvarna.

Top features:

  1. It includes an x- cut chain and x- force chainsaw bar.
  2. It has 40.9 cc engines with a maximum work speed of up to 9000 rpm.
  3. The engine of this saw is 2-cycle, and it is featuring the activated chain brake technology.
  4. The 16-inch chain bar offers you a wood cutting as your desired thickness. 
  5. The automatic chain supplier present into this machine confirms the chain and bar work non-stop. 
  6. It has a side-mounted tensioning system. 
  7. It features a quick-release air filtration system.
  8. The x- torque features promote a lower fuel consumption and low emission.
  • » Consume low fuel.
  • » Includes a 16 chain bar.
  • » Good for the heavy-duty job.
  • » Side-mounted tensioning system.
  • » Quick-release air filtration system.
  • » It has 40.9 cc engines which can work at a 9000 rpm.
  • » It is environmental-friendly with low emission capability.
  • » Relatively heavy.
  • » May seems difficult for the non-professional.

3. Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PP5020AV

Poulan offered this gas chainsaw with a 50 cc two-stroke engines. Poulan Pro Chainsaws offer the latest and upgraded chainsaw in the saw market.

The leading price and the feature like- ‘No one can cuts like a pro’ make this chainsaw affordable and enjoyable for a daily quality cut at your budget.

Presenting of a 50cc long-lasting (Dura life) engine, Stylist Clutch Cover makes this chainsaw worthy for a dynamic professional using as well.

The anti-vibration features make this chainsaw reduce the handle breakdown; also reduce your arm stiffness. 

It has an automatic oiler attacked inbuilt with the machine, can automatically oiling on over the chain and bar. So chain and bar durability increases and reduce the tendency of any premature breakdown.

It has an excellent clean air filtration system, which works efficiently to stop any contact of wood debris and particles to the engine. As a result, engine durability for a continuous running enhanced accordingly.

The instant pull starting system of this machine does not let your afford told loss even for a few minutes, you can enjoy an easy, and quick starting of your chain saw.

Inside the Package
Chainsaw with a 50 cc Dura Life engine, a 20-inch long chain bar, one carrying case, one on-board locking scrench holder, and one user manual.

Top features:

  1. It has a Dura Life engine with a capacity of 50 ccs.
  2. The Super clean air filtration system keeps secure both the filter and the engine as well.
  3. It offers a simple pulling start system.
  4. It has a chain bar with a 20-inch length.
  5. It includes anti-vibration features.
  6. It has Tool-free access to the filtration system.
  7. It includes an automatic chain oiler. 
  8. Moreover, offer you a free carrying case and on-board locking scrench holder.
  • » Light in weight.
  • » It includes a Scrench Holder.
  • » It has anti-vibration features.
  • » Power source is a 50 cc engine.
  • » It gives security to protect arms fatigues.
  • » It is easy to use and convenient for maintenance.
  • » It is the best chainsaw for Bucking and Felling tasks.
  • » Difficult to move.
  • » It has Sprocket Limitations.
  • » It needs extra hassles to carburetor adjustment.

4. Makita XCU02Z Chainsaw

Makita XCU02Z

Makita launched this chainsaw with a total diameter up to 12 x 10 x 11 inches. The total weight of this chainsaw is 8.8 pounds.

The power source of this chainsaw is 2 LXT Lithium-ion batteries, which has a capacity of 18 volts. You will need two 18 voltage battery, i.e., a total of 36 volts to run this chainsaw.

This 36-volt power is much capable of providing you a gas-powered level performance.

The XCU02Z Chainsaw has a 12-inch chain bar that is capable of providing you mid-level woodcutting at your quality demand.

The inbuilt Makita motors provide a 650 FPM speed, which gives you a quicker and super speed wood cutting.

This cordless chainsaw contains a tool-less chain adjustment; it is also featuring a zero-emissions because you don’t have to use any gasoline here.

This chainsaw has a low maintaining hassle; it also produces less noise.

Makita chainsaw has a tool-less chain adjustment system. Additionally, it has electric chain brake facilities.

The front hand guard of this machine is engineered to an auto chain brake system. It is a safety feature of this chainsaw which can extend the machine life also can help you to stop the machine suddenly in an emergency. 

As you don’t have to refuel this machine repeatedly, so this machine also can save your money and time.

The package of this product comes with a chainsaw without two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, a 12-inch long chain bar, and one user manual.

Inside the Package:
Chainsaw without two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, a 12-inch long chain bar, and one user manual.

The packaging of this electric chainsaw comes with only Tools: battery and other items you have to purchase separately.

Top features:

  1. It has two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, which provide a total of 36-volt power.
  2. This chainsaw produces a relatively very low noise up to 89 dB (A).
  3. It produces zero emissions.
  4. It has a 12-inch chain bar for a quality wood cutting.
  5. It is features to provide a tool-less chain adjustment system.
  6. As a safety feature, a chain brake system is included within this machine.
  • » Portable.
  • » Easy to use.
  • » It is light in weight device.
  • » It offers a smarter starting.
  • » Low maintenance chainsaw.
  • » Includes an automated chain brake system.
  • » Can leak oil when storage the machine.
  • » This device is not sufficient for any heavy-duty job.

5. EGO Power+ CS1600 Chainsaw

EGO Power+ CS1600

EGO power chainsaw has a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of up to 56 volts.

The 16 inches chain bar allows you to cut any type of wood with a thickness of about 16 inches or less of them.

The combination of the chain bar and the Brushless motor enables a super-fast action within a short time.

This machine contains a Double Guard Bar and a Narrow-Kerf Sprocket Nose.

The EGO POWER+ Chain Saw capable of giving you a gas-powered chainsaw performance without giving you any odd noise.

This chainsaw is compatible with any other EGO POWER+ ARC Lithium™ batteries (you have to buy separately), which makes this chainsaw user-friendly in an optimized scale.

If you buy this chainsaw from authorized EGO dealers, they will offer you a five years limited warranty against this product.

Inside the Package:

EGO POWER+ Chain Saw, without batteries, a 16-inch long chain bar, and one user manual.

The packaging of this chainsaw comes with bare tools; battery and charger are not included in this. You have to purchase each of them separately from any EGO licensed retail shop.

Top features:

  1. It has a Brushless and highly efficient motor.
  2. This chainsaw has a Lithium-ion battery with 56 voltage power.
  3. It has a 16 inches chain bar that is capable of cutting a standard thickness wood in your backyard. 
  4. This chainsaw is features to contain a Tool-less chain adjusting system.
  5. The weather-resistant capacity of this machine makes it capable of running even in a rough environment. 
  6. The 6800 rpm enables you to cut any hardwood, softwood, and so on.
  7. The anti-kickback chain brake facility of this Lithium battery-powered chainsaw contains a safety feature both for you and the machine.
  • » Protects your arm from discomfort.
  • » Contain a 16 inches Oregon chain bar.
  • » Tool-less chain tensioning adjustment.
  • » It has 56 voltage Lithium-ion batteries.
  • » It has a super-efficient Brushless motor.
  • » Constructed by weather-resistant materials.
  • » It contains Chain Brake and anti-kickback facility.
  • » It takes a complicated process to fill the oil tank.
  • » It provides 6800 rpm work speed, which is a low work speed compared with any gas-powered chainsaw.

Why do You need to buy a chainsaw at 250 dollars?

We heard many people think that an expensive device is always showing excellent performance, and a cheap device still features low quality and reduced functionality. Is it true always? No, it is wrong sometimes!

A right quality chainsaw doesn’t indicate that it should buy at a considerable price if you try a little bit; it is possible to buy a good chainsaw at a low price range.

The first thing is that if you have any chance to buy a good chainsaw with a cheap budget, why not you will buy this? Who doesn’t want to save the money?

Customers are prone to think that a chainsaw with high prices is making the chainsaw able to be durable and fast-acting for the long term. Even some supplier also tries to understand the customer about this fact.

The first and vital fact is that only price itself not capable of dictating the chainsaw quality. There are also so many features included with a chainsaw, combination all of them makes a chainsaw quality full.

An overblown price not always gives you the desired chainsaw. Yes, it is true you may fall in love to buy one branded chainsaw with a considerable cost, but believe us- There are so many upcoming brands here available around you, which are offering you the same quality within a low price.

Don’t believe just on us. Do a little bit of research about the chainsaws reviews and offers; you will find the best chainsaw within a cheap rate and excellent features, including with the machine.

We not only make a product list based on the price savings matter, but we also consider the quality, function, offers, design, maintenance, and using the capacity of all these five chainsaws.

Buying Guideline for the best chainsaw under 250

chainsaws types

At first, decide what kinds of chainsaws you are going to buy. There are several chainsaws available into the market, gas or electric corded or cordless, and so some others. Electric loppers are also a great option in the case of the electric chainsaws.

The size and placements of your workplace, the volume, and pattern of your cutting wood, etc. are some of the influencing parameters which can determine which type’s chainsaw you should buy.

1. Gas-powered chainsaw

This type’s chainsaws are a trend to give a heavy-duty job more suddenly. The faster work speed and the engine power make this machine worthy of cutting any types of wood anywhere.

They may contain a chain bar within a range of 15 to 20 inches. A professional woodcutter is prone to use a gas-powered chainsaw, which has a 20 inches chain bar.

However, for light use, a gas chainsaw with a small chain bar can increase the process efficiency to a great extent.

2. Corded-Electric chainsaw

Maximum electric chainsaw runs with the help of a power cord connection to the switchboard. This type of chainsaw is suitable for the homeowner as they can cut wood in their backyard or the front side of their home.

This chainsaw cannot use as portable, and it also has a limited function to slow the work speed.

3. Cordless Electric chainsaw

The power source of this chainsaw is a battery. As they are free from any power cord, so they can use it as a mobile counterpart as well.

These chainsaws are useable for light use; they contain a 12-inch chain bar typically.

Sometimes this type of chainsaw may become more expensive than any gas chainsaw.

4. Electric Loppers

They contain relatively deficient weight. The cutting vehicles are placed two feet far from the handle. Besides, this type of chainsaw includes a significant number of safety jaws.

Electric Loppers are best for that person, who love to cut the wood but cannot go ahead due to the fear.

Tricky features which should carefully observe before buying the Chainsaw

Purchasing a chainsaw at fixed prices also fixed the limit for some upgraded features and technology. So let’s solve this tricky matter quickly through research.

We have researched thoroughly and make a list of most wanted parameters for the best Chainsaw under 250. 

1. Chain bar length

A chainsaw bar length is a parameter that fixes the capacity of the wood length you will able to cut off. If you select a long length chain bar, you will able to cut more extensive and thicker trees.

A chainsaw contains a chain bar within a range from 6 to 20 inches. The professional woodcutter uses a long-chain bar, whereas to accomplish any medium home job, you can buy a medium-chain bar. More than 15 inches chain bar, professional woodcutter, or lumberer uses them.

If you want to use your chainsaw to trim the trees or to cut the small section of small trees, a chainsaw with up to 15 inches chain bar is enough.

For cutting a relatively large tree or making a log of them, cutting wood for your fireplace requires a chainsaw containing a chain bar with 15 to 20 inches sizes.

2. Power

Power of a chainsaw depends on the different options of your chainsaw. Power capacity determines by depending on the power source of the gas-powered, electric-powered, or battery-powered chainsaw.

A Chainsaw under 250 very often offer you a chainsaw with extreme power in its engine or battery. However, the power of the chainsaw depends- on the engine of a gas chainsaw and the voltage of an electric chainsaw.

The mobility and the way to run of each chainsaw depend on the power source of each chainsaw. Suppose, for a gas chainsaw or battery-powered chainsaw will offer you a chainsaw with mobility, but you have to refuel or recharge them regularly.

Again electric cord powered chainsaw will not keep you in any hassle to refuelling daily, but it cannot carry this type chainsaw in out of your yard.

The power of the gas chainsaw depends on its engine, the more cc engine you will buy, the more action you will obtain.

The battery-powered chainsaw will also decorate its power depending on the capacity of the battery. A more ohm or voltage battery will deliver a potent power into your chainsaw.

Engine or battery is the powerhouse of each chainsaw. So before buying one best chainsaw, think twice which capacity you should choose.

At this budget, a gas-powered chainsaw will be perfect for anyone. A chainsaw that is run on gasoline has mobility features that also can deliver extreme power.

3. The safety features

It is the significant parameter of any chainsaw. So why you need safety features? And which safety features should you look for?

The first thing is safety features of any chainsaw not only keep you secured while running the machine, but it also helps to increase the machine durability as well.

A chain saw features to the upgraded safety features able to prevent any premature machine broken.

However, there are lots of safety features included in the available chainsaw in the market; kickback bar and auto-stop chain are most significant among them. These two safety features help you to prevent your body cut or other injuries if you suddenly fail to control your chainsaw.

4. Easy of use

Operating or handling a chainsaw is not a kid’s job. It is a challenging job; that’s why a few times ago; only a professional woodcutter was used to do any cutting wood job.

However, as technology has upgraded a lot, many safety features, including some other enhanced features force to upgrade a complicated chainsaw into simple.

So an ordinary homeowner now a day is capable of curt the wood for his home using.

A chainsaw with an ergonomic design, light in weight, with a handy handle is offering you an easily usable chainsaw. A Tool-free chain adjustment is a bonus among this.

Some other features like side anti-vibration feature also enhance the easiness of any chainsaw operations.

5. Automatic oiler

It is a new feature, including almost many chainsaws. If you have automatic oiling saw machine, you don’t have to tense about the manual oiling process into your chainsaw. Even it will prevent any sudden shut down of the engine if the oil is finished.

An automatic oiler automatically lubricates the chain and bar and prevents any premature wear and tear.

Safety equipment for the Chainsaw

Personal safety is the first thing that you should ensure before starting to operate a chainsaw. Sometimes ensuring your safety also brings a durable life for the device as well. Here we are listing some safety types of equipment which you should buy when you are purchasing a chainsaw as per your requirements.

» Don’t forget to use a pair of Chaps to protect the legs from any injury. You can also buy on damage protected pants if you want to avoid using Chaps.

» Wear a hard hat or helmet to protect your head and ear from wood debris and loud noise.

» Buy one side shield which will protect your eyes from close contact with the wood pieces and dust.

One pair of hard hand-gloves.

» Buying of Earplug and Earmuffs will protect your hearing from the loud noise created during the operation of your chainsaw.

» Using Boots with steel toes with adult soles will ensure any sharp edge wood pieces will not injure your toes.


How To Choose A New Chainsaw?

First, think twice why do you want to buy a chainsaw? If you are a professional woodcutter, then I am sure you can fix the best quality chainsaw as your demand.
However, if you are a new woodcutter and don’t know in detail about any woodcutter, then our suggestion is you to buy such chainsaw, which is easy to use and comfortable to handle.
All chainsaw manufacturers are producing new chainsaw with upgraded technology and new and frugal metals to make the chainsaw very durable, robust, and comfortable.

What Is Chainsaw Protection Equipment?

There is some protective equipment that can ensure your safeguard and security while you are running a chainsaw with your full concentration. Woodcutting with a chainsaw is not a work of kids; it is a dangerous job and needs some safety types of equipment.
Helmet, Chaps, A hard hat, hand gloves, one side shield, Earplug and Earmuffs, Boots with a steel toe, and cut protector pant, etc. are some protective elements that can ensure you a friendly safety while running and cleaning the chainsaw.

Explain The Mixing Of Oil With Gas

Gas chainsaw contains an oil tank that is required to run the chain and bar non-stop.
So all 2-cycle engine needs to mix the oil with the gas instead of using only oil or only gas. It helps to boaster engine performance quickly.
Moreover, Using of chainsaw bar oil instead of any ordinary motor will also increase the chain and bar activity. Regular oil contains a high-tack additive, which prevents the nice slinging of the chain when it is run.

From Where Will You Purchase The Chainsaw?

We have consulted with some renowned foresters and loggers to know some brands from where we should buy our desired chainsaw. They suggested us to buy a chainsaw from Husqvarna, Poulan, and Stihl from any active local dealer.
If you buy any reputed brand from the renowned chainsaw dealers, they will provide a long term service with no doubt.

How To Measure The Length Of The Chain?

You can determine the length of your chain by counting the drive links placed on the chainsaw. Drive links are features to guide the chain via the Guide bar rails and rounds the sprocket.
The number of each guide bar has a match of drive links; if this match anyhow damaged, this chain bar no more will work properly.
Final Verdict

It is all about our today’s article on the best chainsaw under 250. Hopefully, this list will help you to find the desired chainsaw to fill all your requirements. Choosing the best quality chainsaw is not an easy task, and if you go to the market to find the best chainsaw under a fixed budget, it becomes more complicated.

However, to make your complicated task very simple and easy, we made this list of best top 5 chainsaws under 250 USD. Only confirm one thing before buying the chainsaw, you need a two hundred percent confirmation about the quality and durability of the chainsaw which you are going to buy at a range of 250 dollars.

For trimming and pruning purposes, a chainsaw at 250 dollars is much capable of meeting your demand, but if you are expecting a heavy-duty job, most probably, you have to increase your budget.

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