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Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews In 2021

With the experience of more than 50 years in producing tools and equipment, North American Tool Industries (NATI) produces chainsaw with the brand name Blue Max. The powerful cutting machines are very popular to the landowners, professionals and home users. There are many series of chainsaws of Blue Max and every one of them are the leaders in their categories. In our effort on Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews, we will bring the chainsaws of blue Max brand to know details about them and will find why they are popular.

Adding different innovative technologies in the cutting tool, Blue Max chainsaws has become one of the best chainsaws available in the market.

Our experts reviewed all the Blue Max chainsaws and their tolls and technologies to segregate them in many categories. Among all of them Blue Max Gas Chainsaw 52cc, Blue, 20″ leads overall the best Blue Max Chainsaw category. Here we present its a few magnetic features for your better judgment.

In A Hurry? The Test Winner After Our Research

Why is it better?

» 51.5 CC powerful gas engine
» 20 inches bar and chain
» 10,500 max. engine rotation speed
» 0.5L fuel tank capacity
» Very less emission
» Anti-vibration design
» Maximum safety features included

Top 4 Blue Max Chainsaw (Table Comparison)

Image Product Name Details Price
» 52CC gasoline engine
» 20 inches bar and chain
» Well balancing tool
» Less fuel consumption
» Low vibration
» 45CC gas engine
» Easy and effortless staring
» Auto Ignition CDI system
» Anti-kickback
» Effective auto chain oiler
» Facility of 14 and 20 in. chain installation
» 45CC 2-stroke engine
» 30% more teeth in the chain
» Extreme low-level vibration
» CDI ignition system
» 18 inch strong chain
» 32.6CC powerful gas engine
» 4500 RPM top speed
» 10 inches bar and chain
» Anti-vibration system
» A very easy and faster starting procedure.
» Well balancing saw

4 Best Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews in 2021

1. Blue Max Gas Chainsaw 52cc, Blue, 20″

To lead the best chainsaw category, Blue Max introduced its powerful 52CC gas engine chainsaw in the market with all the cutting strength in it.

The powerful engine of the saw rotates with strong torque to perform heavy-duty wood cutting jobs.

The strong rotation of the engine rotates at max. 10,500 RPM speed which becomes 2700-3400 idling speed for cutting of any hardwood.

The single-cylinder, 2-stroke Eco Boost engine runs with gasoline and gives remarkable lower emissions while runs. The increased power and reduced fuel consumption features of the engine minimizes operation cost to perform its operation.

Along with its many additional features, low range anti-kickback reduces risks during operation. Like other well-performing chainsaws, Blue Max 52CC also has tool-less chain tensioner and chain brake safety features.

The powerhouse gives freedom from the exhaust by adding anti-vibration design with it. The ergonomic design of the tool allows its users to handle with full comfort with center balanced handle. While in action, the tool gives maximum control on it without being fatigued. The chainsaw also has the automatic bar chain lubrication system to keep the chain consistently oiled during its operation.  

Key Features

  1. 52CC gasoline engine to deliver strong chain rotation up to 10500 RPM.
  2. 20 inches bar and chain to facilitate large tree and woodcutting.
  3. Built-in anti-kickback safety feature to reduces accidental injury of the users.
  4. Anti-vibration system designed to reduce vibration reach to the handle.
  5. Automatic chain and bar oiling system to consistent lubrication for smooth operation.
  6. Less fuel consumption during operation.

Inside the package

Blue Max Gas Chainsaw 52cc, 20 inches chain, user manual, tool case, warranty guide.

Product Specification

Engine Displacement51.5cc
Engine RotationMax Speed 10500RPMIdling Speed 2700-3400 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity0.5L
Oil Tank Capacity0.24L
Bar and chain size20 inches
Chain Gauge0.05 inch
  • » Powerful engine
  • » Strong chain rotation
  • » Auto chain oiler
  • » Low vibration
  • » Less fuel consumption
  • » Anti-kickback
  • » Maneuverability
  • » Less emission
  • » Oil leaks often

2. Blue Max 8902 14-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

For cutting of small trees and firewood, Blue Max introduces its 14 inches 45CC gas chainsaw for landowners and part-timers.

The tool allows a combination of installing 14 and 20 inches bar and chain for performing different types of cutting according to the job nature.

The additional bar and chain attached with the case of the chainsaw. The installation facility of both the 14 na d 20 inches bar size is just like two chainsaws in one.

Driven with one of the best gasoline-driven 45CC engines, the chainsaw can deliver that much of power for cutting of tough wood. In load time the engine can deliver up to 2800 RPM speed that enough for any though cutting instant. The engine has a very quick and easy starting facility with simple least pulls. The effortless effective system starting is successful even in sub-zero temperature.

The center balancing chainsaw allows comfortable handling for cutting performance. With the front handle, the tool can be balanced easily. The anti-kickback safety feature of the tool makes low range kickback to ensure maximum safety during the action. The chain of the saw has more than 30% teeth than usual for ultimate faster cutting operation.

The effective chain oiling system lubricates its running chain consistently for efficient and smooth cutting. The instant chain brake option is also a major safety feature of the tool. Like other Blue Max chainsaw, 8902 series also have tool-less chain tensioner to tight the chain easily. Addition of anti-vibration feature of the chainsaw allows its users for long time action without being fatigued.

Key Features

  1. 45CC 2-stroke gasoline engine that delivers 2800 RPM cutting speed in load time.
  2. Very effective, easy and quick starting facility.
  3. Inclusion of a Quick Start (CDI) ignition system helps the user to start effectively.
  4. Facility of the both 14 and 20 inches bar and chain installation for different types of cuttings.
  5. Very low range kickback Reduced kickback feature ensures maximum safety.
  6. Low vibration doesn’t let user exhaust during long cutting.
  7. Auto oiler and toll-less chainsaw tensioner allow friendly use of the tool.

Inside the package

Blue Max 8902 chainsaw tool, 14 and 20 inches bar and chain, T-wrench, mixing bottle and chain file

Product Specification

Product Dimension39.4 x 14.2 x 15 inches
Engine Displacement45CC
Engine Power2.45Hp
Engine RotationIdling Speed 2800 RPM
Chain Gauge0.05 inch
Bar and chain size14 & 20 inches
Chain Gauge0.325 inch
  • » Powerful engine rotation
  • » Easy and effective starting
  • » Strong chain
  • » Anti-kickback
  • » Low vibration
  • » Toll-less chain tensioner
  • » Low fuel consumption
  • » Center balancing handling
  • » Oil often leaks

3. Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

For mid and heavy-duty cutting operations, Blue Max have its very popular 6595 series chainsaw with ultimate cutting strength.

To the homeowners, part-timers and professionals Blue Max 6595 chainsaw becomes very favorite with its many user-friendly features. Among all the Bule Max Chainsaws, 6595 series 18-inch is very popular to the chainsaw users. 

For mid and heavy-duty cutting operations, Blue Max have its very popular 6595 series chainsaw with ultimate cutting strength.

To the homeowners, part-timers and professionals Blue Max 6595 chainsaw becomes very favorite with its many user-friendly features. Among all the Bule Max Chainsaws, 6595 series 18-inch is very popular to the chainsaw users. 

The heart of Blue Max 6595 chainsaw is its single-cylinder 2-stroke gasoline engine. The 45CC engine delivers very perfect strength to its chain for ultimate cutting performance. At 2800 RPM speed of the engine rotation is very perfect for cutting off medium-size trees, firewood, bushes and branches. An excellent auto CDI ignition system allows the faster start of the engine for comfortable operation.

Most attractive part of Blue Max 6595 chainsaw, is its extremely low vibration. The feature reduces fatigue by preventing vibration reach to the handle. The 0.325-inch pitch and 0.05-inch gauge of the chain are enough to perform any kind of hard cutting. The number of teeth in its chain is 30% more than other available chainsaws.

Safety features of Blue Max chainsaws ensure maximum safety. Majorly, the rapid-reaction kick-back brake of the chainsaw is an attraction. Other safeties are front handguard, safety trigger and convenient on/off switch.

Key Features

  1. 45CC single-cylinder 2-stroke engine delivers very strong rotation.
  2. More 30% teeth in the 0.05-inch gauge and 0.325-inch pitch chain is perfect for any hard cutting
  3. Extreme low-level vibration allows long time operation without being fatigued.
  4. Anti-kickback features and other safeguards ensure proper safety to the users.
  5. Added CDI ignition system allows the faster start of the engine effortlessly.
  6. Auto chain oiler keeps the tool consistently running and ensures smooth chain rotation.
  7. Easy access tool-less chain tension system minimizes effort for tightening the chain.

Inside the Package

Blue Max 6595 chainsaw, 18 inches bar and chain, T-wrench, chain file

Product Specification

Product Dimension18.9 x 10.24 x 11.81 inches
Engine Displacement45CC
Engine Power2.45Hp
Engine RotationNo load speed – 10000RPMIdling Speed – 3000 RPM
Chain Gauge0.05 inch
Bar and chain size18 inches
Chain pitch0.325 inch
  • » Powerful chain rotation
  • » Auto oiler
  • » Toll-less chain tension
  • » Low vibration
  • » Anti-kickback
  • » Maneuverability
  • » Less emission
  • » Chain oil leaks often

4. BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw

For cutting of tree branches over shoulder height, Blue Max has it’s Blue Max 53542 Pole Saw is a perfect saw for the landowners and farmers.

The powerful cutting performer is driven with a 32.6CC gasoline engine to deliver power to its chain.

The engine can produce top 4500 RPM which is very enough to detach any large branch from the tree within seconds.

The speciality of the Blue Max 53542 pole saw is its safety automatic clutch for easy starting. The anti-vibration system of the saw ensures maximum safety to the operator during its action. Its also keeps the users free from being fatigued and delivers comfort in operation.

The gasoline-driven saw carefully balance easily for efficient operation. The engine also has fuel primer and it removes air from the carburetor to keep it easy starting every time.

Key Features

  1. 32.6CC powerful gasoline engine for running the chain.
  2. 4500 RPM top speed for the faster cutting.
  3. 10 inches bar and chain at 3/8 inch pitch.
  4. Anti-vibration system reduces vibration level effectively.
  5. A very easy and faster-starting procedure starts the saw effortlessly.
  6. A good balancing saw to perform cutting with full comfort.  

Inside the package

Blue Max 53542 pole saw, 32.6 CC gasoline engine, 10 feet long telescopic handle, 10-inch long bar and chain.

Product Specification

Product Dimension43 x 12 x 13 inches
Engine Displacement32.6CC
Engine RotationClutch Engagement Speed – 4500RPMIdling Speed – 2700-3400 RPM
Chain Gauge0.05 inch
Bar and chain size10 inches
Chain pitch3/8 inch
Handle Length10 inches
  • » Powerful engine
  • » Long telescopic handle
  • » Easy starting procedure
  • » Less vibration
  • » Powerful chain speed
  • » Well balancing pole
  • » Auto chain oiler
  • » Oil tank leaks very often

What is Kickback?

Injuries due to accidental kickback is a common word in chainsaw family. Kickback happens due to sudden movement of the running chainsaw to forward, backward and upward. Its happens at the time of contact of the running chain and the cutting objects because of the loss of control of the user. All the injuries of chainsaw are mainly for accidental kickback. The novice users generally face the accident. Therefore, experts always advice to begin the cutting with an experienced person.

According to the movements, experts categorized kickback in types. They are as follow:

Rotational Kickback

According to the product review, rotational kickback happens when the upper tip of the guide bar connects the running chain. The reverse reaction of the moving chain can cause major harm to its operator. 

Pinch Kickback

The kind of kickback happens when the running chain comes close to the cutting objects along with the top guide bar. Pinch kickback stops the moving chain suddenly and creates quick directional movement of the guide bar straight back to the operator.

Pull In Kickback

When the cutting object comes in contact of bottom of the guide bar, pull kickback may happen. This kickback results in the sudden movement of the running chain to the forward.

How to avoid kickback?

Almost all injuries during wood cutting happen because of accidental kickback. In the USA an average of 28000 people become injured each year because of the accidental kickback. There is no perfect method to avoid kickback without being experienced. Manufactures add anti-kickback features to the tools but can not guaranty the safety. Only the experience can guaranty safety from kickback. We arranged here a few steps to avoid accidental kickback during the cutting operation. Let’s discuss those:

  1. The first and the major step to avoid kickback is to be aware of the situation or the cutting object that can cause the object to pinch the top or to stop the chain.
  2. Always cut a single log at a time. Do not cut multiple logs at a time.
  3. Always let the engine reach its top speed for staring cutting.
  4. Always use a plastic or wooden wedge to hold the cut open. Never use a metal object as a wadge.
  5. Always keep full concentration on the cutting object and the situation while running operation. Be alert to avoid kickback situation.
  6. Always keep the chain proper tight with the bar. Take a break after every interval to check the tension and to do it properly.

How to use a pole saw?

Pole saw is used to cut branches of the trees overhead. The handy useful cutting chainsaw is widely used for agricultural works. For cleaning of tress branches obstacles over or on the power line, pole saw is a very helpful tool. Handling pole saw is not an easy task and should not run with amateur hand. Without being experienced no one should handle the saw. Let’s see how to use a pole saw for cutting branches.

  1. Install the pole with the engine and the saw.
  2. Connect all the connectors properly.
  3. Trigger the chain brake lever.
  4. Start the gas engine.
  5. Let the engine reach top speed.
  6. Release the chain brake and confirm the chain rotating.
  7. Pull the tool using the handle.
  8. Set the running chain over the target branch.
  9. Increase presses over the branch by pulling the tool down.
  10. When the branch start falling, escape back and stay away in a safe distance.

The above are the cutting rules with a pole saw. Though the description came in brief, the procedure is not always an easy way. Maximum safety rules have to follow during pole saw operation. Let’s disclose the safety rules to handle a pole saw.

  1. Always target the branch that can be reachable with the pole stand very easily.
  2. Always use the pole saw to cut from the ground. Never use an additional stand to reach the target branch to cut. In need of over the height cutting use a ladder or strong ground collected stand to do the cutting.
  3. Always make a clean escape path before starting the operation. 
  4. Never allow man, pet or children around the cutting area. Keep everyone in a safe distance.
  5. While cutting over power line, stop the power by the concerned authority.

Final Verdict

Blue Max is a popular brand of the chainsaw with performance, strength and reliability. All its chainsaws are the best in quality and performance. Inclusion of many innovative technologies in the cutting tools, Blue Max leads many categories of power appliances. In our topic ‘Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews’, our experts reviewed all the chainsaws of Blue Max and disclosed why the brand is so popular.

We always recommend applying maximum safety during the cutting operation. Operating a chainsaw is not an easy task for user who do not have a proper experience. A simple mistake may cause serious injury. We also recommend not to use s chainsaw as a gaming tool and to keep it away from children.

The cutting operation of trees by the chainsaw is a beautiful art, we warn every users to use the tool only to cut much-needed trees. Only caring green can only save lives on the earth. Therefore, never cut trees for enjoyment. Keep the earth green and take care of green.

Stay safe, stay green.

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